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Having endorsed the covert policy of supporting a Kurdish revolt in northern Ira between 1974 and 1975 with deniable assistance also provided by Israel and the Shah of Iran Kissinger made it plain to his subordinates that the Kurds were not to be allowed to win but were to be employed for their nuisance value alone they were not to be value alone They were not to be that this was the case but soon found out when the Shah and Saddam Hussein composed their

and American aid to Kurdistan cut off Hardened CIA hands went to Kissinger for an aid programme for the many thousands of Kurdish refugees who were thus abruptly created The apercu of the day was foreign policy should not he confused with missionary work Saddam Hussein heartily concurred Christopher Hitchens They d lived in a country that was run by a butcher That did not make them butchers In fact they were just the opposite Jan Coffey The Janus Effect The whole course of human history may depend on a change of heart in one solitary and even humble individual for it is in the solitary mind and soul of the individual that the battle between ood and evil is waged and ultimately won or lost M Scott PeckIn 1988 with the full might of the US Government and the force of the Regan White House behind him Saddam Hussain facilitated what was known as The Anfal Campaign Named for the eighth sura or chapter of the ur an Saddam s Anfal was a mammoth campaign of civic annihilation displacement and mass killing Saddam tapped his cousin Ali Hassan al Majid a man well known for his brutality to take charge of northern Ira Al Majid uickly deployed military resources to in his words solve the Kurdish problem and slaughter the saboteurs He ordered Irai aircraft to drop poison The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, gas on PUK and KDP targets and civilian villages killing thousands indiscriminately The Irai regime had become the first in history to attack its own civilian population with chemical weapons Al Majid came to be known as Chemical Ali There were eight Anfal attacks in all each following a similar pattern First air attacks dropped chemical weapons on both civilian and peshmerga targets Nextround troops surrounded the villages looting and setting fire to homes Then townspeople were herded into army trucks and taken to holding facilities the largest being Topzawa an army camp near Kirkuk At these camps men and boys deemed old enough to carry a weapon were separated from women the elderly and young children Routinely and uniformly these men and boys were taken to remote sites executed in The Selected Poems groups and dumped into pre dug massraves Many women and children were also executed especially those from areas that supported the Kurdish resistance Dave Johns The Crimes of Saddam Hussein 1988 The Anfal CampaignWhen the dust chemicals and biological weapons had settled 90 percent of Kurdish villages had essentially been wiped off the map and the countryside was strewn with mass raves and with land mines to discourage resettlement The response from the international community was muted as many nations including the United States had supported Hussein with money and arms during the Iran Ira war Half of writing history is hiding the truth Joss Whedon Mutant EnemyOne of the worst of these attacks was against the city of Halabja a peaceful working class Kurdish city Al Majid ordered the destruction of the city with chemical and biological weapons including mustard as nerve My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA gasses such as sarin VX and hydrogen cyanide and a new unidentifiedas that made people crazy they tore off their clothes laughed for a while and then dropped dead Around 8000 died immediately Overall hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Kurdistan were slaughtered without pity And yet what do we the American People know of the atrocities committed by our overnment in our insane uest for cheap oil Out of this wasteland of indiscriminate death and destruction begins The Janus Effecti one of the strongest novels I have ever read Utilizing strong research close ties with the people of Kurdistan and a depth of personal compassion that is unmatched Nikoo Jim McGoldrick writing as Jan Coffey have written a novel that deserves to be on every person s reading list And yes you really should read it not just let it sit there and look pretty on the shelf This is an amazing and horrifying story that will send chills up your back and make you think long and hard about the meaning and reality of true evilIn the middle of nowhere Maine something has. Sudden unexplained deaths marked by rapid decomposition are occurring across the US When ,

