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X is anything but virgin like He s the stereotypical manwhore that has slept around with a large part of Austin s female population without discrimination This isn t really a problem for me but I thought I d mention it because I know it is something that many readers can t stand Despite their differences Iris and Dex find themselves attracted to each other Dex tries to stay away from Ritz out of loyalty to her brother She tries to deny her attraction to him because she knows that he is nothing but trouble What follows is a series of absurdly ealous actions by Dex while a clueless Iris wonders why he is acting like such a Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature jerk Perhaps if I was in a different mood when I listened to this story I might have been irritated As it is I found their back and fort antics to be highly amusingOne thing that the two of them have in common is deadbeat fathers When Ritz s sperm donor messes with some dangerous people Sonny and her are placed in danger This led to some interesting situations and a mild sense of suspense However I can t say that I ever had that on the edge of my seat anxious feelingIn the end things work themselves out There was plenty of back and forth throughout the book followed by plenty of groveling That was a big plus for me I love it when my heroes have to do some groveling Overall it was a nice sweet story It was different from other MC romances that I ve read but that was okay This was my first book by this author but definitely won t be my last If you hate women you will absolutely love this book Well since I m not masochistic it was a downright disgusting and painful read but I really wanted to rate it so I barreled through Iris is the shy insecure victim who in her almost 25 years of life have never had sex Why Why is it so important for the girl to always be a fucking virgin I don t know why it s pissing me off except that it sends the wrong message to girls That as soon as they have sex they re tainted and damaged goods or something Womens worth is somehow wrapped up in how many sexual partners they ve hadAnd Dex obviously he is a moody possessive horndog And since he is a guy the same rules does not apply to him Iust kept waiting for Iris to snap and tell him to fuck off He gets to have casual sex with whoever but she s not even allowed to talk to guys She s a fragile flower that can t go to the store without an escort and can t under any circumstances live alone She s not allowed to make her own goddamn decisions about anything Iris like many main female characters have beer flavored nipples She cannot leave her home without guys assaulting her left right and center And I hate how those moments they re many btw feel so incredibly choreographed because it s only so Dex can show up and get in the guy s face and save the dayWhen Dex told her to button up her cardigan because she was showing a little to much collarbone I wanted to reach into the book a slap him silly Iris already dress like a sixty year old librarian Why not ust demand that she wear a burkaIt s also one of those books where she hates him he acts like an asshole sexual tension and then floodgates of mushy love I guess it had a little potential And had it been less clich and Iris had been given a backbone then maybe I would have enjoyed it MaybeOh and I hate how much Iris felt sorry for herself It made me feel less sorry for her because of it Having made me feel less sorry for her because of it Having through everything that she had I would think she d have a little Tougher Skin But If skin But if so much as looked at her funny her lip started uivering It ust didn t feel believable that she could be that meek with that upbringing I mean I m not even that meek and life hasn t handed me that many lemonsAnd this was sadly Agricultural Engineering just the tip of the iceberg So anyway rant over Mariana Zapata is an amazing storyteller First I was captivated by Kulti then fell madly in love with The Wall of Winnipeg and now Under Locke has stolen my heart Dex is a douche to 4 stars Under Locke was another amazing read by the ueen of slow burn romance Mariana Zapata This was a little than a slow burn it was a bit of a forbidden romance an enemies to lovers story and a brother s friend story Yes A trifecta of awesomeness Iris Taylor s life has been anything but easy She s had blow after blow since she was young but that s all in the past She s moving to Texas to start over With the help of her older half brother Sonny she has a place to stay and aob to help get her back on her feet The Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse job is at a tattoo shop That is where she meets Dex Affectionately known as Dex the dick Dex owns the shop is friends with her brother and a member of the MC her brother is a part of And he s aerk to her at first I was not a fan of Dex to start out with but he slowly made me warm up to him and by the end I ended up loving him Iris was a character with so much strength and perseverance There were moments I wanted to holler at her for keeping things but overall I liked her so much She and Dex made sort of an odd couple but I loved them together Under Locke is not your typical MC book It s also a bit different than some of the other MZ books I have read One of my favorite things about her writing is how she can make her books so different yet the same in the way that makes me love them so much As always the audio book was fantastic I flew through it looking for excuses to listen I enjoyed this one lots Recommended for all lovers of slow burn romance There it was That fierce loyalty He didn t have a clue how that was the most attractive thing about him It trumped his face his ink his body everything Dex Locke was true He was grounded. To belong to Except Dex Locke might How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture just be the biggesterk she’s ever met He’s rude impatient and doesn’t know how to tell time And the last thing they ever expected was each other But it was either the strip club or the tattoo shop she should have chosen the strip clu.

