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This beauty of a book has earned the title of Worst Romance Novel I ve ever Read I ove it so much for its awful plot poor character development and bad writing over all When I want to feel better about my writing I read this book to show that if this novel can get published I can too I also do dramatic readings of this book as entertainment because of how awful the writing is Let s go further into why this book is the worst1 Jaide Ablaza Braide and Grr What kind of names are these They are fan fiction names circa 2005 2 #Let s ist the awful plot elements used in the book tragic backstory #s ist the awful plot elements used in the book tragic backstory extensive abuse and murder the only female at an all boys school even though the all female school is across town and mentioned she has to have a roommate who is super attractive a girlfriend in a coma the main character is super gifted in some aspect in a classic Mary Sue way getting drugged almost getting raped super rich adoptive father and the ove interest with a tragic secret spoiler alert the secret is that he has a big penis and is afraid of hurting her during sex but it s not that much bigger than her ex s so it s fine These are all elements to disguise the horrible character development if there is any character development Also there are a few times where verb tenses and pronouns are inconsistent which I blame both the author and editor for 3 Victims of trauma as extensive as hers do not behave as she does This girl should have serious PTSD after what she s been through but she functions completely normally besides nightmares and flashbacks It doesn t make sense psychologically but she s not well written in the first place4 And now for a Ratscalibur look at one of my favorite uotes to demonstrate the writing uality the soccer field spread outike an endless green seascape but without any waves Chapter 2 Isn t the point of a seascape the imagery of waves Disclaimer That s not a direct uote due to my memory but when you read it it s similar enough to get the idea5 All the sex scenes are just Jaide getting fingered in the shower by Ablaza It s ike the author has a middle school understanding of sexual variety and is terrified of writing a traditional sex scene It

S A Fun Read But 
a fun read but close to decent iterature You can easily find better fo I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewJaide was a character that you could The Selected Poems love and hate at the same time Like anybody she comes with a past but she has present day iss. Jaide Williams is young beautiful intelligent athletic andives a charmed A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent life A straight A student good friend and member of a well respected soccer team Jaide fits in surprisingly well in her unconventional choice of a school Nobody would ever guess she spent the first half of her childhoodocked in a room a victim of the one pe. .
Jaided By Ashley RoseWhile this was a smidge better #than Brothers Best Friends I still could not find it within myself to ike the characters #Brothers Best Friends I still could not find it within myself to ike the characters they were all one dimensional And a Dr Seuss The Book of Leviathan like rhyme is all I have to describe the storyline the plot was fraught with naughtThe topics that Rose was trying to explore were not executed well at all and not only were they completely unbelievable but they were also so skewed and emotionallyacking that I just couldn t stand anythingI guess I just really don t Nine Ghosts like her writing Dnf totally screwed with my head because it was all over the place What the hell is a girl doing in an all boy schoolit didn t give a reason does anyone know if there will be second book for jaided I read this story a few years ago on fictionpress and wasooking to read it again bit unfortunately the author sold the rights to Ashley rose Ashley decided she was gonna change up the story a bit the original had Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia longer chapters and detailed and Now the chapters are short and is mostly dialouge chapter 1 8 are okay but defiantly rushed and way too short Chapter 9 25are just a mess and all over the place there are things that have said to have happened yet never actually happened in the chapters before there are so many gaps in between all of the chapters that its insane I keep calling this a story because I now consider it to be one Before Ashley rose got her hands on it it was a well written novel that had no gaps or confusion in it I read the story reviews now and hear everyone complaining about how jaide is all over the place with guysIn the original jaide never sleeps with Leigh she backs out They do end up in her car but she doesn t sleepwith him at all aAshley rose just made jaide out to be a slut and gets jaide to push nlaize into sleeping with her and that s not right at all I do not recomend this story to anyone Don t buy it its just a waste of money I m not trying to be hateful just honest and I m sure if you read the original you would say the same I enjoyed Ashley s book Full Court Press so I wasooking forward to this story Unfortunately I felt the plot and story شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى line where just too scattered andacked any real direction The character development was *ok but i eft wondering why Blaize had such hang ups I will *but i eft wondering why Blaize had such hang ups I will Another Of Her Books another of her books this one just fell flat for me NoNoloved her other two booksthis one was so ridiculous and terribly writtenI hate giving a bad review but I really feel I wasted my 299. Has been Riding Hard lying in a hospital bed for theast year Not at all happy with having Jaide as a roommate he’s even Arabian Challenge less thrilled when he realizes he’s attracted to her Both teenagers must fight the demons of their past andearn to ive in the present Can they become friends or will their ack of trust in each other ead to heartach. ,

SUMMARY Jaided By Ashley Rose

Ues from those experiences For starters she is the only girl in an all boys school But that s "just the beginning I did read other reviews and yes there are unrealistic situations but isn t what "the beginning I did read other reviews and yes there are unrealistic situations but isn t what about is getting away from reality Like always Ashley Rose did not disappoint me She can tell a story so flawlessly and describe places with few words Can t wait to read from her After reading this a second time I ve owered my rating to 2 stars as I feel so much was missing to the story it hardly seemed to touch base on really sensitive topics Since day one there s been nothing normal about Jaide It doesn t help that she has just moved into #AN ALL BOYS SCHOOL SHE STICKS #all boys school She sticks ike a very sore thumb She has a nasty past that affects her still todayShe sure can swear American Literature Student Text like a boy and play soccerike a winner She s even warming up to some of the boys It sure helps that her brother graduated as valedictorian Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance last year and has a killer reputation on the soccer fieldShe s even rooming with another boy Blaize He s an emotional wreck and struggling to keep up with school and fortunately he s paired with Jaide who s willing to put herself on aimb for him It definitely helps that Blaize is got sexy black hair and piercing blue eyes Fortunately she s got a soccer team who will do anything to help her out and they prove their oyalty many timesIt s not every day you see a girl in an all boys school Makes this book original and imaginative I have to admit that Jaide seems a bit flirty with a good portion of the boys at school including people she shouldn t be It makes it ess entertaining to see a romance start up since she s basically begging for it but fun to read none the ess There were many parts of the book that did not seem plausible in real ife Just the fact that she s a girl in an all boy school seems a Black Wings of Cthulhu little out there All the adults in herife seem to not care how old she is and the fact that she is sleeping with boys In fact they encourage it and are very open minded The romance that builds is cute and sweet at the same time which I found to be my favorite part Jaide does have uite a slutty side and I found it heartbreaking and angering but that s just my personal opinion I did enjoy the psychological break down which I think accurately shows why she trusts only certain people Overall I would rate this a 55 It s a fun and entertaining romance that I finished rather uickly I have now officially given up on Ashley Rose. Rson meant to protect her Blaize’s Girl on the Verge life appears just as charmed A member of Jaide’s soccer team Blaize’s broad shoulders jet black hair and piercing eyes make him the desire of every teenage girl he meets Butike Jaide Blaize’s ife isn’t as charmed as it would appear His family has all but disowned him and his girlfriend.
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