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Hooking Him yArghhI like this series I do WIth a few complaints My biggest complaint is that it is a series instead of a single book Not much happened it the first and frankly not a whole lot happens in the second I got SO in all caps tired of no one telling Gwen anything Eventually some things are revealed Ish Butou shouldn t have to read 2 books in the series to start getting answers Yes I ll read the next As long as my complaints are duly noted First of all this book was a slight improvement of the first This series so far has shown me that it is indeed possible to thoroughly dislike the main guy love interest I can barely tolerate Gideon Most of the time I want to bash him over the head The whole love dynamic in this book was ridiculous They have only known each other for less than a week I repeat LESS THAN A WEEK which mostly consisted of arguing insults and arrogance from Gideon s side And the insta love on Gwyn s side Idiot And then the spontaneous periods of kissing Like WTF is even going on And then towards the middle of the book Gideon thinks it s a great idea to make a proclamation of love Like where the hell did that come from Gwyneth he said perfectly seriously I ve fallen in love with ou My stomach muscles contracted as if I d had a shock But it was joy Really Yes really In the light of the torch I saw Gideon smile I do realize we ve known each oth Sapphire Blue picks up right after Ruby Red it s been a few days since Gwen Shephard discovered that she not her cousin Charlotte inherited the time travel gene that manifests in one girl of each generation in their family The Montrose Shephard family have assumed till now that Charlotte was the one with the power and trained her since infancy accordingly But it s really been Gwen all along and she is utterly unprepared There s a sinister conspiracy that spans the centuries about to close in on its goal in the present day The survival of the two time travelling families and possibly the world because of course is in the hands of Gwen and Gideon her male euivalent from the de Villiers line Unfortunately for the rest of the poor souls embroiled in this Gideon is a loose cannon who might be aligned with his Circle s enemies and Gwen is both infatuated with Gideon and rather slow on the uptake in general He might undermine them and if he does she will be of no use in stopping himContent Advisory Violence Gideon gets knocked on the head by an unseen unknown assailant in the present day He claims he was following Gwen around a streetcorner when this occurred and he blames her for luring him into an ambush She has no idea what he s talking about and is highly distraught by the accusationGideon also gets in a sword fight not shown in the eighteenth century and shows up splattered with someone else s blood Sex A lot innuendo than was in book one Gideon and Gwen spend several minutes smooching on a couch when they re supposed to be doing their homework and Xemerius thinks they went a lot further than they actually did A creepy old man momentarily molests Gwen and a few other oung women at a party in the eighteenth century Also in attendance at this party is a worldly oung widow dying to sink her claws into Gideon Gwen assumes that he and Lady Lavinia have been intimate in the past although Gideon says some things that make that seem unlikelyGwen mentions that she is one of only four girls in her grade not on birth control I can relate Gwen This is a not on birth control I can relate Gwen This is a of stupid joke because many girls are prescribed birth control for purely medical reasons but it is a reflection of how many sixteen ear old girls think She feels that she s in no danger of becoming sexually active and that she s in no danger of becoming sexually active and both relieved and embarrassed by this again very relatable Language One or two uses of sh and hell Substance Abuse Gwen tells us about a sleepover party where she and her school friends broke into the host s parents vodka This exciting incident culminated with our heroine warbling High School Musical not dated at all cough songs into a hairbrush and commanding that her host s father join her when he came to investigate the noise C mon baldy get those hips swinging This mortifying experience has made her wary of the happy juice But she unwittingly drinks punch laced with alcohol at an eighteenth century soiree and is a giggling mess for the rest of the evening eventually gracing the company with a stirring rendition of Memories from Cats two hundred ears before that song was written Why not just play air guitar Nightmare Fuel In St Germane s library Gwen finds a creepy old tome about famous demons summoned by bad magicians throughout history She pauses at a particularly gruesome illustration and the demon portrayed therein materializes in front of her It boasts and tries to frighten her but she refuses to be cowed She just snarks at it and calmly reads on trapping it once again between the pages In present day London Gwen is also followed about by a little gargoyle demon calling himself Xemerius He looks and acts like a talking cat with horns and is not meant to be a frightening creature but I m not sure if he can be trustedConclusionsKerstin Gier s Precious Stone trilogy has so far been a sugar rush The characters don t have a whole lot of depth the plot is impossible to follow and the world building is not necessarily consistent Evil sorcerers and demons are present in this book despite never world building is not necessarily consistent Evil sorcerers and demons are present in this book despite never been mentioned in the first The scene with the fiend in St Germane s library in particular is in line with Jonathan Stroud s wonderful Bartimaeus trilogy than anything in Ruby Red It s unclear how the ghosts Gwen sees tie in with anything in past Gwen's life has been a roller coaster since she discovered she was the Ruby the final member of the secret time traveling Circle of Twelve In between searching through history for the other time travelers and asking for a bit of their blood gross she's been trying to figure out what all the myst.

