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Hadn t thought a Nobel pprize winning physicist could be so fun loving Down To Earth He to earth He a man ahead of his time when it came to many things of his time when it came to his ideas about pretty irls as he calls women The audiobook reader did a reat job but what a shame Feynman didn t read it himself before he passed on Everyone has a collection of favorite stories that they enjoy telling but it s unusual for the stories to be so ood that a friend insi Fellers lemme tell you about one of the smartest sumbitches to *ever walk the earth by way of narrative aid this *walk the earth way of narrative aid Picture this ve covered yourself from head to tippy toe in Vaseline you ve been The Second Cure grappling with the concept of higher dimensions all damn night Engaging in repeated bouts of what could only be described as a physical profanity spawned from the unholy body karate of Turkish Oil Wrestling Passive Aggressive Pole Dancing and Non Euclidean Interpretive Dance has sapped you of vital cognitive nutrients You re demoralized There s no way you ll understand this You re so dumb you couldn t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel You might as wellive up Belching forth a line of caustic invectives you rail against the deities of Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities genetic inheritance idealeographichome conditions nurturing parents free access to information money wonderful teachers proper nutrition interesting peer The Sorcerer's Apprentice groups and lead paint Then you collapse During the course of your angry nap you experience a fitful dream You re in the midst of arueling marathon Your muscles are bathed in acid Your lungs are a frozen ball of expanding Eagle's Gate gas crowding out your innards With tremendous effort and cussing so foul memory doesn t permit you to recall it you crest a hill Off in the distance you see the smartest people you know in your personal life implacably approaching the finish You realize that with enough training you could bridge the cognitive divide between you and them If I just buckle down and learn my multiplication tables I can run shoulder to shoulder with Sara and Jimbo You think They re not so different from you they just didn t spend six months re watching The Jersey Shore This thought lightens all your burdens You push on with renewed spirits Nothing can stop you now Well don tet carried away chief because you stagger across the finish line like a spastic newborn World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi giraffe doing the Butterfly and proceed to void your bowels which is just damn embarrassing But you made it By Jove you made it At that moment a man comes trotting by your fetal form His steps are springy and there s a curious clinking noise that accompanies hisait He s ot a mischievous rin and intelligent eyes He doesn t appear to be sweating and his breathing is relaxed How curious you think Well at least you beat one person in this Who Is Muhammad Ali? godawful pummeling of pavement Tough break my man You offer your condolences to the stranger as he sails past you with aood natured laugh That s Richard Feynman Someone says Poor bastard You cough That s his tenth lap He just does this shit for fun As the peculiar man recedes into the periphery you catch a Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything glint of metal Beneath his shorts you see what appear to be cybernetic ostrich legsWell shit that wasn t as uplifting as I intended it to be My point is There s smart people that you can imagine emulating through linear improvements and then there are people like Richard Feynman who are a different kind of athlete and arguably a damned cheater If you read this book you ll come to know a bit about an affable rascal a maverick a first principles thinker with a wicked sense of humor who was insatiably curious about the natural world A person who wasn t comfortable with understanding anything superficially or expressing it in a nauseatingly ostentatious way He had a low tolerance for horseshit saying a lot that means very little forgive me Dick sloppy reasoning people pretending to know things they can t possibly know and making things complicated than they need to be Here is a brief far from exhaustive list of things he applied his alien intellect touantum ElectrodynamicsStatistical MechanicsParallel ComputingRadio construction and repairPlaying bongo drumsSuperfluidityCriticizing the educational system s emphasis on rote memorizationuarksPaintingParticipating in humanity s potential swan song at Los AlamosSafe crackingTaking a cudgel to uppity philosophersTeachingSussing out bureaucratic and engineering malfeasance in the wake of The Challenger DisasterCoercing ants to follow pheromone trailsCultivating an eccentric personality which makes for an interesting portfolio of anecdotes which comprise the bulk of this bookThreatening to piss through a man in a bar bathroomMetabolizing oxygenOffering the best uote of all time on his death bed I d hate to die twice It s so boring Feynman is a personal hero of mine and this is one of thereatest autobiographies ever written It is enuinely funny and if you come away from it without wanting to know about how things really work well you re dead to me Let s o out with a uote because I ve exhausted my word bag It is in the admission of ignorance and the admission of uncertainty that there is a hope for the continuous motion of human beings in some direction that doesn t et confined permanently blocked as it has so. Va tineti de lume domnule Feynman istoriseste aventuri savuroase – de la spargerea seifurilor cu documentele secrete ale proiectului bombei atomice si de la farsele jucate colegilor pana la stratagemele de cucerire a femeilor in baruri – in. ,

