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E comes to learn that her presumably average existence may not be as predictable as she had Imagined It To BeImprisoned In A World it to beImprisoned in a world continuous déjà vu due to her spine tingling dreams Lana Ann attempts to live a Normal Life With Her life with her Margaret and annoyingly perfect lder sister Carol She becom. Her cold breath n my Face Made Each Hair On made each hair n body rise She grabbed my throat in a flash and I felt her nails digging into my skin “How does it feel to look into the eyes f the dead”When uirky run f the mill teenager Lana Ann Manson is faced with of the mill teenager Lana Ann Manson is faced with dreams that seep into her reality sh. Es wrapped up in a paranormal world where she finds that she can manipulate dreams and people  With the help Too Bad to Die of a friend Lana Ann learns about her giftf dream walking but is that enough to maintain the balance f life love and everything Else Important To Her  The important to her  The f the Dream Walker has arriv.

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Dream Walkers