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N he can make his case or her to love and be with him Lynley and Havers work together very well in this one and their dynamic is solidLynley is solid in this one He is still thinking of Helen but not to the detriment of the case He and Havers play off each other very well And then Lynley sees a way to see Helen and involve her sister in the case which at irst I was kind of rolling my eyes about However we come to realize why Helen s sister Pen is a good woman to have involved in thisHelen is still reluctant to be with Lynley Living with her sister who is suffering rom post partum but also her loss of self due to her husband and his demands one does not wonder why she s reluctant to be with Lynley and be his wife I kept hoping someone would smash her brother in law s head in Havers I Natural Blonde felt the most sorryor in this one She s doing great with not letting things that people say to her bother her She s not as ragile in this one I think However she s running out of time to decide what to do with her mother Hopefully in the Next Book That S book that s to rest The secondary characters we ollow Sarah Gordon who inds Elena s body Elena s ather who is hoping to be named Chair at the college her stepmother Justine who resents body Elena s Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda father who is hoping to be named Chair at the college her stepmother Justine who resents and a lot of other things in her marriage Elena s embittered mother several men who loved and were in turnsrustrated with her I think that it was good to get a sense of Elena at the beginning and to see why she was pretty much a chameleon with everyone she met She was always something else depending on the audience I don t want to spoil or other readers but I definitely wonder what would have happened if Elena had livedThe writing was very good I do think that the low was slow at times I wondered why we spent time with certain characters it becomes clear after a while though why we didThe setting of the college is a bit different than the boy s school we saw in Well Schooled in Murder This place doesn t seem dark and ull of secretsThe ending was definitely a surprise We ind out who killed Elena and why We
Also Finally Hopefully Get 
finally hopefully get end to that whole thing with Lady Helen one way or the other It has distracted If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song from the main mysteriesor me Elizabeth George dubs her genre literary mystery For The Sake Of Elena 1992 observes viewpoints of life in spades jazz painting and one s art as a lifeline We poignantly meet Helen s post partum depressed sister Penelope who worked at an art gallery She reveals Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford feeling like a baby machine until there is no self or partnership Her husband can t handle their harried home no matter how much help Penelope and the children need We cheer when Thomas interests Penelope in a case and she sticks her husband with their kids while she leaves to x ray a paintingI came to three starsirst because the motive Ready for Summer for murder was ridiculous including the choice of victim Secondly however enlightening the variety of profound viewpoints were their number diluted theocus and the story thus lost its clat It is okay to give this magnificent authoress three stars Elizabeth normally receives Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech four andive stars A coerência textual from me She has many books most recently a writing tutorial that I must haveThis novel isor ans wanting personal updates of Thomas Helen Barbara and Simon We get to the root of why Helen doesn t want to risk trying a relationship with Thomas who is self reliant Is marriage successful if we cannot live without the other or is it best to love without needing each other Barbara tenderly settles her Mom with dementia into a home they can trust The neighbour who used to watch Mrs Havers terrified her with a vacuum cleaner Therefore poor handling of the elderly is demonstratedI loved learning that there is a difference between Deaf communities capital D with the deaf handicap small d Where they see themselves informs their attitudes about it Is it better to resemble the norm by lip reading and speaking or to embrace non hearing culture. Ander Schuld und bedingungsloser Liebe in einer akademischen Männerwelt in der Frauen einen schweren Stand haben und bisweilen in Gefahr gerat. .
Derer s POV uite early on without knowing that they re the murderer and when the big reveal comes and you go back and that they re the murderer and when the big reveal comes and you go back and that initial section Yeah it doesn t make any goddamn sense Those are not the thoughts of someone who has just bludgeoned a young woman to death they re not even the carefully edited thoughts of a person who has just committed murder I m all or unreliable narrators but that bald Dogs Behaving Badly faced lying shit only works in theirst person George was *in third person she was essentially tapping *third person limited She was essentially tapping this character s stream of consciousness and the level of denial that would have had to be present First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There for that person to think that way was just NOT characteristic of their later thoughts and actions Sloppy George EXTREMELY SLOPPYSo itails plot wise and it s also horribly ableist not to mention homophobic Basically Elena s parents spent her entire life thinking that she was somehow lesser or having been born deaf I m not complaining about that because unfortunately that does happen I am complaining about the act that at one point her dad goes off on a rant about why couldn t she just be NORMAL and George essentially says that there s no crime in April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers feeling that way that the only crime is in runningrom itNOW HOLD UPNo it isn t a crime to eel that way because all of society is TELLING you to eel that way and people are only human But the only crime being running away Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome from it Bullshit BULLSHIT The crime is holding onto thoseeelings and making your daughter pay or them by not letting her learn sign language until outside authorities orce you to The crime is in making her suffer so that you can eel normal Because when it comes right down to it you don t care about her and whether she s itting in you care about the Space Kid fact that by notitting in she s making you stick outdeep breath Okay MOVING ONGeorge also tried to tackle the desire of people in marginalized groups to belong completely to larger