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Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!: Adventures of a Curious CharacterEalization that most people are inclined to trust claims from authority is integral to his almost supernatural ability to navigate unfamiliar situations Feynman is so easily able to bluff his way through because people take his word for things So this central insight to always check for youself is both the heart of his scientific attitude as well as his way of effortlessly A Secret Kept gliding through the world His ability to crack safes for example wasn t due to his knowing a lot about safes but simply realizing that most people used their safes foolishly not resetting the factory combination or setting it to something obvious Most of us assume that we couldn t figure out how to crack a safe but Feynman did what he always did and saw for himself whether he could and he couldI honestly wish that this book was three times its length Now I must know about Feynman My favorite saints are the ones who would hate to be worshiped and Feynman certainly would think thislowing review was nonsense Well perhaps it is but the only way you ll know for sure is by reading this book and checking for yourself This book of anecdotes is written in a very casual fun way that makes it easy to read The problem is that the author Nobel Prize winning physicist Dick Feynman is annoying All the anecdotes involve him discovering a hidden talent using it delighting others or himself if that s his real oal and then being applauded for it sometimes only by himself For example he discovers that he s a reat artist musician safecracker and critic Everything revolves around him showing off and being somewhat of a jerk There were many times when I thought yeah buddy you think it s funny but no one else does A few stories like this and it s uirky but piled on top of each other it s annoyingI can t really recommend this book Maybe mischevious self aggrandizing uys would enjoy it but otherwise I suggest a pass Would you like cream or lemon in your tea Mr Feynman It s Mrs Eisenhart pouring tea I ll have both thank you I say st Nobody ever figures out what life is all aboutand it doesn t matter Explore the world Nearly everything is really interesting if you o into it deeply enoughVideo Review The story of Feynman changed fundamentally what I think about the world around meThe story of Richard and his father helped me to understand that many parents could help their children to a fulfilling life Parents could piue the interest of the child very early and could ive him real answers if he asks why again and againHe changed my view about scientists He proved that the life of a scientist can be also sexy and interesting and the same time useful and deep activity You rarely have a chance to meet pedagogues who can help you fall in love with learning and set the fire of science in you as Feynman didThis book is not only interesting for physicists and scientists but also for parents and pedagogues who want to inspire their children students to have a better life Elon Musk founder of Tesla founded a school build on the same principles what Feynman confessed Where children have a chance to understand the thing work around us understand the *Whys And Continuously Maintain The *and continuously maintain the of the studentsOf course many people cannot afford this luxury But also they can profit from these pedagogical principles even if these seems to be terrifying at the first time as a parent if you encourage time as a parent If you encourage child to uestion anybody you will be also uestioned If you encourage your child not to defer to different orders it uestions basic societal values of many people and they can be stigmatized being unrespectful But I think you will only show a path for your child which even can lead to the Nobel prize but to a happier interesting life And now I am surely not joking One of the problems with reading a book written by a enius is that you have to ask yourself whether any perceived deficiencies in the text are due to the author or due to your own failure to comprehend his brilliance That said I wasn t thrilled by this book On a purely technical level it would have benefited from a stronger editor While there s a rough chronological order to the material there tends to be a lot of jumping around both within and between the chapters A few times Feynman would relate some post WWII anecdote only to jump back to something that happened during his time at Los Alamos in the early 1940s He ll mention that he divorced his second wife and then shortly thereafter tell a story set during the marriage It ives the book a very disjointed ualityOn a personal level Feynman just doesn t strike me as someone you d want to spend time with About 30% of his stories talk about a time he pulled a fast one on somebody or how he did something arrogant and obnoxious and it developed into an incident Reading this book feels like babysitting a very rambunctious toddler as amusing as his antics may be you re can t help but looking forward to it being over And while it s perhaps unfair to forward to it being over And while it s perhaps unfair to his behavior by modern standards some of the womanizing and borderline misogyny as when he decides that the best way to pick up women in bars is to treat them badly and call them whores is a bit disappointing Feynman s scientific accomplishments may be beyond reproach but I doubt I ll spend any time with his memoirs. Umor de fantezie si de viata preocupat pana la obsesie sa lamureasca toate misterele care i ieseau in cale absolut onest manat de o curiozitate fara limite ata sa se lanseze in orice aventura – asa ni se infatiseaza Feynman in amintirile sal. ,
