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As I ve written in my reviews of Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion Dan Simmons is trying to melt my brainAfter weeks of medical treatment and therapy I ve recovered enough to be rolled out to a sunny spot in my wheel chair with a nurse to wipe the drool from my chin Despite the doctors warnings about continued exposure to Hyperion I ve gone ahead and read the third book in the series Endymion While there are still monumentally big sci fi ideas in this story I think that my earlier encounters have allowed me to build up some resistance to Simmons I got through this one and only went blind in my right eye and Dollywood Presents Tennessee Mountain Home Cooking lost all sense of smell but no coma this time It s hard to summarize this without giving up too much away It s about 250 years after the events of theast book and we re introduced to Raul Endymion a young man with a checkered job history who is saved from death by a familiar character Raul is asked by this person to find and protect a young girl Aenea from the forces of the Catholic Church who want to capture her Aenea had been sent forward in time via one of the Time Tombs on Hyperion and the Church wants her captured immediately for unknown reasons The Church seized political and military power by using the parasitic cruciforms handily shaped In a Glass Grimmly like crosses that can resurrect a person from death to offer everlastingife to those who toe the Church s New Directions in American Intellectual History line Raul had refused to bow to Church authority and accept the cruciform so he s an outcast and seemsike a good candidate to keep the mysterious Aenea out of their hands However the Church has sent the devout Father Captain Fredrico de Soya to capture the girl With the help of the android A Bettik and the intervention from the deadly entity known as the Shrike Raul and Aenea escape and begin a journey between worlds that is supposed to enable her to fulfill the destiny the Church is terrified ofThis book is an interstellar chase story with the dedicated de Soya hot on the heels of the fugitives as they run from planet to planet De Soya was one of my favorite parts of this book He s dedicated and African Immigrant Families in the United States: Transnational Lives and Schooling loyal to the Church but he s also very decent man He s so committed to the hunt that he makes Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitiveook The House of Saulx-Tavanes: Versailles and Burgundy, 1700-1830 like a crybaby uitter De Soya has an incredibly fast pursuit ship but every jaunt between worlds kills him and turns his body to jellyeaving his cruciform to resurrect him It s an incredibly dangerous and horrible experience but de Soya doesn t blink as he repeatedly turns himself into paste to get closer to Aenea There s enough gooey sci fi goodness The Bodhisattva's Brain : Buddhism Naturalized like space travel time travel alien monsters and cyborg killers to keep the most demanding geek fan boy happy And all of this moves the overarching story of Hyperion towards it s ultimate conclusion I just hope I canive through the next book Stop If you ve read Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion stop there The series does not continue Pretend Dark Tapestry (Colin and Leora Mysteries) like these two books endymion and rise of endymion do not exist On the other hand if you haven t read hyperion go read it It s great Really good One of my favorite books Amazing But endymion takes a huge step down After Fall of Hyperion you re probably hungry for but trust me it just has to stay that way Some of the mysteries just have to beeft as mysteries Endymion and Rise of Endymion are not worth it But Hyperion is awesome Pretty big etdown after the first 2 books in this series This book had none of the tension mystery or brilliant world building of the first one and none of the complex military and political shenanigans of the second The first half to 23 of this book was especially slow and although it picked up a bit towards the end still wasn t enough to redeem it Hoping that the fourth book picks the series up again in a big wayThe start of this book was really frustrating and slow with ots of bad stuff being piled on the protagonist in fact it reminded a bit of this who I

didn t really 
