(EBOOK / KINDLE) [A Warriors Sacrifice Bound To The Emperor #2] author Bethany Rousseau

Intended for an adult audience this enthralling tale follows

strong beautiful enslaved young healer between two men; one the ntensely powerful and the other a silently assertive gladiator fearing the conseuences of over treading the fine line between them both Pick up a copy toda. A Warriors Sacrifice Bound To The Emperor #2

Bethany Rousseau ✓ 0 characters

Caught n a difficult position
two rresistible Liviana s roused from her by a messenger; the Emperor demands her care yet again When she arrives however she finds him fit and well desiring only her company Unbeknownst to Liviana there are dark forces at work however. .

And soon her love triangle *May Be Exposed How Will * be exposed How will balance her burgeoning love for Servius against the carnal affections of the most powerful man Ensimmäinen maailmansota in Rome This steamy 15200 word novelettes the second nstallment of affections of the most powerful man n Rome This steamy 15200 word novelette The Lion Seeker is the secondnstallment of Rousseau's thrilling historical erotic romance series Bound To The Emperor.
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