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Under LockeRe read 61117 28818 45 stars I might be late for the Mariana Zapata bandwagon but I finally got here I wont do a full review as there are already many amazing ones out there If like me you haven t had a chance to read this fantastic author I suggest you bump her books up your tbr list and pronto If you haven t heard of her please check her out she is totally worth it A master of the slow build romance Do give her a tryWhile reading this Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls kept playing in my head I don t know if it was because of her name or the meaning or if it was an inspiration but I found it fitting to the book And to my fellow pervs closeted and not I have two words for you Dick piercing Go forth and enjoy Babe I ve handpicked everythin and everyone in here I know what I want and I get what I want he breathed And I keep what s mine FuckWhat the fucking fuck am I going to do with my fucking dull life nowWhy did it have to endOh my DexI went 30 years without ever knowing you and now I can t handle even one minute away from youI m fucking RUINEDWhen I read my first book by this amazing author about 3 weeks ago I thought to myself Holy fuck This chick can fucking write The Wall of Winnipeg and Me hit my all time favourite book listI was addicted and needed of her wordsThen came Kulti Another fucking book that hit my favourite list This NEVER HAPPENSBy this time I was missing Aiden and Van and Kulti and Sal were still on my mind but I needed to move onOn to another Mariana Zapata book that isThen came Under LockeThen came DEX FUCKING LOCKE and cute as a button IrisI was a fucking gonerI will read this fucking authors grocery listShe s THAT FUCKING goodI had the most amazing time reading this storyI literally am full of emotions right now because I very rarely feel this way about books any and I ve missed it so muchMariana writes the BEST heroines and Iris was so fucking cuteShe had me laughing my arse off with her uirky ways and I ust fucking loved herDex fuck I can t even think about that bloke without my vagina hurtingHe was POSSESIVE as fuck He was a fucking ARSEHOLE and he made me do a little sex weeI LOVE HIMI loved his filthy mouth and the way he said Babe had me pantingOne of my top book boyfriends ever and I m not sharing him with anyoneI loved itI ll never forget it as long as I fucking live and I want to read it all over againNot only one of my favourite books of the year but an all time favourite tooMariana YOU ARE A FUCKING LEGEND A treasure trove of purpletastic proseThe love scenes were simmering with so many beefy and meaty shafts as well as mushroom and bulbous heads that I wasn t sure if the characters were making love or cooking Beef StroganoffThey were also very combustible Was it the Fourth of July Oh friggin hell I could feel it Feel that magical explosion of fireworks and rainbows in my toes Fireworks zipped up my spine for so Long I Thought I D Melt Into Him Or At I thought I d melt into him or at melt around his girth My entire body exploded with electricity and fireworks that couldn t be described blood pounded through my ears and I went deaf I loved the St Patty s Day analogy too Dex was like a man possessed ripping an orgasm straight out of a pot of gold from meThere were some other awkward turns of phrases that were difficult to decipher The angry frown that curled over his mouth was the predecessor for those hazel eyes flicking back and forth between me and DexSay what now And let s not forget H s uber romantic declaration that had me swoon Then he laid the atomic bomb on my very existence You are not a waste of time to me Wish I could say the Same About This Book I Loved This about this book I loved this it took me a couple of chapters to get into it at first the writing seems a bit choppy and a cpl of times I had to go back a page or two to remind myself of a uestion a character had askedHowever once it settles and who was who what connected them and the history of the characters made itself known it ust flowed and I started to really enjoy itIris Taylor has had a hard life She has had to move across country and move in with her half brother who is part of the MC club their father used to be part of Sonny gets her a The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society job with a fellow Widow MC member at his tattoo shopCharles Dexter Locke aka Charlie or The Dick does not get off to the best start with Iris RitzOn her second day in theob she hears him insulting her And boy can this girl hold a grudge It went on for a few weeks but she is fully aware of how unreasonable it is in all honesty she ust cant help herself I was surprised by how nice everyone had been with the exception of Dex s dumb faceAll of this assured me that I d avoided having to interact much with my boss The owner The bleeding mouth soreThe snot faced ass hole that I only kind of sort of hoped came down with an infectious illness in his private parts But you know something he could get medicine forDex was a temperamental bag of beaver dung ooh and my favourite which I think will become my insult of choice for the next few months Duke Dickface But it has been said there is a fine line between love and hateIris at first she took Dex s crap while insulting him in her mind and giving knee capping rights to her brother but soon she starts to stand up for herself and is not going to take his crap any Over the next few weeks they slowly start to get to know each other slowly becoming friends and then It was lovely to watch their relationship change and grow from where it first started There was no real angst in their relationship once it had grown to a point of being than friendsany conflict was from outside their relationshi. He was my boss my brother’s friend a Widower an ex felon and a man I’d seen casually with a handful of women But he was everything that gripped me both the good and the bad Worst case scenario if things turned awkward between us I could go somewhere else I’d gotten over

