EBOOK or KINDLE (دايرة المعارف هنر Encyclopedia of Art) BY رویین پاکباز

Black and white and 160 images It is divided into one main section and Three Appendices Each appendices each of which in alphabetical order 1999 1378 1033 9645545412 1379 1381 1386 1387 20. ?یخ شناسیچهار پیوست 2 مضمون شناسیپیوست 3 واژه نامهشش فرست مدخل های ویژه ی ایرا. ,

دايرة المعارف هنر Encyclopedia of ArtPassage this book 5 very gooood Encyclopedia of Art Ruyin PakbazThe Encyclopedia of Art is book written ruyin pakbaz and published in written by Ruyin Pakbaz published in Publications in Contemporary Cu. دایره المعارف هنر نقاشی، پیکره سازی، گرافیكسخن ناشرپیش گفتارراهنمای بهره گ?. ,

Lture The primary subjects of the book painting sculpting and graphic design while pottery calligraphy music And Architecture Are Also Discussed The Encyclopedia 2855 Entries architecture are also discussed The encyclopedia has 2855 entries 844. ?ری از دایرة المعارفیک بدنه دایرة المعارف الف تا یدو تصاویر رنگیسه پیوست 1 تا?.

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