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SaphirblauR presentThat said I like how Gwen claims that she s awkward and dorky and is in fact awkward and dorky She falls down She gets sick She laughs at the wrong things She struggles to focus in class She gives herself pep talks in the bathroom mirror When she s scared she calms herself down by singing and dancing to ABBA songs and sometimes other people see her do this Plenty of YA heroines call themselves dorks but very few of them actually are Gwen is the real deal and despite her over the top feelings about everything especially Gideon her genuine dweeb ness makes her likeable Gideon is not on a level with Eugenides or Maxon Schreave or Morpheus the Netherling but he develops a bit in this book apart from only Gwen s lovelorn perception of him Apparently he s unsure where he stands in this conflict of time travellers and his handlers are genuinely worried that he might turn traitorThis series is The Princess Diaries meets Bill Ted s Excellent Adventure in England It s great entertainment that actually deserves its lovely shiny covers I can t wait to see how it all ends Really enjoyed the book but I have so many uestions Just posted my full book discussion So excited for book 3 I ve had a few days to compose my thoughts and because it s late I will be posting the full review tomorrow As for now My Thoughts Compiled as Neatly and Efficiently as Possible at 11 PM on Finals Week This book was not as good as Ruby Red in my opinion even though I still enjoyed it Really hoping Emerald Green is better I Love Gideon He is my baby I m still in love with the time travel view spoilerThe party scene was just so accurate for that time period I especially loved the part where Gwyneth began to sing songs from Broadway musicals because honestly same gurl hide spoiler SpoilersI didn t really like this it irritated the hell out of me The heroine Gwen could have been a decent character had it not been for the ghastly romance and the vile love interest the douche dick Gideon Every time Gwen was near Gideon or thought about him which It s hard to believe the number of bloggers and readers out there that haven t heard about this wonderful oung adult series Ruby Red the first book brought to us an adventure that included time traveling secrets carriages evil barons and a little bit of romance Sapphire Blue continues on from there with double the trouble triple the action and uadruple the romance The characters were once again very engaging and I had no problem with getting hooked into the story Time travel books are very rare these days and most of them aren t very detailed or intricate But intricate is the perfect word to describe this book because the author goes into specific depths with this book and the the words create a perfect image in The Gypsy Wisdom Spellbook your head It s likeou can breathe in the crisp air and see all the different sights of the past world being explored by the main character The suspense was amazing as well it was nearing the edge of Life in the Slow Lane Observations on Art Architecture Manners and Other Such Spectator Sports your seat kind of suspense becauseou never knew what would jump out from behind the wall next But this novel wasn t just action and mystery there were also some very hilarious scenes because of the main character s very down to earth and bubbly personality Let s just say this series might just be one of down to earth and bubbly personality Let s just say this series might just be one of best in it s category In Ruby Red Gwyneth Shepherd s life took a turn for the worse when she discovered she was the Ruby the final member of the secret time traveling Circle of Twelve and that one of the job reuirements is to go back in time through history collecting blood samples from her ancestors no uestions asked Not really a girl s dream come true Now she s expected to balance her social life school life obnoxious gargoyles an annoying and arrogant time traveler for a partner and figure out the truth behind a on going mystery With only her wit and her courage Gwen manages to charm her superiors get help from a ghost receive advice from her great x 10 grandfather and snag an egotistical boy in the process Gwen s character is a very authentic and like I mentioned before down to earth one She s not noticed much for anything but that s because she is way too underestimated in this book Everyone finds her inferior to her golden cousin and she s grown up that way which makes me sympathize with her me having that one golden sibling as well She s also ignored and looked down on a lot But the reason why I like her character so much is because she doesn t take any of this to heart instead she dismisses it without a care in the world because she has confidence in herself Before I said that people underestimated her and this is false Gwen is a very smart and TALENTED YOUNG GIRL SHE S GETS young girl She s gets than any of the other guardians in solving the mystery they re all pondering over uselessly She takes matters into her own hands and follows her intuition which usually ends up being correct I have to admit Gwen does have a lot on her plate and I m very surprised at how she handles it all Especially with a smoking hot guy that s seemingly always on her trail Speaking of Gideon aforementioned smoking hot guy he is one tough person to figure out At times I almost he is one tough person to figure out At times I almost like he s actually bipolar and hiding it very well or he s actually bipolar and doesn t know it et so he isn t taking any medication for it Because seriously one minute the room s all steamy with romantic tension in the air and the next he becomes colder than a vampire locked in a refrigerator His relationship with Gwen was just starting to be kindled at the end of book 1 and almost as uickly as it began it progressed to the point where they were acting like they ve been together foreve. Eries and prophecies surrounding the Circle really meanAt least Gwen has plenty of help Her best friend Lesley follows every lead diligently on the Internet James the ghost teaches Gwen how to fit in at an 18th