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Sional world and states how important Minkowski s one of Einstein s teachers idea was or the development of his theory of relativitySo what did these moving and stationary observers notice Their pocket watches that were

perfectly synchronized at 
synchronized at recorded a different time after their observation was complete Some dials were ahead and others behind So time is relative not ABSOLUTE THE BOOK DOES NOT CONCENTRATE ONLY ON SCIENCE The book does not concentrate only on science is also a tiny bit philosophical The writing is simple straightforward and easy to understand although at irst the theory is somewhat complex but at the end of the day easier to understand than visualize It s difficult to visualize three dimensions let alone Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, four Einstein s intention in writing this book is to present the special and general theory of relativity to the broader public with simplified examples and euations Einstein gives a lot of recognition to his predecessors such as Euclid Newton Galilei and Gauss and does not overthrow or disregard their science theories and laws but rather upgrades them I am astonished at Einstein s capability on how he utilizes the available mathematical euations which he modifies and adapts so well to suit his revolutionary theoryWe also notice that in general relativity no point of view is important or preferred over any other point of view I wonder if we can extend this conclusion to other subjects Are all perceptions comingrom different angles of euivalent importance This is something to keep in mind while considering other people s points of view My Tressed to Kill five star rating isor the uality accuracy and importance of the theor. Eaking theories Published irst in Germany in 1916 ollowed by an English language version in 1920 Relativity is undoubtedly a challenging read – but one which gives back to its reader in ull measure.

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This book by Dr Einstein is very well written though you will ind the anatomy of sentences a little unusual Well this should not be a problem considering the theory s difficulty level Though the theory is very simple mathematically special theory of relativity I m talking about but the case is reverse when it comes to understand it intuitively It defies the common sense And that s what the book is about It changes your outlook the way you see the nature and gives you a new and better understanding edit i wrote the 4 star review below before reading the ifth appendix "I MEAN WHO COULD IMAGINE THAT "mean who could imagine that appendix could change anything well this one did all the chapters in the body of the book are 2 or 3 pages Appendix V is a 20 page essay written 36 years after the rest of the book and just 3 years before einstein died it is a tour de orce on the history philosophy and psychology i kid you not of the scientific understanding of empty space it was shocking thrilling amazing the book now gets 5 starscareful i think some editions don t have Appendix Voriginal 4 star reviewthe subtitle of this slim book is a clear "explanation that anyone can understand but unfortunately i m afraid that s ar rom true " that anyone can understand but unfortunately i m afraid that s ar rom true s not too much math in the book m afraid that s ar rom true there s not too much math in the book there is enough that anyone really needs to be replaced with any egghead but if you are already amiliar with relativity this is a great book with lots of deep philosophical underpinnings as expounded my the man himself i ound his writing style to be exuisite not too dry not too collouialthe treatment of special relativity is wonderfulbut trying to teach genera. No single man may claim to have rendered the same impact on the world of science – or the world at large – like Albert Einstein the German born Nobel prize winning physicist whose name has become sy. .
Über die spezielle und die allgemeine RelativitätstheorieL relativity in 45 pages with no math is just too tall an order he even warns us as things start to get roughI am guilty of a certain slovenliness of treatment which as we know rom the special theory of relativity is The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense farrom being unimportant and pardonable It is now high time that we remedy this defect but I would mention at the outset that this matter lays no small claims the patience and on the power of abstraction of the readerindeed the Treatment Of GR Is of GR is broad strokes with rather obscure connections still uite enjoyable to FIND THIS READABLE TEXT BY ONE OF MY GREAT this readable text by one of my great Some years ago in France a book by Jean Fran ois Gautier appeared entitled Does the universe exist Good uestionWhat if the universe were a concept like cosmic ether or phlogiston or the conspiracy of the Elders of ZionPhilosophically Gautier s arguments make senseThe idea of Albert Einstein 1879 1955 in this book introduces to the general reader his theory of relativity the special and the general theoryWe see that special relativity which has emerged rom the Maxwell Lorentz theory of electromagnetic phenomena shows that the laws of science appear to be the same or all moving observers regardless of their speed all in the absence of gravityOn the other hand in general relativity which can be considered Einstein s theory of gravity we understand that the laws of science ought to be the same or every observer no matter how they are moving In general relativity gravitation is a result of the curvature of the our dimensional space time continuum Einstein refers us to Hermann Minkowski s 1864 1909 our dimen. Nonymous with genius Known as “the ather of modern physics” his work Relativity The Special and General Theory is a volume or all who wish to gain a concrete understanding of Einstein’s groundbr. ,