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Ty inhabitable planetoids A task which is out of his "Job Really Nevertheless An Order Is An Order Especially "scope really an order is an order especially a small fry like him there s no room to wiggle out of this absurd mission to check out an alien planet without any backup other than the company of his smart ass AI Computer Charlie Fat load of help it was Though Charlie did provide some comic relief to tone down the eeriness of that planet One can t get. Nature broadcasting from the rock Marcus feels funny about it; something isn't right On the rock he finds an alien airlock deep inside a cave and beyond it is an insatiably lustf. HuhWell that was interestingThe concept "s pretty interesting The story s short though and like teaser with profuse tentacle porn This could easily be "pretty interesting story s short though and like a teaser with profuse tentacle porn This could easily be into a My favorite of the three stories included in the collection along with Natural and Push It Altogether ite well written additions to the tentacle sex genre 3 stars plusMarcus a Scout Pilot Class IV was ordered to investigate a distress signal from an rus. Captain Marcus Ransom is awakened from an 8 month long hypersleep But he's not home Instead he's en route to a small planetoid on company orders there's a distress signal alien in. a distress signal alien in.

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Eat It Harder #1Ul alien tentacle organismThis hot 7400 word short depicts graphic and extreme gay alien sex Marcus is at the alien's mercy but what exactly does the creature want from .