t really about His reactions to such terrible and unexpected events seemed underwhelming Having read the Riyria preuels just before starting this I had been hoping for some Royce style fucking people up on a revenge mission but he pretty much completely forgot about the whole thing This was a recurring them with the central characters of this book They just didn t capture my interest or even sympathy Aenea was a typical precocious 12 year old Bettik boring as fuck and De Soya was eually dull and his complete devotion to the obviously shady Catholic Church was really frustrating The secondary characters were uite a bit better fortunately This would have been a much better read if they had been prominent Silenus from the first books returned and was as foul mouthed and ridiculous as ever Cardinal Lourdusamy was a menacing presence when he appeared Father Glaucus was a warm and sympathetic and the swole tunnel dwelling midgets you read that right had a really intriguing and uniue culture establishedWhich brings me to world building I had really been ooking forward to the world in this one The world building in the first 2 was among the most vivid and uniue I ve read and I was really ooking forward to seeing how the events of the second book would effect the inter planetary society that humanity had built view spoiler I expected a cool Dark Ages type of set up with pockets of civilization struggling to survive after being isolated by the downfall of the farcasters instead the rise of the Pax had pretty much restored society to what it was in the first 2 books hide spoiler In the faraway year of 3126 the 32nd century things have regressed in a remote corner of the Milky Way Galaxy some two hundred seventy four after the fall of the a remote corner of the Milky Way Galaxy some two hundred seventy four after the fall of the Empire a young man is sentenced to death on the once prosperous planet Hyperion were he was born for a crime that was in actuality self defense Raul Endymion a hunting guide was very angry understandably at a rich spoiled jerk he and his friends disobeyed safety rules endangering him and others firing wildly missing the flying ducks but killing his best friend a four egged animal his beloved dog Throwing the idiot out of his boat and into the filthy swamp ater Raul barely escaping with his own Okinawa: The Last Battle of World War II life the gunman was seeking revenge shooting at him instead the would be assassin is killed After a hasty kangaroo trial conviction authorities here need the financial benefits hunters bring from the off worlds and the former shepherd in childhood awakes the day after his executionit had been faked bribes paid and the confused Raul Endymion is taken to the deserted city of Endymion his family took that name for themselves The famous poet who wrote Cantos Martin Silenus now forbidden to be readives on an abandoned university campus by the new rulers the Pax greatly influenced by a new Christian Church is still alive modern medicine has preserved the 1000 year old he The GI Bride looks awful though wrinkles over his whole body faint weak voice the carcass cannot walk aiving fossil from the distant past of old ong gone Earth Martin has an impossible mission save his niece Aenea a ate friend s daughter from being eliminated by the Pax and the Church the 12 year old will be a threat to them in the future she is some kind of enigmatic messiah arriving soon in the Time Tombs where the killing machine the unstoppable The Shrike s home is ocated but has not been seen for centuriesA flying carpet right out of an Arabian Nights fantasy will greatly help Raul and his new companion Silenus s former servant the blue man A Bettik well partly human but human than many humanoids A arge ethal Pax Army awaits the duo but so does The Shrike unbelievable carnage springs out of the Valley of Death thousands perish a miracle occurs and the three now Aenea joins the party flee in the vast confusio. В „Ендимион“ Дан Симънс решава много от отдавна неразгаданите въпроси поставени в „Хиперион“ и „Падането на Хиперион“ и предлага предизвикателни нови мистерии които все още очакват своя. ,

EndymionIences and wind up in a good place to set up the next book Rise of EndymionAs engaging as I found Aenea and her people s travels on the raft I somehow found the bad guys de Soya and the rest to be a interesting cast de Soya was efficient but conflicted and I almost found myself rooting for the poor cruciform bearing bastardDon t The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, let all the negative reviews steer you away All franchisesose some steam by the third installment At The Selected Poems least there were no Ewoks in it For fans of the first two books Endymion is not to be missed Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion are two books fans of science fictioniterature should not miss They are exciting mind blowing beautiful A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent lyrical and thought provoking The first volume Hyperion is often ranked as one of the top ten greatest sci fi books ever That said I read The Fall of Hyperion in November 2012 and only got around to reading Endymion almost two yearsater I am too easily influenced by reviews or readers comments and while Endymion tend to be positively reviewed than negative it is clearly much My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA less popular than the first two books of the Hyperion Cantos I remember someone said that Endymion isike a bad fanfic of Hyperion it is not and that was very off putting Still I never did remove it from my TBR and eventually I am in the mood for it and here we are I know who cares right But I have to start the review somehow and rambling is usually my The Book