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I adore the Duck and Goose books Great Illustrations Cute Stories And A Wonderful illustrations cute stories and a wonderful of humor One of my standard go to recommendations when people used to ask me at the bookstores Duck and Goose both try to claim an egg for theirs but do eggs usually have polka dotsSuch a cute book So guts Duck and Goose discover a beautiful egg and each lay claim to it in this hilarious picture book about mistaken impressions and unlikely friends Sitting upon the egg together they gradually transform from rivals to allies planning what they will teach the newly hatched bird when it finally emerges Imagine their surprise and chagrin when a little bluebird alerts them to the fact that they are sitting on a ballThe central premise here in which another object is mistaken for an egg reminds me a bit of Swedish authorartist Elsa Beskow s classic picture book The Sun Egg in which an orange is mistaken for a sun egg by an elf Leaving that association aside Duck Goose is an immensely appealing title in its own right pairing a humorous entertaining and ultimately heartwarming tale with vibrant colorful artwork Recommended to anyone who has read and enjoyed such stories as Dr Seuss Horton Hatches the Egg. Here is the first book in the popular Duck Goose line of picture books and board books This New York Times Bestseller and ALA ALSC Notable Children’s Book stars two unforgettable characters and is filled with humor that young children will appreciate and recognizeDuck and Goose have


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Duck GooseOok is adorable and very funny I Love This Author Illustrator S Book How this author illustrator s book How Learned to Read and now after reading this book I m definitely going to be on the lookout for further books by Hills I see there are other books about these characters This is a lovely story about friendship collaboration and misunderstandings The cover illustration did not appeal to me but once I got into the story I ended up enjoying all the illustrations My favorite illustrations are the atypical one of the starry night and the page where Duck Goose realize what their egg is their facial expressions are hilarious This is true of all the pictures funny sweet wonderful expressiveness A terrific book for ALL AGES AND IT WOULD MAKE ages and it would make good gift book for young children 444 STARS What a fun read Tad Hills accomplishes a great deal with his written words and illustrations Duck Goose tells a good story about the importance of listening to each other and working together It also speaks to how easily the truth remains elusive when we refuse to acknowledge the facts that are right in front of us There may be several perspectives but there is only one truth Take the time to read this book You will not be disappointed. Ints out that it isn’t really an egg it’s a polka dot ball the two are not dismayed After all it is a lovely ball “Duck and Goose have taken their places alongside Frog two are not dismayed After all it is a lovely ball “Duck and Goose have taken their places alongside Frog Toad and George and Martha as fine examples of friendship curiosity and problem solving” Kirkus Reviews?. Or who is in the market for fun friendship tales When Duck and Goose stumble upon an exciting discovery they uickly claim the egg as their own Neither wants to budge so they both end up sitting on the egg waiting for it to hatch At first they bicker over who would make the better parent but as their vigil continues friendship begins to crack through their crusty exterior as they become united in their concern for the chickI loved Tad How Rocket Learned to Read and this book shares the same winsome thoughtful and gently humorous ualities And although I the mystery of the egg long before Duck or Goose managed to I still loved their ourney toward friendship I really like these Goose and Duck books I love the illustrations And I like the stories I like how these behavior lessons getting along compromising working together are portrayed It s Spit and Polish just sad there isn t some kind of adult to reign them in or correct their actions Notesappropriate subtitle would be Duck and Goose teach kids how to fight This is a cute book about two friends who find a mysterious egg After fighting over who gets to keep the egg they learn to work together Soon they make a startling discovery This O work at getting along You see Duck doesn’t much care for Goose at first and Goose isn’t fond of Duck But both want the egg that each claims to be his As the two tend to their egg and make plans for the future they come to appreciate one another’s strengths And when a bluebird po.

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