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Ing to recognise a lot of the artists that are featured in this artbook as I now follow a lot of them on the usual social networks and their blogsNew ditorial team but the same high standard of uality art If you love contemporary art with a good dose of the fantastic science fiction and horror I totally recommended this hefty tome The range of artwork in this collection is broad verything from Pre Raphaelite to some modern stuff Being range of artwork in this collection is broad verything from Pre Raphaelite to some fairly modern stuff Being about illustration there are very few abstract works Not a lot of the old school cheesecake and beefcake pictures though there are a few An interesting scan once book unless you paint for this market An anthology of fantastic art Varying styles and subjects and uality too I think Over the various places where it s used like book covers or in comics How it s organized too so there s not a thematic progressionInteresting stuff Giving me ideas Only a handful of things grabbed me and there were a few too many gratuitous andor anatomically improbable boobs and in the case of one full page Craig Elliott illustration both Seriously guy That is not how boobs work Also why are they a completely different skin tone than the rest of the lady to whom they re attachedApparently I have opinions about the boobs than the art mainly because I find it ridiculous that something that dumb gets an unironic best of anything mention So anyway The book is overall Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) enjoyable but definitely not as amazing as I was led to believeMaybe subseuent years improve 2013 feels like possibly simpler timesIn conclusion here are links to some of my favorite artists featured in 21 Victo Ngai delirious use of color and trulyxuberant imagery Tran Nguyen dreamy and surreal images made powerful by restrained palettes Tobias Kwan dark and mysterious imagery Rovina Cai moody illustrations in muted palettes Karla Ortiz dynamic compositions she loves diagonalsEdit downgrading the rating to a 2 after reading 22 This volume changes the format up a bit with a little detail about the top rated artists and different introduction approach including some detail on what makes up the different formats but still contains hundreds of pages of beautiful diverse art There are some stunning pieces collected here and I think I liked the overall uality here a little bit than the 20th Volume Getting some insight on the Gold and Silver winning artists including uotes from their acceptance speeches is a worthwhile addition to the format Other than that all I can say is if you appreciate beautiful fantasy art this is still the best option available for a wide variety of styles and formats. H art from books graphic novels video games films galleries advertising and the fine arts Spectrum is both an lectrifying art book for fans and an invaluable resource for clients looking for bright new talent The ntire field is discussed in an invaluable found nowhere lse Year In Review Contact information for ach artist is includedOften imitated never Foraging for Survival eualed SPECTRUM 21 continues the freshness andxcellence that was stablished twenty years ago. Lots of good art as always This is the first issue of Spectrum under new management and the changes are uite noticable The biggest one for me since I was too impatient and skipped the whole Year In Review Was in review was personal look at artists For instance each winner now has a page with hisher photo a uote and a brief bio There was also winner now has a page with hisher photo a uote and a brief bio There was also startling amount of black and white pictures in almost very category thought I don t know whether it s due to the change in Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries editorial management judges preferences or pure cosmic coincidence One of themven won a gold award in BooksAs for the art itself here I agree with the other reviewer it s good but nothing had really taken my Breath Away Many Of The Pieces I Liked Were Of away Many of the pieces I liked were of and clever variety like works of Peter de Seve or Omar Rayyan The Unpublished section was the best imoWhat I like about this and other Spectrum issues from last couple of years is the big influx of unfamiliar to me artists from all over the world as well as the distinct absence of scantily clad big breasted females in provocative posesWhat I didn t like about this Spectrum in particular is layout problems too much white space left at times ven a couple of pages where the whole bottom half was mpty I don t remember any of previous issues having this And at the same time some of the pictures were too small to really appreciate the details First and foremost a new book ditor has been passed the baton by the Fenners John Fleskes It will be neat to see how the organization of the book order