The Deadliest Strain

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Is was some kind of post apocalyptic fiction but instead it was a romance mixed with Kurdistan propagandaIt was bad in every way The plot was crappy at best So basically there is some kind of virus that kills very uickly and jumps pretty uickly between persons There is not a hint of how it happens but a person which is behind bars for a lot of time might help Thus enter our main protagonist that in a couple of minutes already makes her talk when in the previous Thus enter our main protagonist that in a couple of minutes already makes her talk when in the previous years she said no word Then he discovers pretty uickly that she wasn t the person who they thought she was What a crapFrom this moment on it begins a romance and he totally believe hers 5m of knowing her which her colleagues and agency say that she was the maker of colleagues and agency say that she was the maker of chemicals weapons how this uy works for the agency How Nine Ghosts gully is heThen for 200 pages we receive chapter after chapter some people in the usa who are dying or someovernment Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia guy being useless OR the travel of the lovebirds searching for her sister to save USA USA USAIn the end it really doesn t matter because she and her sister and he don t do anything at all and all is save accidently a bit deus ex machina CRAPPYWhat I learn from this book Trust everyone even if everyone and everything points that heshe is a mass murderer USA as a bunch of uselessovernment people Kurdistan people are victims Irai are murderers and everyone else for that matters I learn uite a lotCrappy useless time I had higher hopes for this book I enjoy a شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى good disease ridden pandemic be it man made nature run astray on purpose or accidental However this book kind of lacked overall and I m fuzzy on exactly how this deadly strain was created take one part real disease and one part packaging error And this wasn t picked up on during the trial testing by the FDA The story jumped back and forth on points of view between those with the disease very briefly those at home fighting it somewhat those overseas searching for a scientist somewhat and the history of the Middle East their wars people and atrocities lots of info There was even the hint of a budding romance Ho hum I often forgot what the plot was oh yeah flesh eating disease Good thriller The plot definitely kept me reading Outbreaks of contagious necrotising fasciitis are popping up all over America usually with only a handful of deaths There is no apparent connection between the victims and the disease kills in hours An epidemiologist working for Homeland Security is sent to a military prison in Afghanistan to seek information from a woman who worked in a chemical lab in Ira under Saddam Hussein s regime But all is not as it seemsThe book jumps around between narratives in the Middle East and the US as well as shorter narratives by short lived characters who come into contact with the disease The sections set in Ira and Iran focused much on the history of Kurdistan and the atrocities suffered during Saddam s years in power than on chasing down a treatment for the disease This in itself was fascinating But there were times when it would jump to a chapter about another body being found and I do Oh RIGHT Plague thingyThat said I thoroughly enjoyed it The various narratives fit together well and it s easy to relate to the characters There were numerous similarities to the world today America is under the leadership of its first African American president the war in Afghanistan is dragging on etc etc The story was fast paced and filled with intrigue My one issue with it would be that the reason behind the outbreak is left unresolved Yes they discover how people were becoming infected But nothing than that Despite that I liked this book a lot An entertaining thriller In what appears to be a terrorist attack outbreaks of a deadly flesh eating disease strikes America The only hope to stop it rests with the Irai biochemist believed responsible for creating the strain in the first place But how can American officials et someone they ve held prisoner for years in a ve held prisoner for years in a black site to cooperate As the President of the United States has to deal with deaths and mounting panic on the other side of the world an American scientist and an Irai scientist have to try and work together to solve the crises despite their culture differences and lack of trust I don t like spoilers so I won t ive anything away but I can recommend this book without reservation This is a very well written story with enough twists and turns to keep you reading into the night. St o to extraordinary lengths to defend America even to the extent of resurrecting the dea. Happened Something horrific unbelievable and frightening beyond words Two families have arrived on a small coastal island for a summer vacation Within a matter of hours small coastal island for a summer vacation Within a matter of hours are all dead and rotting with unimaginable speed Soon those that find the bodies are also dead Ten fatalities within hours rotted beyond recognition Only one aspect is possibly familiar A strand of bacteria found in a bombed out lab in Ira in one aspect is possibly familiar A strand of bacteria found in a bombed out lab in Ira in shows many of the same constituents of this new deadly killer And to learn about that bacteria what it is and how it is developed Austyn Newman is traveling to Afghanistan to the infamous Brickyard Prison there to uestion the one person who may have answers the scientist who developed the bacteria in Sadaam s laboratories Traded between various black prisons for the past five years Dr Rahaf Banaz has been lost in a system of total isolation a host with no record no rights and having never been charged with or convicted of a crime uestioned tortured and finally left to rot Newman finds his uarry in a hole in the Brickyard cramped into a cell so small she cannot even stand Starved shaved bald and with only a filthy blanket she is indeed a Arabian Challenge ghost of a human being And she is he believes upon meeting her something else as well She may not even be Dr Banaz As the story unfolds Newman and Dr Banaz Dr Fahimah Banaz Rahaf s sister who has taken Rahaf s place in prison in order to allow her to continue her medical relief work travel from the Brickyard at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan through the ruins of cities and the beauty of the stark mountain landscape to the city of Kermanshah Iran in search of Rahaf in search of answers And during their travels we learn too of the atrocities of sadistic politicians both Eastern and Western the horrors of the victims of war and the lengths humans willo to in order to destroy one another for power money and lory And also Also the lengths that humans will o to in order to save and protect those they love And even those they do not know This is a powerful story Thriller suspense medical thriller history it s all there wrapped up in a story to break any thinking person s heart Lies and deception truth and brutal honesty and above all the agony of a people forgotten s heart Lies and deception truth and brutal honesty and above all the agony of a people forgotten off by a culture that cares not for those who are crushed under the weight of a brutal sadistic war machine With heartbreaking twists at the end this story written from the outlook of someone who loves the country and its people should be honored for both it s excellence and heart Lies and secrets Tessa they are like a cancer in the soul They eat away what is Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students good and leave only destruction behind Cassandra Clare Clockwork PrinceI received this book from StoryCartelcom in return for a realistic review I highly recommend that you read it The book I read was a proof It is now totally edited and beautifully done This book is an amazing example of the uality artistry that is Jan Coffey s work It is very much a journey through a world very much like our with war and just simply trying to survive It is as I come to expect from MsCoffey well written and developed characters and plots that are true to life experiences I have hence read this one two times since my first read and still love it Enjoyable medical mystery A veryood book The Janus Effect is a ILLERAMMA Kathalu good read It is interesting with a well developed story line The characters are realistic and believable Knowing very little of Kurdistan recent history I found the ravaging of this country appalling under Saddam s rule in Ira A description of current conditions in Afghanistan reveals the futility of the U S presence in this country Fahimah is a believable and admirable character and elicitsenuine concern on the part of the reader for her situationThe indicated U S treatment of her is a sorry example of this country s persistent paranoia regarding terrorism danger Holding anyone without trial is inexcusable under any situation The lack of adeuate testing of the Strep Tester is a soft jab at the Drug Companies and their shoddy practicesOn the down side the book focuses too much on describing actions of the military and Government leaders Those chapters read like another terrible Tom Clancy text The ending is too abrupt leaving some unresolved threads What happened to Fahimah How was the disease finally resolved Did Fahimah and Austyn American Literature Student Text get together Looks like we might beetting set up for a seuel What a crappy book I thought th. Flesh eating microbe is identified naturally bioterrorism is suspected Homeland Security mu.

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