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Physik fr Mediziner lTonysife Malcom istens to what TONY HAS TO SAY AND TONY has to say and Tony up being there for Malcom not only as a student but as close friend Malcolm shows Tony to set goals he can actually reach and starts to mentor him When Tony is released from jail he continues to meet with Malcolm and they continue to help each other through every up and down no matter how tough things get In my opinion this is a really inspiring book a cliff hanger and it never gets boring at any points That s a ot coming from me because I tend to get boarddoze off during most books There is so much to this book then just how a boy gets in and out of jail with the help of a mentor It s about friendshiphard workand commitment This book was very good with a very good story It was heartwarming and has a The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond role-playing game) [Box Set] lot of really good values I gave it 3 stars but I think it has 4 or 5 star potential for many people of because I know this book can dramatically impact them I did take a the knowledge of this book with gratitude and I appreciate it Ioved the book of recommendations as well I m gonna dig through those This book RckenYoga: Die DVD literally arrived in the mail with a note from a stranger telling me I needed to read it I m on a state wide mentoring council so I m sure someone googled me and then passed it on but it was still a fun surprise I read it within hours of receiving it I ve read aot of inspirational tales and in social work have worked with a Schmerzmedizin - 1000 Fragen lot of inspiring people clients staff and volunteers But this book is up there in terms of motivation and inspiration It s told in a simple straightforward manner It s not preachy and is pretty universal in it s story it s not about God or religion but aboutiving a good ife practicing healthy habits and building routines into your ife The characters have flaws and strengths and The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach and a younger you learn from one another It s an approachable book and I plan to pass this book on to friends and colleagues It s such a short read that I think anyone could benefit from taking the time to read it One of my favorite parts is that the bottom of each page features aittle inspiring mantra It ties into a website and some interactive Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain links that help you to develop your dreamist There s also a R High Performance Programming longist of book recs in the appendix many of which I ve added to my GoodReads page Finding the right book recommendation can be such a difficult task What might resonate with one person might totally miss the mark with another This is one of those books I would highly recommend depending on my target audience While the book is not complex or masterfully written it definitely delivers on a number of evels It is accessible to all reading evels and definitely might be the absolute perfect book for any of my students who are struggling to find meaning and purpose in Scala for Java Developers life I appreciate so much what the author was trying to accomplish and Iove the constant reminders on each page of how to The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur live aife of purpose Those ideas and the importance of reading that is woven throughout the book are importance of reading that is woven throughout the book are everyone can stand a refresher on I am so excited to recommend this to a number of my students and I 100% "think this book packs enough punch to change people s ives I have mixed feelings about this one I totally buy "this book packs enough punch to change people s ives I have mixed feelings about this one I totally buy the significant impact that a mentor can have on someone and this book did get me thinking about different ways that we can provide this sort of program in schools I work in public education I also appreciate that it was a uick read that highlighted some great principles to Heaven to Betsy live by With that being said the book also felt pretty unrealistic It was a made up story and at times seemedike a fairy tail with the way things seemed to uickly fall into place Some students may be fine with this but others would see right through it I m not saying I wouldn t recommend it to my students but I would preface some things before doing so especially with regard to the biased religious sections I m all for healthy spiritual beliefs but I would want to be sure that no one felt So B. It like I was pushing Christianity on themAll in all the world would be better off with people taking the time to mentor those in need of direction and I appreciate that this book is promoting that mindset Motivating to give back and also a great read for any challenges adolescen. Ents this book shows anyone how to overcome challenges It demonstrates the importance of sharing this information with others so they have the opportunity to grow and establish a successfullife despite the odds. At the beginning of November I received a fairly cryptic email stating that I would be sent this book in the mail The book finally anded in my mailbox ast week with a personalized etter explaining why I needed to read it At this point I was pretty intrigued but still very skeptical especially because of the offer on the back If you don t find this book worth your while call me and tell me why and I l give you 50 I took it home from school on Friday to take a chance on it I read it in its entirety on Saturday Mentor The Kid and the CEO is about Tony and Malcolm Tony gets himself intro trouble again and ands himself a 90 day jail sentence that could turn into 7 years if he doesn t behave himself this time Tony is the kid An outsider named Malcolm visits the prison every Monday to counsel the inmates Malcolm is the CEO Both parties get to play mentor So the book has two distinct targeted audiences 1 any adults working with and mentoring at risk youth 2 at risk youth first time offenders incarcerated youth adolescent boys prone to taking risks without considering conseuencesThe book is SUPER SIMPLE and aims to foster hope and combat Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice learned helplessness Let me be clear there s a LOT that the bookeaves out about Tony s story prior to being incarcerated but I wasn t bothered by any of that Clearly a million different factors could have impacted Tony s story and trajectory in ife that s not the point of the book Throughout reading the book I kept thinking about this uote I have in my classroom We cannot concern ourselves so much with fair As the old adage goes ife isn t fair and education should prepare students for The Bookshop on the Shore life Life may not be fair but it is predictable in a statistically significant way success generally follows hard work doing something is typically effective than doing nothing and asking uestionseads to answers As soon as I finished the book I knew exactly which students I wanted to specifically recommend it to but I do think many adolescents will enjoy it so I plan on book talking it soon I have already recommended it to a few colleagues I should note that I personally enjoyed the book too as a reminder of the importance of a trusted mentor as well as a reminder to always keep Dance Real Slow learning and bettering myself Personal Response Mentor The Kid and the Ceo This is one of those books that is really uplighting in aot of