society and of course she screwed the pooch on that one too Her portrayal of marginalized people who have rejected mainstream culture in Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town favor of their own is stereotyped in the extreme she has some sympathyor the Deaf Student club member who was riends with Elena but when she briefly touches on lesbianism in a side plot Oh holy heaven The good lesbian is the girl who eels bad about hurting her parents by coming out and who Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water fantasizes about having a heterosexual relationship the bad lesbian manipulates her girlfriend into coming out by using sex refuses to let her girlfriend give information to the police because she illogically thinks it will endanger them and then runsor the hills when another student is murdered Oh and she s the one constantly harping on gay identity and how in a Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus few years we won t even need menor sperm anyyeahRecommended Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse for OH HOLY CHRIST SAVE YOURSELVES BEFORE IT S TOO LATE RUN RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN Wow I really really liked this one a lot I have to say that George did a masterful job of peeling off the layers of who murdered Elena Weaver as well as how Lynley has been selfish in his pursuit of Lady Helen We also get a great look at Havers home life now that herather has passed Havers struggles with whether she can keep having a neighbor watch her mother or Troubled Waters finally have her mother at a home where she can be safe and Havers can have some sort of lifeFor the Sake of Elena has Scotland Yard called in when a young woman Elena Weaver isound murdered during her morning run Elena was a student at St Stephen s College and had some rocky times at school and with her ather and their relationship When she s ound murdered it ends up not only affecting her ather mother and stepmother but many people who all seemed to think that they knew the real ElenaLynley volunteers to go in after Scotland Yard is reuested to oversee things Havers and she go to Cambridge Lynley happily because Lady Helen is there with her sister and he thinks once agai. Hst rätselhaft Doch je tiefer Lynley und seine Assistentin in den Fall eindringen um so dichter wird das Geflecht aus alschem Stolz uneingest. ,
Waiting till after buddy read to rate For a long time I really liked Elizabeth George but eventually her plots became taxing than I was willing to readkind of bizarre This one was the irst I ever read and I really liked it this time much less so It can be uite inevitable that some American writes writing about England or the UK make some glaring errors that constantly irritate and this is oneThe issue of upper class titles is one that always seems to cause confusion throughout the series Helen is inevitably referred to as Lady Helen which is her own hereditary title However she would not be referred to as that especially among her peers she should have just been Helen Conversely her sister is never referred TO AS LADY WHEN SHE HAS AN EUAL RIGHT as Lady when she has an eual right be so so the author is inconsistent and there is my irritation Using the title also unctions to distance Helen and make her into a stereotypeAnd stereotypes are all over the place the common working class girl Tommy the landed aristocrat who works or the police slightly need to stretch to believe in that one everyone in act
Becomes A Stereotype Of 
a stereotype of the author expects him or her to be Not always a bad thing but can be annoying The lesbian couple where one half is a drama ueen and the other is pushed around by that The grown ups in the piece behave alarmingly badly and provide stereotypes of their ownOn the plus side the issue of deafness is airly well dealt with there are deaf people have a disability and Deaf people who have embraced their deafness and don t try to hide it This is a real issue Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, from my having worked in that community Elena is presented as caught between the two and is a deaf girl who is proficient at hiding it whereas her parents are almost embarrassed by her deficiency Thus sheeels angry and wants to punish them Bon Bon Voyage for the perceived rejection doing this by promiscuity It is suggested she is using this as a way of saying look at me I am well accepted here just like a hearing girl Theather his 3 women and his driving ambition leads him to losing his daughter as a revenge or something he destroyed or one of them there is some discussion about whether that loss is similar to him losing his child uite appropriate but the events seemed a little barmy and the eventual perpetrator had clearly lost some part of her mind None of the ather or the 3 women came across as at all likeable Elena dead though she was did incite some compassion and seemed a airly whole person unlike pretty much everyone elseThese books are mainly readable but I have lost aith in the writer The plot is thus Elena Weaver a student of English at Cambridge gets her ace smashed in while out A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency for her morning run Scotland Yard is called in because of blah blah plot contrivance blah Anyway Elena was deaf and this is a MAJOR DEAL TO LIKE EVERYONE SHE KNEW Her parents wouldn t let her learn how to sign until she was in her teens because they wanted her to live a normal life herriend rom the campus Deaf Student Group gave her shit because she didn t embrace Deaf culture as whole heartedly as he thought she should have everyone always referred to her as that little deaf girl etc Basically the poor kid couldn t get a moment s peace about it Also apparently the British have never met Political Correctness and would not give it tea and sandwiches if they hadAs to why someone would want to kill Elena well Her stepmom hated her or being the center of her Ravishing Ruby father s life herriend rom the student group had plenty of reasons to be displeased with her none of which I shall reveal here because they re spoilery she was pregnant she was having an affair with a married guy she d accused a Swede of sexual harassmentyou get the point She might as well have had a giant KILL ME ALREADY sign taped to her backNow I think this book ailed on two levels irst and most importantly to the craftspeople among you it ails because George Old Yeller fucking cheats You get the mur. Inspector Lynleysünfter Fall Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer führt ihn an die ehrwürdige Universität Cambridge Eine Studentin wurde ermordet und ihr Tod erscheint zunäc.

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