of Leviathan launch pad of choice Endymion is set than 200 years after the event of The Fall of Hyperion By then the Cantos written by the foulmouthed poet Martin Silenus has already become the stuff ofegend and an infamous banned book The book begins with a frame story of the semi eponymous Raul Endymion writing from some kind of high tech solitary satellite prison While he is awaiting his imminent demise by cyanide poisoning he is spending his Nine Ghosts last days regaling usucky readers with the story of his adventures with a girl called Aenea who will one day become a messiah of some kind Aenea is the daughter of the wonderful Brawne Lamia the female detective from the first two volumes of the series and the John Keats cybrid artificial human The book basically concerns Aenea s journey with Endymion and an android named ABettik via a series of farcasters teleportation portals There is also a parallel plot strand of a group of military agents hunting them down Much adventure ensues Unlike the first two volumes of the Cantos this book is fairly straightforward in structure and narrative style It is basically a chase from beginning to end I can understand why some people find it disappointing after having read the previous two books the classic Hyperion especially The tone is very different Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia less poetic andyrical the profundity is not there One of the most remarkable things about the first Hyperion book is that Dan Simmons did a kind of virtuoso performance by writing in several different styles of sci fi subgenres and other genres including space opera hard sf soft sf military sf cyberpunk hard boiled crime fiction and even شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى literary fiction The different narrative styles also combine beautifully into an excellent and cohesive story Endymion is not so ambitious the prose style in this book is much utilitarian apart from the odd snippets of poetry here and there it is of course very well written one thing you can count on from Simmons Personally I am fine with Endymion sess The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) literary style as it means the author is not repeating himselfThe world building and sci fi tech of Endymion is as great as the previous books My personal favorite is the archangel ships which have faster thanight capability but at a slight drawback of violently killing all the occupants of the ship who are Riding Hard later automatically resurrected in cr ches with the aid of the Cruciform parasite from the first Hyperion novel in tandem with some mysterious technology Unfortunately for the humans farcasters are all disabled by the TechnoCore a sort of AI overlords so if you want FTL travel you would have to accept being flattened and suished into a paste then resurrectedater and also have a horrid parasite permanently attached to your chestCharacterization is uite strong again an expectation I have of Simmons books though the characters here are not as colorful as those the from the previous Hyperion volumes All the central characters here are believable and sympathetic and the dialogue rings true with the occasional bits of humour My favorite character being A Bettik an android who is humble oyal brave and unfailingly polite of course Even though an android is not a robot A Bettik reminds me of Asimov s R Daneel Olivaw from The Naked Sun and several other of his classic robot novelsThe plot and pacing are very good on the whole though the chapters from the military agent Captain de Soya s point of view tend to drag a ittle The thrilling climax toward the end of the book is monumentally kickass though edge of the seat stuff featuring The Shrike who is as sharp as ever and an adversary who is worthy of going toe to toe with him The final volume of the Cantos The Rise of Endymion is generally very highly rated Can t wait45 stars half a star knocked off for a few dull chapters This is a disappointing fall for Dan SimmonsEndymion is a tedious and ultimately pointless sci fi chase novel that recycles rather than expands the concepts from Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion Simmons starts by resetting the environment it is 247 years ater and the reader no onger knows anything about anything A bunch of travellers have to go on another journey of even obscure purpose because one of them has dreams a completely unexplained plot contrivance They are pursued by a new and one dimensional galaxy spanning organisation modelled on the Catholic church how original I would describe it as a story detached from Hyperion but I can t say for sure because it ends before anything happens but not before subjecting me to an extended dreary travelogue that gave me flashbacks to Tad William s idiotic Otherland series and the Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students late Robert Jordan s excruciatingly described neverending Wheel of Time treksI found the characters incredibly annoying the narrator is not only ineffectual he is prone to fits of hyperbole