The Time of the Dark (READ)

Prone to sparse details and less mythological based than the Fionavar Tapestry so it should appeal to readers who prefer concrete details Now decades later it feels above average for genre if somewhat uninspired but I suspect that is because of my changing reader expectations for fantasy I ll be looking for the next book Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsOnce long ago I recall walking through the Waldenbooks bookstore at my local mall trying to find something new to read After having crammed everything Middle Earth related into my brain I needed a new fix of epic fantasy adventure Sure I d loved Donaldson s Thomas Covenant books read Moorcock and begun The Belgariad with Eddings but I was looking for something a bit different And that is when I saw the cover of The Time of the Dark Obviously my attention was caught by the image of a classic fantasy wizard shadowy hood long white hair flowing beard staff and robes in the Gandalf mode drinking a beer in a 1980 style kitchen It struck me as a bit ridiculous Can t be at all related to the story I thought to myself as I stopped to read the description on the backBut ou know what After I read the cover blurb I didn t care about the fake cover any Nope this portal fantasy novel promised to give me something that my teenage mind adored normal people from my time transported to a fantasy world under attack by man eating creatures A fantasy post apocalyptic world is how I processed it How could I not buy the book right there and thenOnce I paid I immediately found myself a chair in the food court of the mall impatient to get started reading I was like that back in the day and as soon as I started flipping pages I was confronted by a nightmarish scene of a city being attacked by Well I didn t know because the main character didn t know What we both did know was that it was horrible had to be since the people in this other world were terrified of it breaking out of a door And of course right before the door was the wizard from the front cover prepared to lay down his life as the first person to confront the monsters But before the main character and I could see the fight for survival Ingold Inglorion that was his name I learned sensed his ghostly peeping tom and gently sent her back home to EarthWell obviously I was annoyed beyond belief at this point Where was the fight My god I bought the book to see some good old fashioned sword fighting and magic using not to have my narrator wake up in her apartment in southern California and go to work I mean we were standing in front of the door to what I assumed was the underworld The bad guys were going to pour out and blood would flow Why would the author leave out something so epic to make me follow along behind Gil Patterson a graduate studentBut I went with it Just the tantalizing scent of something familiar but exotic had me hooked so I kept reading learning about Gil s life her major which I actually loved because I was a oung history buff and was nearly as surprised as she when we walked into her apartment kitchen to find Ingold Inglorion sitting there drinking a Budweiser The cover was not a flimsy sales pitch after all It was straight from the storyAs Ingold finished his Bud and poured out the details of who he was where he was from and why he was in Gil s apartment I found myself further drawn under Ms Hambly s spell The wizard s explanation of his world and ours being so close together that people could pass back and forth between them got me interested but as he began to talk of his land of Darwath and its fight to survive the rising of the Dark I became completely hooked A whole world on the verge of annihilation A wizard saving the last prince of his country a baby named Tir by world jumping to escape from the terrible things that had erupted from that bound door and eaten a whole city of people things that his land knew only as the Dark Creatures of absolute blackness with cutting tentacles and Tails That Glide And Fly that glide and fly the night eating at will snatching people up to return to the depths and even able to suck a person s mind clean leaving them all but mindless automatons And Tir was the only hope to save this other world from these killing machines memories of the last time the Dark rose and how the ancients beat them back trapped somewhere in his subconscious waiting to come out as he grew to manhood But Ingold knew that even on Earth he and Tir were not safe not for long at least because the Dark would pursue them relentless determined to destroy the only hope of an entire world So he politely asked for Gil s help and promised not to stay for long before ultimately taking Gil and a mechanic named Rudy back to DarwathOh what a cruel cruel woman Barbara Hambly was This lead up to Gil actually reaching Darwath was so interesting so deceptively simple and addictive that by the time the portal to Darwath opened I already knew this would be An All Night Read And all night read And fondly recall sitting up into the wee hours of the night at home that very night I eventually had to leave the mall after all following along behind my new friendsOnce in Darwath Gil and Rudy find themselves right at the epicenter of the total collapse of civilization Everywhere they look is death and destruction pathetic but normal people