Carnacki Heaven and Hell) [E–pub/Pdf] Ú William Meikle

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S of Mercy4 The Hellfire Mirror5 The Tomb of Pygea6 The Beast of Glamis7 The Lusitania8 The Haunted Oak9 The Shoreditch Worm10 The Dark IslandTrying "to summarise these stories individually would be unfair Rather I can only reuest lovers of good "summarise these stories individually would be unfair Rather I can only reuest lovers of good stories to latch on to this book find out a cozy comfortable place and then njoy the stories one at a time These are classic stories without gore or sex but with a rolling narrative that s best 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set enjoyable in small dosage Highly Recommended Having read the original Carnacki stories by William Hope Hodgson written around 1912 it was a great delight to find that authors have continued the series of short stories Or at least this book by Meikle was uitenjoyable I will likely read others and hope they are as The Seventh Witch entertaining Carnacki is a British Gentlemen who invites his friends over for dinner and tells them of his latestxploits in the supernatural In the original there are one or two stories only six total that are hoaxes The current work has no hoaxes I m not sure the stories have uite the vividness of Hodgson s whistling room or Ye Hogge House on the Borderland but they are very njoyable BTW if you have never read

the original stories 
original stories are five stars This collection suffers from the flaw of all the Carnacki stories Carnacki gathers his friends together to tell him his supernatural tales so you know from the beginning that he s survived the adventure and not been too traumatized to relate it It s hard to work up any sense of danger against Those Constraints The Characters constraints The characters his listeners remain invisible ciphers a frame that doesn t add anything to the story being toldEven frustrating Meikle doesn t stray from the formula repeating the same paragraphs from story to story as Carnacki sets up his scientific defenses It s a shame because Carnacki is such a fascinating character He s a man of science who mploys Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America electric lights and a Faraday cage to chase away things from the Outer Realms and yet he doesn t believe in ghosts or thexistence of the soul after death The Pocket Wife even in the face of repeatedxposure to themSome of the stories in his book were outstanding The Color of Our Sky especially the The Beast of Glamis and The Lusitania Injoyed reading most of the others but as much as I love Doctor Taverner and John Silence I think I ve read my last Carnacki book A pitch perfect homage to the original Carnacki Meikle whose voice is one of the best in the business flawlessly channels William Hope Hodgson in this xcellent addition to the Carnacki canon of stories Highly recommended. Scend and to listenThe Lusitania A cruise ship is berthed in Liverpool deserted by passengers and crew stuck in port until Carnacki can remove the cause of their terror; apparitions of disaster and shipwreckThe Haunted Oak Ghosts of the recent dead walk beneath its spreading boughs and the Church needs Carnacki's xpertise But some things are best left to take their course natural or supernaturalThe Shoreditch Worm When one of the churches of London changes its chimes something old starts to wake Can Carnacki stop it before it is too lateThe Dark Island Carnacki uncovers a gateway to a dark realm of magic and myth where the far future of our planet can be touched and seen if a man has the stomach for itMeet Carnacki Ghosthunter. Having read the original Carnacki tales and fascinated with the character and stories I wanted to find out and some research led me to this collection I m glad to say it was money well spent as the writing continues Hodgson s tradition of language and storytelling format It s a collection of short stories that are xceptionally well balanced and with the correct atmosphere and tone to live up to the original tales Mr Meikle is commendable in his ability to bring "fresh stories and fresh perspectives and ideas to Carnacki without stripping the character of originally stablished notions Highly recommended it s "stories and fresh perspectives and ideas to Carnacki without stripping the character of originally Cabaret: A Roman Riddle established notions Highly recommended it s of the best pastiches I ve read A couple of weeks ago I finished reading Hodgson s original Carnacki stories and liked them so much that I decided to look for some pastiches surely I thought they mustxist Well they do but there are not many Luckily I found this book which I njoyed thoroughly Meikle gets the style of the original stories so well that it is virtually impossible to distinguish his tales from the ones Hodgson wrote a century ago In a couple of stories he brings in real world lements that Hodgson probably wouldn t have included it doesn t distract at all And Carnacki s four friends who were VERY anonymous in the original stories get rudimentary personalities Arkwright is a bit of a twitI am generally fond of pastiches Sherlock Holmes Lovecraftian tales tc and this is one of the best I ve read