and enervating navel gazing the heroine is a badly sketched teenager who attracts dei ex machinaike flies and the pursuer is one of those annoyingly naive idealists despite the fact he is supposed to be a hardened soldier and an implacable foe The Shrike once a figure of dread and horror is trotted out whenever the protagonists get themselves into trouble as a kind of plot crowbar and in a dunderheaded reversal the invincible killing machine works to help them out of tight spotsHyperion worked as a partial story because of the interesting concepts and the steady revelation of the concepts and the steady revelation of the and situation In Endymion there are but a handful of new concepts and almost no movement in the derivative and contrived storyline We ve seen it all before and better executed besidesSimmons has a tendency to tell rather than demonstrate it s a problem prevalent and harder to avoid in the genre but when he says that the Pax is far powerful than the Hegemony I can t help but compare those few words with the scale and scope of the entity that had been sketched over two books and shake my head Another common sci fi problem present here Is The Needless Technicality Of the needless technicality of metaphors non technical situations are described via science heavy references that break the flow of proseThe only reason to read Endymion would be to get to The Rise of Endymion unfortunately this is ike jumping into the frying pan in order to jump in the fire as the final book is just as bad Stop after the Fall of Hyperion and think of the Endymion books as juvenile non canon fanfiction. Шрайка И най непреодолимата от всички как посланието на Енея ще промени вселената завинаги ако тя промени вселената завинаги ако тя поиска да го съобщи и ако човечеството е готово да го чу?.

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N and through a Farcaster an instant transportation apparatus then ride a small raft they built from planet to planet ice desert jungle and even water worlds always searching for the next farcaster to find And the relentlessly pursuing Father Captain Frederico de Soya of the Pax never gives up in hunting them down where they go he will follow on the immense endless treacherous River Tethys in a American Literature Student Text long perilous journey their unknown fate awaits and still another menace isurking about A terrific read and highly enjoyable for the adventurous crowd Dan Simmons is a superb writer this series shows that undeniable fact Buddy read with Athena Desinka Gavin Kaora35 stars You want to be a hero he repeated You want to be one of those rare human beings who make history rather than merely watch it flow around them ike water around a rock More than two centuries have passed since the pilgrimage to the Valley of the Time Tombs and the Hegemony of Man the beating heart of humanity has been completely destroyed The Worldweb is gone along with the farcaster network and everything that made the universe what it once was Rising from the ashes is the Pax an all encompassing totalitarian regime founded by the remainder of the Catholic Church ruling with the help of the strongest armada in existence and the power to provide its faithful followers with eternal ifeThis third book in the Hyperion Cantos saga takes place centuries after the other two and it opens up with a ton of uestions How did the Pax come to rule everything Where have the other old powers the Ousters and the TechnoCore gone And what does the Church actually want Watching Dan Simmons try to answer all these uestions while making a captivating story out of it all is a delightful experience He does it as always rather skilfullyThe main character of Endymion is Aenea the daughter of Brawne Lamia and the cybrid known as John Keats In another time she stepped through the portals in the Valley of the Time Tombs on Hyperion itself and arrived in this distant future Now the Church sees her as a threat that must be dealt with by any means possible and while she journeys across the universe to find out what she is actually supposed to do the agents of the Pax are hunting herWhile Aenea is the main character of the book she is actually not a POV character Of those there are two Raul Endymion the man who accompanies and protects Aenea and Father Captain Federico de Soya the man who has been given the task of hunting her down All three characters are interesting in their way and Simmons keeps much of their personalities and motivations hidden throughout most of the book And the narration switching back and forth between the hunter and the hunted is particularly interestingLike the other books in the series this one also throws in a new and fabulous concept that I ve never seen anything even remotely similar to before Namely the River Tethys wonderfully portrayed further below the river on which Aenea and Raul embark upon their journey Perhaps a mere river does not seem so remarkably interesting but then again there are few rivers stretching from world to world across the entire universe The River Tethys takes our