desperately trying to cling to sanity in a situation of insanity Naturally the pair cling to Ingold hoping to return home and trying to survive while they also attempt to find a way to help these people and themselves in this unfamiliar world of swords magic treachery and monsters While they do this the Dark become much than some vague threat over the horizon but a wielder of silent death waiting for the sun to go down so that they can descend through the darkness on silent wings and feed And during it all the stupidity of the powerful is on display as they try to hold onto their vestiges of power and riches in the face of total collapse of society When finally the survivors decided to gamble their lives by leaving everything behind to make a Trail of Tears like journey across the wintry lands to an ancient Keep I myself was huddled in the dark of my bedroom glad that there were no Dark on Earth Complex et simple horrific Sami et Julie CE1 Sami et Julie font des crpes yet fantastical powerfulet humbling The Time of the Dark has it all It is and always shall remain one of my favorite fantasy novels and series. 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Zing advanced technological engineeringTruly the only bad thing I can say about this book or about Barbara Hambly as an author is I m jealous that she devotes her time to other genres sometimes too instead of this one alone Why is this a comfort book series for me Well what woman feeling down and out would NOT feel amazingly inspired by the kick ass toughness and intelligence behind those silvery school marm eyes of Gil Shalos Patterson 35 stars I almost gave this one four stars but decided to stick with 35 as it just didn t pull me in like some of the other books I have read recently The Warded Man by Peter Brett and Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross to name just two recent reads that I would highly recommend That said Barbara Hambly is an excellent writer and I will certainly read the next book in the trilogy This is a book I return to again and againIt is my comfort read the book I pick up when I am too tired to read something new That sounds odd given the subject matter but within moments of picking it up Hambly s prose is invisible to me and I am trudging down the road with the refugees blinded by snow freezing and wondering what s out there in the darknessI can recommend this book on so many levels The characters are people Deliciously Ella entre amis you come to know like friends Their voices become familiar their mannerisms comforting The setting is rich and grittyou can smell the animal dung taste the bitter smoke on the breeze and hear the chitter of the dark as they float between the trees In many ways this is an archetypal fantasy book It contains all the fantasy tropes the wise mage and his apprentice the warrior the princess Yet each of these is new and fresh even ten La vie sexuelle de Tintin years later E I made the mistake of reading this novel and this series after seeing the second Aliens movie which is my favorite of all the Alien films When I wasounger I read a lot Stephen King but only because everyone else at school was reading it and it irritated my mother or so I thought After a couple of The Spinster and the Rake (Never a Wallflower, years on a steady diet of horror I became bored and nothing was frightening or thrilling any longer I picked up The Time of the Dark mostly because it was another story along the lines of Stephen R Donaldson s Covenant series At least the premises was similar a contemporary person from our world is transported in some inexplicable way to a world in a different time and place where magic is indigenous and a struggle for survival is imminent Hambly surprised me with her ability to thrill me and even at times scare me I would attribute this to her ability to make me care deeply for her characters And when they were in danger I was on the edge of my seat Hambly writes the most convincing and inspiring female characters of any author I ve read May 2011 Update Reread this again and updating my review for Fantasy Literature Blog post with links at recent read of Those Who Hunt the Night led me to one of Hambly s early series The Time of the Dark First published in 1982 it has the feel of many of the crossworlds fantasy books so popular in that time period Piers Anthony s Apprentice Adept series Terry Brooks Landover Jack L Chalker s Dancing Gods series Stephen R Donaldson s Thomas Covenant Guy Gavriel Kay s Fionavar Tapestry Andre Norton s Witch World to name ones I read Hambly adds a refreshing touch in her trained historian s viewpoint as well as a fresher take on tired female tropes Ifou are looking for classic portal fantasy this is a great place to startGil Patterson a graduate student in medieval history is troubled by realistic dreams with a powerful aura of impending doom In one of the first dreams a weather beaten old man seems to see her and in a subseuent dream actually talks with her One night she wakes up and he is sitting at her kitchen table and Gil starts to believe The man named Ingold is a warrior and a wizard able to cross between the two worlds and is looking for an escape hatch for a special person from the growing terror of the Dark When Ingold arrives at a safehouse in the California desert he crosses paths with Rudy an artist