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F the great guitar finds of recent ears along with some terrific photos and various examples of supporting provenanceThe guitars featured here are not just of recent Kotlin - Les fondamentaux du dveloppement d'applications Android years along with some terrific photos and various examples of supporting provenanceThe guitars featured here are not just usual Fender and Gibson models though there are plenty of those The book also delves into stories of elusive Mosrites and Danelectros as well as the author s own obsession with tracking down what can probably legitimately lay claim to being the first solid body electric guitars as we know them the rare only 23 ever made and beautiful Bigsby guitars Wonderful stuff Deke Dickerson takeou on a journey to uncover hidden vintage guitar gems through a series of essays Each essay tells the tale of et Another Guitar Find In Truth guitar find In truth to the next essay sometimes seemed as exiting as finding these six string discovery one s self turning each page being somewhat akin to digging for an unknown treasure in the forgotten attic or that old music storage location Dickerson unfolds these stories in a reminiscent narrative probably not unlike the dozens upon dozens of conversations he had with the folks he encounters along the way to each find he is indeed a storyteller at heart We imagine ourselves hearing tales told fondly by their storytellers tales that have likely been reminisced over and over again in an almost rehearsed manner and et we are captivated all the same throughout the collection A skeptical reader might suspect some fish tale style embellishments but that Boomers who wish they’d been rock ’n’ roll stars have shot the market into the stratosphere for classic models As with automobiles that classic guitar stashed away beneath a bed in a closet hidden away in an attic or in the corner of a guitar shop is the Holy Grai. .

Arly riveting Bigsby only made 21 electric guitars and Dickerson now owns two of them Bigsby also collaborated with the Granstrom brothers on two guitars of which Dickerson owns one Any of these is a Holy Grail find for a guitar collector and Deke found three I m looking forward to reading the second volume EnthrallingDeke Dickerson a great guitarist in the countryrockabilly tradition is a genuine guitarchaeologist and his Indiana Jones style tales of tracking rate guitars is as captivating to Guitar fans as dinosaurs to paleontologists I m just starting to learn guitar and I really enjoyed this book It s a collection of essays about rare vintage guitars almost lost to time and ledgend somehow found and enjoyed again You can really feel the excitement and passion people have for their instruments or ones they wish they owned Guitar geeks rejoiceAn interesting collection of guitar archeology full of stories collection of guitar archeology full of stories detective work that would make Matlock proud The history of the guitar builders who built these words of art and the virtuous legends as well as virtual unknowns who played them makes for a great read for the guitar geek One for the guitar Nerd But If You but if ou so inclined and I am it s a great read This book does pretty much what it says on the cover these are stories of rare guitar discoveries and they re all fascinating The author has collected up a series of stories including several of his own that details some Urned by the guitarist during a concert and then mysteriously lost for decades The mint Fender Broadcaster forgotten under a bed in a neighbor’s house The 1960s Rickenbacker bought for 50 at a garage sale These days classic vintage guitars can bring Ferrari and Porsche prices Baby.

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Almost five stars as this is a fun well written and exciting book It just got docked slightly for having way electric than acoustic guitars For serious guitar nerds onlyAs a serious guitar nerd I m looking forward to reading the next book in the series And if anyone has an old grandad with a 59 Les Paul tucked under his bed email me An absolutely brilliant book if ou are a guitar collector guitar expert or just generally interested in guitars Whilst reading this book I read and saw guitars that I never even knew Existed A Very Enjoyable A very enjoyable I only give a book five stars if it changes the way I view the world This book was full of amazing stories of coincidences and chance meetings that turn into amazing discoveries Deke stressed the point that their are amazing finds out there still They probably aren t Fenders or Gibsons they may be some unknown guitars made in someone s garage If the uality is there then they are collectible The Strat in the Attic is a fascinating collection of stories about tracking down and finding rare sometimes historically significant guitars There s music history instrument invention and manufacturing history some behind the scenes peeks at the music industry and a bit of Deke Dickerson s autobiography as a musician and guitar nerd Dickerson s writing gets better as the book moves along The final chapter in nerd Dickerson s writing gets better as the book moves along The final chapter in Deke manages to hunt down and acuire not one but THREE Bigsby guitars is particul. Guitar sleuth and music history detective Deke Dickerson tells the true tales of 50 thrilling rare guitar finds that will make guitarists green with envy A golden Fender Stratocaster hidden away in an attic for 30 ears A sunburst Gibson Les Paul worth 100000 Jimi Hendrix’s Strat ,
The Strat in the Attic

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