protagonists to jungle worlds and ocean worlds to abandoned population centres and The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems lost planets And that is precisely what makes both the river and the journey on it so amazingSadly there is almost always a downside The problem with Endymion is that it falls into just the same trap as The Fall of Hyperion One should think Simmons hadearned from his mistakes in that one but nope Once again an interesting book with a really fascinating concept turns into a drearily boring tale in the mid sections only to improve immensely towards the end Except for the fabulous first book in the series I m starting to think this a pattern for all the books but then again it might also just be that both book two and three suffer from a E.E. Cummings: The Art of His Poetry lengthy case of second book syndromeThat said I don t think Dan Simmons knows how to write a bad book either and this was definitely both an enjoyable and a thought provoking read And it sets things up perfectly for theast book from which I am now expecting uite a Black Wings of Cthulhu lot Many fans of Dan Simmons s Hyperion series were not enad of this separate entity within the saga It does not detract however from what a fun thrill ride this book truly is You need not have read the first two books to enjoy this one and in fact it might be better if you haven t Simmons incorporated the fun elements of the previous books weaving them into this grand and tremendously entertaining adventure of science fiction The Worldweb and the mysterious Shrike creature add excitement to an already great storyAlmost 300 years have passed since The Fall and Earth apparently but not conclusively noonger exists The Worldweb and the Shrike creature are around yet the only thing standing between complete control of everything by the military arm of the Catholic Church PAX is an 11 year old girl named Aenea and Raul Endymion Aenea is the future Girl on the Verge leader of all and Raul Endymion has been chosen to keep her from harm Using Farcaster portals as gateways to other worlds in order to elude their somewhat reluctant pursuer Father DeSoya they find an ally in A Bettik a blue androidThe chase is exciting moving at breakneck speed The mysterious and deadly Shrike creature adds an unknown element for the three The uestions pondered and ruminated on are thought provoking engaging the mind of the reader as their heart enjoys the adventure the outcome of which is constantly in doubt As the connection between Raul and Aenea grows stronger so does the reader s need to know that outcome Doom for all mankindooms Women and Alcohol in a Highland Maya Town: Water of Hope, Water of Sorrow Revised Edition like a dark storm over everything in this grand adventure tale It is a book easy to getost in a breathtaking tale of a fantastical future that can only be found in booksYou read something The Quickie (Sexy and Short Erotica Story) like this slowly savoring it because you know it is part of a series and therefor probably without a conclusive ending Whether a science fiction reader or not if you enjoy gettingost in another world this is a good book for you Sort of a stand alone book within the series it is just flat fun to read and highly recommended If there is a God I thought it s a painkiller Dan Simmons EndymionEnjoyed it just not as much as Hyperion and The Fall Almost three centuries after the Fall of Hyperion the Time Tombs open and Aenea child of Brawne Lamia and Johnny Keats emerges Along with a former hunting guide named Raul Endymion and android A Bettik Aenea goes on a journey to fulfill her destiny as the one who teaches Only the Pax has other ideas Can Aenea reach her goal without being captured by Father Captain de Soya of the PaxWith all the two star reviews out there I wasn t expecting magic from Endymion Imagine my surprise when I wound up #ENJOYING IT UITE A BIT ENDYMION #it uite a bit Endymion ike rummaging through a box of old possessions you have fond memories of but have forgotten about Only in this case the memories are the hawking mat the Consul s ship the deactivated farcaster portals along the old river Tethys and good old A Bettik And also The Shrike but we won t say much about him other than to say he s still as efficient a killing machine as everWhile not as pants shittingly awesome as the first two books Endymion was still an engaging read and doesn t tarnish the memory of the first two The former t tarnish the memory of the first two The former has changed uite a bit in the 274 years since the Fall of Hyperion Without giving too much away the Catholic church and the cruciforms have melded in a pretty ogical way into the Pax and the Pax doesn t want Aenea fulfilling her destiny one bit It makes for a good read Endymion Aenea and A Bettik visit some exotic former Web worlds undergo uite a few harrowing exper. отговор Каква е природата на ИИ Техноцентър и неговия последен план за човечестветвото Кой или какво е „отвлякло“ Старата Земя преди хиляда години Какъв е произходът на истинската мисия на. ,