for uite some time I am going back and adding an addendum to my initial review on Meikle s Carnacki Initially I stated that Meikle had captured the spirit of the original Carnacki by William Hope Hodgson In that statement I was wrong Meikle s stories are a FAR FAR cry better than the originalsI hope Meikle will All Roads Lead Home eventually revisit CarnackiI have to start by saying that I am guilty of not having read all of William Hope Hodgson s original Carnacki stories I have though readnough of them to piue my interest in the topic So after reading and njoying William Meikle s Sherlock Holmes pastiche Sherlock Holmes Revenant I knew I had to read These StoriesMeikle Does A storiesMeikle does a job capturing the spirit of the original Carnacki He follows the somewhat formulaic story structure set up by Hodgson and weaves a set of pretty impressive talesEven so a couple of the stories stood out as particularly impressiveI found The Lusitania and The Sisters of Mercy to be specially haunting The Haunted Oak certainly did not nd the way I had xpected And the Lovecraftian The Dark Island had me guessing until the The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis end4 STAR. Carnacki Heaven and Hell by William Meikle is the fourthntry in our ongoing Ghost House imprint It includes six interior illustrations from artist Wayne MillerAll new tales of William Hope Hodgson's CarnackiMeet an Edwardian occult detective who goes where no other gentleman will dare Nine stories and a novella that take Carnacki deep into neolithic barrows into the crypts of ancient cathedrals and see him fighting the lemental powers of darkness on his own termsThe Blooded Iklwa A malevolent spirit is intent on blood Can Carnacki identify the source of the attacks and stop the Zulu blade from its nightly haunting Or will his client be forced to suffer a death of a thousand cutsThe Larkhill Barrow A pounding terror has been. .
S Good stuffAnother xcellent collection of Carnacki tales from Meikle He captures "The Original Essence And "original ssence and his own flair to the tales Check it out William Meikle s stories featuring the occult detective Carnacki are fun fast moving and frankly better written than the Edwardian originals Meikle s characterization of Carnacki retains many of the ccentric traits of William Hope Hodgson s character but the detective comes across as a person and less as a bundle of narcissistic personality disorders The biggest mystery in the original Carnacki stories was why would his friends repeatedly return to Cheyne Walk to be subjected to such awkward dinners and the long winded self absorbed recitations of Carnacki s Just Cause exploits that followed Part of thenjoyment of Meikle s stories is seeing how he
pokes fun at 
fun at originals but always fondly The Kindle version of this collection is marred by some major formatting issues however with two long stories completely duplicated I m a big fan of the old Carnacki the ghost finder stories and in William Meikle s Carnacki Heaven And Hell we have a collection of stories that won t disappoint fans of the original work There s some xcellent stories on offer here veryone a good one Highly recommended Thomas Carnacki the ntirely humane unlike Sherlock Holmes but resolute methodical ghost hunter had appeared in the pages of The Idler than a century ago In those stories William Hope Hodgson had provided the world not only with one of the greatest occult detectives but had also set most of the rules that govern the narrative structure of such tales Subseuently we have had several works recent as well as somewhat older that make passing reference to Carnacki or use him as one of the period characters met by the other protagonists There has also been a full fledged collection from Ash Tree Press containing some of the finest pastiches that could have been asily been penned by Hodgson himself William Meikle s stories portraying Carnacki belong to an altogether different league His stories are denser in terms of action rather than philosophy dealing with threats that are far physical than spiritual They also incorporate the horrific lements of Cthulhu mythos without dropping all those groan inducing names Thanks to Dark Regions Press we have got most of Meikle s Carnacki stories at least those published until 2011 in this beautiful dition literally nriched by Wayne Miller s brilliant illustrationsThe stories in this collection are1 The Blooded Ikwla2 The Larkhill Barrow3 The Sister. Called up out of Salisbury Plain; an ancient darkness that will haunt your dreamsThe Sisters of Mercy Battle hardened old soldiers lie sick abed in fear for their souls Only someone with intimate knowledge of the powers of darkness can help themThe Hellfire Mirror The rituals of an infamous club have left their mark on a mirror leading Carnacki into a fight to stop his own home from being overrun with the forces of darknessThe Beast of Glamys Danger to the daughter of a Scottish Lord leads Carnacki to a remote castle and the uncovering of the secret behind a legend that has persisted for centuriesThe Tomb of Pygea Something serpentine whispers in the dark under Admiralty Arch and only Carnacki has the skills and the nerve to de. Carnacki Heaven and Hell