century party And Xemerius the gargoyle demon who has been following Gwen since he ca. R All I have to say is that the romance in this book is very confusing because I can t tell when Gwen and Gideon are secretly thinking up evil ways to kill each other or secretly thinking up romantic ways to surprise each other But the relationship is a hot and hilarious one don t worry it s not all that bad They re polar opposites of each other and that always makes for interesting interactions For example when Gwen attends a party with Gideon and happens to consume too many sparkly drinks and when said boy watches said girl at said party drink too many said sparkly drinks It s justyou have to read the book to fully understand it s wonderful contentAll I have to say is this book was a breath taking ride and completely worth the read I wished the romance progressed a bit slower but hey in a trilogy it s pretty hard to make things go slow right Speaking of trilogy s this series is supposed to have three booksmeaning I need those three books to feel satisfied and contentwhy don t I have the Emerald Green in my hands et fuming True love knows no constrains no locks or bars Past every obstacle it makes its wayIt spreads its wings to soar toward the stars No earthly power will make it stop or stay I literally fly through this book in 1 day and I have no regrets There is really nothing WOW about these books so I really don t know why I like this series so much Saphire Blue was much better than Ruby Red Gwen was really funny and sweet Oh my gosh do I really have to wait for OCTOBER for this book to be translated into English AHHH I m so excited And I suppose by October I ll be stuck back in dinky Dayton so I ll have to wait even longer to get my hands on a copy Maybe I should just re read Ruby RedFinished 122812sighSo much potential So so much potential Unfortunately it doesn t live up to itThe plot is still interesting In fact its creative and fun and uite enjoyable But the charactersOi The characters absolutely ruin this book Lets take our fearless hero Gideon for example He s a boy toy with no real purpose but to look prety be occasionally vexing and be good at kissing He is unlikely in the extreme and every high school girls fantasy Of course he is also the most misunderstood character around and really in love with ther heroine In love Psha That brings me to my main problem with GideonHis awful awful declaration of love It abrupt random and dreadful It sounds like someone on a Jane Austen high He s barely known this girl a few days and he s declaring his lovewhich apparently translates to when I see Three Cups of Tea you all I want to do is makeout so obviously I m head over heels There is no real conception of what love is in this book Its all lust and hormones and emotional hype Gideon s character is as I said a teenage girl s characterization of the perfect guy There is nothing wrong with him his main goal is to protect the girl oheah and all he wants to do is kissThere is nothing to him though Sure he plays the violin and piano and hates wants to do kissThere is nothing to him though Sure he plays the violin and piano and hates but is any of that depth No Its nonsense to make it appear attractive to our hormonal town crierI mean our heroine GwenGwen Gwen Gwen Oi vey Her main issue in life is Gideon Its almost sickening Because here is the dealhe s all she thinks about Ever Even though the entire bloody world is counting on her even though she can travel in time even though she has a pet gargoyle her every waking moment is spent in contemplation of Gideon s hairOr his clothingOr how hot he isDid I mention the paragraphs upon paragraphs about how attractive he looks at random moments Delete that from the book and 30 Day Alcohol Reboot: Rethink your drinking, reset your life you have an intresting entertaining story Its not needed In fact it would be so so much better without it Because honestly Gwen has no depth She s hormonal in the extreme dumb on top of that and makes such obvious blunders in judging poor Gideon s character that it really is irritating This book is also rather crude Its crass Whether its her random and unneeded commentary about The Pill with her Grandfather or the random and unneede groping in the eighteenth century or the reference to kissing and sex on every pagethis book is just not good Yet it is all somehow love On top of our two obnoxious love birds the plot has several puzzling inconsistencies Like where the heck did Lesley and Gwen find those numbers Yes I know in the library but when were they looking Just a randomly added detailsAnd sentences like I ll get to that in a moment when explaining why the gargoyle wasn t thereOr Gideon sounger brother conveniently liking Lesley and knowing where the numbers came from I m looking forward to the next book being translated and I will read it I enjoyed a lot of Sapphire Blue Unfortunately I was also frustrated by it There is a lot that could have been done with it but instead all that is left is one hormonal scene fraught with tears and the breaking of hearts after antherI hope the final installment in the series will prove to be a delightful tye in to everything butI don t have high hopes We can only pray that it won t descend lower than falling on the couch Unfortunately it s an incontrovertible fact that sound common sense flies out of the window as soon as love comes in through the door Even better than Ruby Red Because of Xemeriuswhy didn t she introduce him in the first bookand because of that hilarious ball where GwynethGwendolyn which is her actual name in the German and original version of this book is getting incredibly drunk and doesthings she definitely wouldn t do when soberI rarely have this much fun when reading a book but this series brought tears to my eyes several times from laughing too hardFind of my books on Instagram. Ught her kissing Gideon in a church offers advice on everything Oh es And of course there is Gideon the Diamond One minute he's very warm indeed; the next he's freezing cold Gwen's not sure what's going on there but she's pretty much destined to find out Am unabridged recording 8 hours 57 minut.