trying to repair a broken down car Gil and Rudy choose to support Ingold and are drawn farther than they ever imaginedThe writing is vivid and does a nice job of creating the atmosphere of tension and danger World building was done well enough that I felt as if I was there From one of Gil s early dreams The wind from the house increased chilling her She edged her way back toward the dark gate feeling herself beginning to shiver her feet icy on the marble pavement The silence of the place was terrible even the screaming flight of that first night would have been welcome Then she had been in a crowd though unseen then she had not been alone Silent and terrible the lurker waited on the threshold of that dark house and she knew that she must flee for her life She would not be able to waken out of this dream she knew that she was already awake It was entertaining and I certainly read through to the end without my normal attention deficit skimming and I certainly read through to the end without my normal attention deficit skimming in reads that bore or annoy Mostly though plotting feels rather genre standard with some upgrades Magical old man full of portents undiscovered powers in the now world recruits uncanny progress adjusting to a new world political animosity between the lord and his brother a baby as savior selfish religious leaders the Dark coming to devour humanity etc Hambly avoids the MacGuffin of the journey back to the home world so she deserves kudos there Plotting was less world scale than I expected of a survivalist focus and while it doesn t leave a cliffhanger ending in the personal sense it is clear that the story is to be continuedCharacters are above average Although Gil is a loner of course she has a great deal of knowledge to draw from as well as her intuition Surprisingly however she finds her physical skills are the ones in demand a definite counter to stereotype Rudy comes from a family oriented hard scrabble background but works as an artist again a unusual take on the typical fantasy male stand in He s the one that develops his emotional and intuition which Gil takes on all new roles for herI wish I had found this series when it was first published in 1982 I would have loved it far than Brooks or Donaldson which were filled with misogyny even a teenage girl could recognize It s definitely accessible than Witch World which was. 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Similar to the Windrose Chronicles a oung educated woman from our world is thrust into a medieval world of magic and danger She a chance met biker named Rudy and the greatest magician of the realm travel together to defeat the mysterious Dark beings that are rapidly destroying life and civilization as they know it I really liked how aware some of the characters were that their society was teetering on the brink of losing its knowledge art and hard won cohesion The insightful were very afraid not only of the Dark but that they would be pushed back into the keeps that dotted the realm and stop prizing anything beyond survival Despite that consideration which I don t think I ve seen outside of the better Arthurian tales this was not a great book I wasn t interested in any of the main characters and I found The Dark far too nebulous to be threatening I first started reading Hambly by reading her fantasy Though this book was not one of the ones I first read As I got older I think in many ways her historical fiction is a bit better Just a bit Not that the fantasy is bad or anythingThe Time of the Dark does combine both history and fantasy Two people from our world cross the void into a fantasy world that is losing to the very very bad things One of those people Gil is getting her PhD in history and so we get the history prof s reaction to seeing well basically history Gil s experience is interesting because she at first seems special but then not and becomes something other than what My Bitchy Soulmate you will thinkThe other person Rudy is traditional and at times a bit annoying for he keeps referring to Gil as cold but I m not entirely sure why outside of the fact that she isn t his type While there are pretty of women supporting characters the women do not really talk to each other Which was strangeThe parts with the dark are really well done Unusual blend of fantasy and horror with two 80s contemporary characters persuaded to help in a last ditch struggle against Lovecraftian type monsters in another parallel world This series has it all magic warriors monsters edge of the seat suspense political struggles romance Flawed characters and the non obvious eg who ends up paired with whom I first read it a long time ago and have re read it a few times since latest re read August 2020 This is excellent fun a traditional portal fantasy of the sort I hadn t read inears As far as Hambly s books go I didn t love it to pieces like The Ladies of Mandrigyn it doesn t turn tropes on their heads like Dragonsbane and I doubt the characters will prove as memorable to me as in either of those books but it s an exciting adventure nonethelessThe book has a bit of a slow start as we meet two 20 somethings Gil a grad student and Rudy a motorcycle painter living in southern California But within a couple of chapters they are transported to the medieval world of Darwath which is under assault by amorphous