goes Hint the categorization is definitely clearer on the pages and the grand master gold and silver winners get to talk about their piece a bit which I find ngaging Also this volume had me xcited with its judge line up of Cory Godbey a favorite children s author George Pratt J Anthony Kosar SYFY s Face Off season 4 champShelly Wan and Allen Williams The judging took place at San Jose State University AnimationIllustration building which I so want to tour and see as a potential school Again implementing of writing about reuiems in the beginning by honoring Ray Harryhausen PLEASE William Stout get all his acolytes and kickstart that 8th Voyage of Sinbad as a homage to him Indiegogo or Kickstarter could manage that As for artists I should investigate on Corinne Reid Chris Seaman Scott Gustafson Petar Meseld ija Daren Bader Jason Chan Sam Bosma Todd Lockwood Cory Godbey Greg Ruth Grim Wilkins Vivienne To Peter de S ve Angel Rizza Raoul Vitale Rebecca Yanovskaya Omar Rayyan Gold Award winner Annie Stegg Gerard Hannah Christenson Justin Hernandez Matt Rockefeller Rebecca L veill Guay. The best selling Spectrum series continues with this twenty first lavishly produced annual Challenging controversial ducational and irreverent the award winning Spectrum series reinforces both the importance and prevalence of fantastic art in today’s culture With xceptional images by xtraordinary creators this Helpmate elegant full color collection showcases an international cadre of creators working invery style and medium both traditional and digital. .

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And Patricia Raubo There are so many good artists in this volume it s crazy Some welcomed back from other volumes as well as newcomers to the art scene I can t wait to see how it all progresses onward Overall I d say the art selection here merits 3 stars with nothing Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy especially jumping out at me as super awesome aside from one painting However the lack of Arnie Fenner s doom and gloom Year in Review gets another half star by itselfI m giving the book four stars simply because I want toncourage people to publish books like this because ven if the art isn t to my particular taste at this particular moment it s always cool to see the depth and breadth of artwork being done out there You never know what might spark your imaginationThe one trend I noticed for the 2013 art on display here was the JapaneseChinese style of art and ven specific Asian Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader elements used in ordinary Western art There were pieces which were specificallyvocative of Asian art while others simply took lements of Eastern mythology or themes and incorporated them into the artworkThere were a few pieces of art which I uite liked so here they areMy favorite was unuestionably by Paolo Rivera who did a poster for the cast and crew of Iron Man 3 in the style of an old adventure novel like the Mack Reynolds series This is the super awesome oneThis is called Something Caught My Eye by Trevor Denham I like the old school Flash Gordon feel of itThis is a cover for Indestructible Hulk by Mukesh Singh It s a lot of fun If you love fantasy and SiFi art of any type paintings drawings sculpture cartoons then this is the book for you Fantastic selection of the years art You can t help but find something you like inside Highly recommended Another year another stunning volume of the Spectrum contemporary fantastic art book series Volume 21 sees the series under new stewardship as the torch is passed from Arnie and Cathy Fenner who first imagined this series of books back in 2003 and over to John Flesk of Flesk Publishing A recognisable name in the uality artbook business who has
printed artbooks featuring 
artbooks featuring Mark Schultz Frank Cho and With the change of management there is no change in the uality of book or of the artwork on the pages There is still the review of the year the career summary of this year s Grand Master and the Gold and Silver winners from ach of the categories the book is split into Advertising Books Comics Concept Art Silver winners from Bryozoan Evolution each of the categories the book is split into Advertising Books Comics Concept Art Editorial Institutional and Unpublished featuring over 500 artworks in different styles and mediums from than 250 artists on over 300 pages Since last year sdition I m beginn. The best artists from the United States Europe China Australia South America and beyond have gathered into the only annual devoted xclusively to works of fantasy horror science fiction and the surreal making Spectrum one of the year’s highly most anticipated booksFeatured in SPECTRUM 21 are over 300 diverse visionaries many of them world renowned including Paul Bonner Donato Giancola James Gurney Iain McCaig Shaun Tan Sam Weber Allen Williams Wit. .
Spectrum 21

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