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Pmainly Iris s deadbeat dad and his issues causing them trouble It is rare I like the heroine as much as the hero in a book but I really liked Iris with her insults and That s what she said okes and high fives Dex Locke You ve gotta be the best thing I never knew I wanted Iris Taylor I wanted to tell him that he was the best thing l never thought I d have I met briefly Dex and Iris in Kulti s book It was when Kulti went to Austin with Sal to have a tattoo and he had chosen the best shop ie Pins and Needles I loved Sal s description of Dex I d never been a fan of guys that looked like they d gone to Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings jail but you d have to be blind to not appeciate how good looking the man was even if he wasn t my type and My vagina didn t know what to do with itself And I loved Kulti s reaction He s wearing a wedding ring Well I had to read Under Locke after that It turned out to be another amazing story by Marianna ZapataA slow burn romance story of course This time we have a biker with anger management issues Dex and a biker s daughter IrisIris knows nothing about Motorcycle clubs until she goes to stay with her half brother Sonny who is a member of the Widowmakers club WMCIris also does not know anything about piercings and tattoos until she starts working for DexFinally Iris does not know much about sex until she starts sleeping with DexIris and Dex did not like each other from the beginning Dex saw Iris as an obligation Iris saw Dex as a brute who made her angry and sad all the time and as a result she wanted to uit but she needed the money It is a kind of enemies to lovers story but the hatred will not last long because the book is really long and before it finishes you will probably have forgotten that they hated each other in the beginningThe book has its funny moments Iris discovers the penis piercings its painful moments deaths illnesses its angst moments Iris and Dex look for her douchebag father And of course my favourite grovelling moments Dex has a lot to learn I believe if you like Motorcycle Club stories you will like this book Also if you don t like Motorcycle Club stories most probably you will like the bookWin win situation HOLY crap Am I really the first person to review this bookWell In case you were wondering I got my money s worth on this book It was long not too long loved the charactersIris was recommended to be a tattoo artist front desk lady by her half brother Sonny Sonny is friends with the owner of the tattoo shop Dex Now they definitely don t have any immediate sexual tension Dex was an ass to her Both Iris and Dex are bad with new people Iris because she sust super shy and Dex because he Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) just doesn t like the process of people getting used to him or that s what I gathered from his personalityThough Iris was really shy and a beginning a pushover she never did get on my nerves Recently I ve been feeling realudgy towards heroines I ust find something that always bothers me Thinking about it now I don t think I was ever like that with Iris Even though she s mousy she s still really strong She finds the positive in really shitty situations Dex is hawwtt SURE IN THE BEGINNING HE WAS A DICK TO in the beginning he was a dick to HE HAD HIS REASONS NOT A REASONABLE REASON BUT had his reasons not a reasonable reason but reason I don t think he bothered me too GREAT CHARACTERSThis couple does have a somewhat slow buildup They don t get intimate until the last half of the book I didn t really mind that because the author didn t bore with unnecessary details For an MC book this book doesn t have much angst and again I m totally ok with thatOverall great read worth my money worth my timeHopefully you all enjoy this book as well as I did D Please see of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencomAlthough this was not the raunchy offensive biker romance that I had anticipated I really liked Under Locke Unlike most MC romances this story does not focus heavily around the debauchery of the clubhouse and the biker lifestyle There is a little danger and some club business but it is in the background vs being the central focus of the story Under Locke is a very slow burn romance It did take some time for me to get into this story However once I did I was hooked This author definitely didn t rush anything I thought I would combust long before these two even kissed There was plenty of anticipation and sexual frustration with this oneIris Taylor aka Ritz has recently moved to Austin Iris is broke and looking for a fresh start after death and disease have upended her life She is staying with her half brother Sonny who has hooked her up with a ob at a tattoo shop owned by his friend DexIn no time Iris figures out why Dex is in need of help The guy is a royal ahole He has managed to chase off a string of assistants before Ritz with his rude insulting behavior Dex has a total lack of patience and a hot temper He says what he s thinking before stopping to think about how nasty or inappropriate his comments might be Yeah it took me a while to warm up to this guyIris is the polar opposite of Dex She s sweet and innocent having missed out on a lot of life s experiences as she was forced at a young age to become the sole provider for her younger brother after her mother fell ill After her mother s health issues Iris was faced with her own health crisis and then the death of her grandmother Needless to say her life was not easy and it didn t allow a lot of time for the usual parties and dating that comprised the social life of most young women her ageThat being said this book does have one of the big romance genre clich s that will drive some readers crazy Iris is the uintessential na ve good girl virgin De. Pic heartbreak before one wouldn’t kill me After moving to Austin following six months of unemployment back home Iris Taylor knows she should be glad to have landed a Suggestive Inuiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature job so uickly even if the business is owned by a member of the same motorcycle club her estranged father used.