beings known as the Dark This is a short book the start of a short trilogy and Hambly successfully cuts to the chase the Dark is not supposed to be a complex or comprehensible villain but rather to tap directly into primordial fears of the dark and the things that might be moving in it It s all about atmosphere and as the characters struggle to survive and fend off unknown attackers the atmosphere is excellentThe characters themselves are familiar archetypes though they get some respectable development that doesn t always follow the stereotypes Of the two protagonists she becomes a warrior on Darwath not Lichen Sclerosis: How to Heal It your typical character arc for a female nerd while he becomes a mage he has a romance while she doesn tet And their adventures are certainly gripping though to me the book loses some emotional resonance in following primarily Gil in the beginning but primarily Rudy toward the end as the stakes ramp up we re spending time with the character we know less well The plot while exciting also doesn t bear much critical scrutiny Why doesn t Ingold simply deposit Tir at
the keep on 
Keep on way back from Earth then go to Karst for everyone elseThat said this was a satisfying read and although the story is far from over there s still a solid conclusion here let that be a lesson to authors of series whose intermediate endings are determined by page count than story flow I would continue this series next time I m looking for fun escapism Barbara Hambly s books do things for me which very few fantasy authors do First she puts female characters in leading roles of strength intelligence and power Even other female authors tend to continue relegating women to roles as side interests to a story rather than the main starring role barbara hambly isn t afraid to do Barbara Hambly isn t afraid to do She also fleshes out her ladies with multiple character traits helping me to find bits and pieces of each one that I can empathize and relate to unlike most wooden one dimensional female roles This book does something else to me It celebrates and validates my love of thinking The main character in this story is a scholar Another main character is a wizard who makes it very clear early in the story that being a wizard is not about magic so much as it is a love of knowledge and deep abiding curiosity These are things I can relate to they are the best way to define who I am and how I try to live my life So instantly Barbara Hambly takes us nerds we geeks we vilified and sarcastically lampooned people and she makes us heroes In The Time of the Dark Barbara is not afraid to look at the deeper side of human nature philosophy sophistry and the meaning of civilization in terms which are easy to follow but deeper than the Marianas Trench if Irish Paganism you re willing to go where she leadsou Another thing the Time of the Dark does which very few novels ever do for me any is it surprises me Whenever I feel I have a handle on the rules of this world the general gist of the plot lines and even the sub plot lines Barbara Hambly will throw Kojiki you a surprise hairpin corkscrew turn in the road thatou never saw coming Personally I love it when an author can surprise me So many of the books I read for entertainment come off as so cliche d and predictable that I tend to The Ultimate EU Test Book Administrators 2020 yawn my way through them Not Barbara Hambly She ll takeou in directions Comprendre et grer les conflits dans les entreprises et les organisations you don t expect Reading a novel about magic Betou didn t expect the laws of physics to show up Watching a civilization be destroyed How about that ama. The Times of Isral | Les informations sur Isral le The Times of Isral est le meilleur site destin vous tenir au courant des informations lire des dossiers commenter des blogs en direct et bien plus encore sur Isral le Moyen Orient The World Clock Worldwide Time and Date World time and date for cities in all time zones International time right now Takes into account all DST clock changes Timeis exact time any time zone Timeis automatically displays the time in Islamic Dynasties A Chronological and Genealogical Handbook Islamic Surveys your time zone by usingour IP address to detect our location Your IP address is Your detected TIME The Most Influential People of | TIME These are TIME’s most influential pioneers leaders titans artists and icons of I've Had The Time of My Life Wikipdia I've Had The Time of My Life est une chanson chante par Bill Medley et Jennifer Warnes en Elle a t crite par Franke Previte Donald Markowitz et John DeNicola Elle fait partie de la bande sonore originale du film Dirty Dancing En le groupe de hip hop amricain The Black Eyed Peas reprend la chanson I've Had The Time of My Life sous le nom de The Time Dirty Bit The Time of Our Lives album Wikipdia The Time of Our Lives est le premier EP de la chanteuse amricaine Miley Cyrus avec son propre nom de scne L'album est sorti en France le novembre Have the time of life Idioms by The Free Dictionary Definition of have the time of life in the Idioms Dictionary have the time of life phrase What does have the time of life expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary What does have the time of life expression mean? TIME | Current Breaking News | National World Breaking news and. ,
The Time of the Dark