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E been appreciated Then again there is so much to cram into 100 #Pages Or So And #or so and things will undoubtedly get omitted even as it isHot probably self evident tip create or find a "Playlist Containing The Songs Mentioned "containing the songs mentioned these pages to pull you properly into the 80 s More fun and confident than its predecessor in every way A joy to behold Important musical history of genre that was thought to only be a fad This will have you searching YouTu. By dressing and flamboyant until a young group called RUN DMC comes on the scene to take things back to the streets This volume covers hits like "Afrika Bambaataa S Planet Rock "Bambaataa s Planet Rock Flash and the Furious. Hip Hop Family Tree Vol 2

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You can t really go wrong with combining the two loves "of my Life Hip Hop And hip hop and books Whereas volume 1 "my life hip hop and comic books Whereas volume 1 an educational trip for me this volume 2 starts to be closer to the days of my personal affiliation with rap music and hence added nostalgia bonus The art continues to be exceptional The only issue I have with this series is the fragmented feel that comes from short snippets of history lessons A little bit of longer narrative would hav. Covering the early years of 1981 1983 Hip Hop has made a big transition from the parks and rec rooms to downtown clubs and vinyl records The performers make moves "To Separate Themselves From The "separate themselves from the customers. Be for old school videos for all the songs that are highlighted What "Ended In 81 Has "in 81 has up yet again in the next two years in Hip Hop lore in Piskor s Family Tree Vol 2 All the cool cats are back with a whole new trove of rappers and their DJ s most notably my favorite Run DMC Rhymes are rapped and verses are spat DJ s scratch from vinyl that is phat The story goes on and stays on course but as happened before we become lost in the forceTh. Five s the Message the movie Wild Style and introduces superstars like NWA The Beastie Boys Doug E Fresh KRS One ICE T and early Public Enemy Cameos by Dolemite LL Cool J NOTORIOUS BIG AND NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. BIG and New Kids on the