Many times before in various periods in the history of man Despair of your position on the continuum of human intellect with this book This book was a pure delight The subtitle Adventures of a Curious Character is spot on Feynman ave an amazingly human and honest view into his philosophy and take on life thought a series of storiesOne thing that struck me most deeply was his passion for learning new things You would think a world famous Physicist would just be passionate for Physics but Feynman was curious about everything he You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be It s their mistake not my failing Richard Feynman Surely You re Joking Mr FeynmanI ve been circling this book The Feynman Lectures on Physics and Gleck s Genius The Life and Science of Richard Feynman for awhile This one seemed the most fun and easiest place to start I was driving from TaosSanta Fe back to Phoenix last week and as I drove past Los Alamos it was just the particle collision in my brain I needed to start on FeynmanOften memoirs are hard to read because you know a bunch of it is fa ade A person is showing you a part of them for a purpose They want to be viewed as smart important funny etc They carefully uide you through a Potemkin village of their life Richard Feynman s memoir is different Not that I don t think Fe I ll never make that mistake again reading the experts opinions Of course you only live one life and you make all your mistakes and learn what not to do and that s the end of you I can usually tell when I m Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell going toive a book 5 stars by one sign I can t shut up about it Well I couldn t and can t shut up about this book it was simply Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts great Thisreatness sort of snuck up on me I d recently read a collection of anecdotes by a scientist A Primate s Memoir and found it rather disappointing Plus the whole idea of reading a book of stories about a Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind great physicist without learning any actual physics seemed silly But my skepticism had withered away by the end of the first chapter I was entranced by the man absolutely fascinated and remained so the whole timeThe subtitle of this book is perfect because the two meanings of the word curious converge to encapsulate Feynman he was curious in the sense of being odd as well as curious in his love of learning I was trying to figure out a way to describe Feynman s personality and this is the best I ve come up with Feynman is Huck Finnrown up to become a physicist The ualities that make Mark Twain s most famous character so endearing are also the ualities that endear Feynman to me mischievousness curiosity cleverness honesty naivet Friendliness Frankness And An Uncompromising frankness and an uncompromising principle Like Huck Feynman is always Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus getting himself into absurd situations andetting out of them with pure uickness of mind like Huck Feynman likes to fool other people and play tricks but all without a hint of malice and like Huck Feynman will stick his neck out for what he feels is rightThere are some hilarious stories in here which I won
spoil But what was impressive me was the amount of serious thought that could be found Feynman s criticism of the Brazilian school system which relied overmuch on memorization by rote and concentrated overmuch on passing tests instead of teaching students how to make sense of the world around them applies eually well to many aspects of the current US school system Eually relevant was Feynman s chapter on the time he served on the board that oversaw the evaluation of math textbooks for the California school system it was a Kafkaesue farce But by far the most consistent intellectual theme that went through these reflections was an absolute distrust of pretension reputation convention snobbery prestige and authorityIn my own life one of the most interesting and also most difficult lessons that I ve had to learn is that people are not nearly as competent as they d like you to believe When I was a kid I had a lot of faith in all sorts of things I thought that if an expert said something it must be true I assumed that there was a particular expert in every type of activity be it business or science to ensure that things ran the way they were supposed to In short I had the comforting illusion that very smart people in very white lab coats were behind the scenes ensuring that things ran smoothly The world certainly cooperated with this illusion for a while after all that s the whole basis of advertising but it wasn t long after meeting people in the real world that this illusion imploded the world is run by people underualified and overconfidentI include this bit about myself because I don t think I would have reacted so emotionally to this rather lighthearted book were it not that I had that experience In a way a distrust of all authority is Feynman s central social message He *IS CONSTANTLY RUNNING INTO EXPERTS WHO *constantly running into experts who t the slightest idea what they re talking about He Rudram in Tamil goes to academic conferences full of pretentious windbags he trusts the results of other people s experiments and later finds that they were seriously flawedSo any time somebody makes a claim he decides to test it out for himself and the few times he doesn t do this heets into trouble This Care intalnim neastamparul spiritul ludic si placerea de a asi solutii neconventionale care l au facut pe Feynman sa schimbe fata fizicii secolului XX Rebel profund original si independent atat in plan intelectual cat si in plan social plin de.

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