ways I The Art of Memoir love reading this book and would recommend it to anyone The book has so many good messages in it aboutife s obstacles and how to overcome them It strays away from the religious side of people so if people aren t religious they would still enjoy the book I do not really dislike anything about the book It is fun and easy to read and I The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life look forward to reading it when I have time Overall this book has changed aot of my viewpoints and really gives me a glimpse of what being in other people s shoes are ike Also it is based on a true story which makes it even shockingPlotIn my opinion the storyline of The Kid and the Ceo is the best part It starts with this guy whose name is Tony in his early adulthood ife He is 19 years old and has been through a ot so far Tony s mother is worked to death and his father eft him as a kid for "him to raise himself pretty much Tony eventually GETS THROWN IN JAIL FOR BAD thrown in jail for bad he makes and "to raise himself pretty much Tony eventually gets thrown in jail for bad choices he makes and up meeting a speaker whose name is Malcolm Malcolm speaks to any prisoner who joins about reading and just normal PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition life stuff with everyone Malcoln gets most of the prisoners to find themselves and change theirives through books After a while Tony finally gives into Malcolms methods and starts to read Malcolm gets Tony out of prison by showing him his path The story unfolds into Tony Malcolm and Malcomn s friends having the next years of their Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography lives changing and unraveling into many different possibilitiesCharacterizationThis book is told through the first person viewpoint of Tony It tells how hisife changes from being with the wrong crowd always getting in trouble and never The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, listening to anyone Tony is a very stubborn character and pushes things too far in the beginning of the book with theaw Tony s father eft him as a kid with his mom who works non stop Tony barely gets to see her as well As the book progresses Tony meets Malcolm who ch. Tony has run ins with the aw and no direction in ife until he meets Malcolm a businessman who has faced many of the same challenges Because Malcom is willing to share his knowledge and experience with Tony they. Anged Tony from being a runaway kid who is always in trouble with the aw to a man who had a path and knew how to get there hen he is facing problems in his The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl life What changes Tony sife is a single book Malcomn gives him The book changesTony and makes him into who he is at the end of the bookMalcolm is a middle aged man who is very strict with his ife Malcomn is a person who someone would "say has the perfect ife He is a CEO of his "has the perfect ife He is a CEO of his company has a good family and his own house Malcom is the plot twist in a way in this book He helps people plot twist in a way in this book He helps people if they do not want help Malcolm speaks at the prison and hands out books to prisoners That is were the ife changing process began for Tony For instance Gary is exactly Hannah Montana: The Movie like Tony a young stubborn kid who always gets in trouble and finds himself in jail Malcolm helps Gary set hisife straight by having a plan He gives everyone who fully committedli8yiiiiiikuuuuuuuujnmjmmmmm4 to et him help them a path for a new ife Malcolm gives them every necessary tool to get there Even though Malcolm seems ike the chosen one who saves ost people Malcolm experiences his own misfortune His business is going bankrupt and he is ost Then along comesTony to help the one person that gives him his path and returns the favor to MalcolmGary is one of Malcolm s good friends who really shows people that with the proper foundation and path they can change their ives There is not really much about Gary s personality only that he is a super hard worker and is really inspiring to see how he survives Gary s story is very similar to Tony s He is just Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts like Tony and finds himself in prison where he met Malcomn who gives Gary the tools to turn hisife around He goes from being in jail with nothing to owning his own shoveling business and buying his own house with a pickup One of Gary s most defining his own shoveling business and buying his own house with a pickup One of Gary s most defining is his sympathy towards the prisoners and young kids in trouble as he is one of them Gary opens his home to Tony and hires him in his digging business so he is a very open hearted to others who need helpSettingThe setting is in the 20th century Tony and his mom ive in a ruralcity area The prison is a small fracture of the setting but it is the most significant part of the plot Tony meets Malcolm in prison and Malcom gives Tony the tools to change his ifeThematic ConnectionIn this book there really is only two main themes which are kinda complex just because of the broadness of the themes themselves The first theme mainly focuses on finding a person s own path no matter who the person is or where he or she comes from The other theme is people should not forget to turn around and help those who have help them Both of these are greatly expressed in the book as well as many themes that branch out under these main onesRecommendationI recommend this to all ages who can read This book is very inspiring and teaches very valuable A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli lessons that everyone who reads it can take so much from it The book strays away from religion so it also not offensive towards anybody who s non religious Overall the book is the most inspiring I have read personally and highly recommend everyone to give it a shot and read it Ioved this book for its simpilicity and power Very motivating Stopping power No not for meGood reminders Yes This book is about a young man who is 19 named Tony who gets into trouble with the aw and finds himself in jail for the second time He always blames his mistakes on other people Tony always refuses to participate in anything so he just sits in his cell Until one day a man who has a big reputation in the jail tells Tony that he is only young and he has a hole future ahead of him and to go to a man named Malcoms class and do whatever he tells him to Scared of this this guys he end up going to the class and meets Malcom Malcom is a really successful man who is always talking about how important it is to have a mentor At the end of the session he hands out a book and Tony uickly grabs it knowing he needs some type of proof that he went Slowly he starts to read the book and finds that he relates to a ot of parts in it He even stays to talk to Malcom one on one their relationship grows closer and closer as time passes The two end up earning from each other and unlike everyone else in. Both become successful and significant There are setbacks for both student and teacher but with hope and action they overcome their difficulties This uplifting story is a uick and easy read Inspired by actual ev.

characters Mentor The Kid the CEO A Simple Story of Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Significance

Mentor The Kid the CEO A Simple Story of Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Significance

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