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Him Highly recommended both for lovers of cop stories and those readers that love some gritty realism mixed in with their romance Well look at here and those readers that love some gritty realism mixed in with their romance Well look at here party pooper who goes against the flow and gives lower star rating hiding from vil staresI m sorry but for me it is just the same old same old the push pull plot with Alpha men which bores me after 25% It s simply uninspiring I also feel the flow of the story to be a little staccato sue not smooth nor free flowing The dialogs feel contrived and the sex scenes well I skim them yawn As always how I rate a book is based on the answer of the following uestion Do I like it If I don t is it still nice or okay nough to get my so so three stars It falls short of the 3 stars rating because of the GFY issue The thing is GFY is a very tricky plot for me I need to believe in the relationship if one is willing to be well gay for you Unfortunately I don t feel it here Especially due to this aspect which marks one point in my negative columnview spoilerTechnically Nate the rookie is still in relationship with his girlfriend Taylor when the first kiss with Mike happens Now I can let that go because Mike kisses Nate first HOWEVER in my opinion Nate only pursues the relationship with Mike because his girlfriend breaks it off with him first If Taylor doesn t break off their relationship will Nate still pursue it Will Nate nds up cheating on Taylor I don t see the reason why Nate likes Mike I am not assured that Nate is willing nough to nd his relationship with Taylor FOR a chance to be with Mike I will probably like it better if Nate is the one deciding to nd things with Taylor Nate says that his relationship with Taylor is on the dge but he never breaks it off I guess I understand why Mike himself draws his own conclusion that Nate is back with his girlfriend when he sees Nate and Taylor together Because Mike himself doesn t believe how can I hide spoiler Now this was definitely an awesome storyI wasn t sure what to make of it at first since things started off pretty uickly but Nate and Mike working through their butch cop facade and finding love with ach other was pure perfectionAnd what s sexier than a gay cop Right TwoMike has been with the LAPD for almost two decades when he is partnered with 25 year old Nate who started his cop career as his officer in training Mike is gay but closeted at work Having the handsome blond straight kid with him all day long does funny things to him When Nate seems interested in xporing the weird new attraction between them Mike is tempted to give in to the secret desire he s harbored for almost A Year However Mike Knows year However Mike knows he gave in he might be just an xperiment and most likely a mistake that straight boy Nate would probably regret soonBut how can he keep his hands off the beautiful guy when he keeps coming back to his partner for The Shadow Reader extra curricular activitiesThe sex was amazing I loved the love for detail in the intimate momentsBut what will stay with me permanently is the kissing Mike and Nate kissing is anxperience to behold The story was very light on The Plot It S plot It s just two guys working through their attraction for Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies each other There is almost noxternal influence Still the story worked perfectly well and definitely ntertained meWhere are the Mikes in this world I think we should all get to xperience those intense kisses Wow5 stars and a favorit. Ard assed yet magnetic The Power Of A Choice ex training officerPartners on the job Mike and Nate both struggle with an attraction that has no place in their world Theirxplosive chemistry reaches a point it cannot be ignored but the same chemistry that consumes them could destroy the very thing that binds them togethe. 35 Solid StarsThis really hit the spot specially since I was in the perfect mood for some hot cop action a gay newbie and just nough insecurity and doubt to whet the appetite without going overboard Who am i kidding i m always in the mood kidding I m always in the mood that kind of storySo yes Mike tries to keep things clearly professional He and in the mood that kind Of StorySo Yes Mike Tries To Keep Things Clearly Professional storySo yes Mike tries to keep things clearly professional and are just partners he s not going to have any crazy motions or unrealistic ideas He s fine They re fine Everything s fine However Nate is no dummy and knows something s up Imagine both their surprise when an unexpected kiss derails all preconceived notionsAgain this was seriously sexy with just the right amount of motional push pull as Mike and Nick navigate their partnership on and off the job uite the The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right easy choice for when you want some steamy actionasy angst and a great HEA with a satisfying Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling epilogue Brilliant This beautifully written tale will capture your heart and soul We get action fun hot sexiness and great bonding Our guys are very different but so very drawn toach other Mike is a seasoned cop nearly 40 now training rookie NathanNate 25 We see them as a new team and then see them again seven months later when Nate is hardened There are hints of Monsieur Pain each man s past where family formed how they are today When clashes create issues Nate takes a hard run with his brown Lab mix Lucy to unwind Mike simply clams up and keeps it inside As Mike s attraction to Nate grows straight Nate is realizing he wants to advance these new feelings He s bold unafraid and wanting These hard tough cops are super sexy with their intense coupling Wow Nate s not hesitant about taking or asking for what he wants and needsNate s sexual awakening is marvelous He and Mike completeach other perfectly While they are slowly coming together there are police duties and action taking place plus they must consider homophobes and family members Mike is cautious in his talk of coming out Neither knows how their co worker friends and family will react We get a small misunderstanding but the men are steadfast in their need to air out problemsMagnificent book I highly recommend it ENJOY Thanks for your awesome review Martin You re the reason I bought this Written January 31 201442 Stars sometimes captivates just the simple and the ordinary what I wantedand much It feelt like it had been a while since I read a romance with some tough police officers And I was so right it was too long a Re read June 2020I shouldn t like this book Mike is a stubborn asshole who doesn t communicate and there is way too much sex in this But I still liked this book There was just something about these guysNate was sweet but no doormat And Mike was an asshole who secretly really loved Nate And somehow they just workedI guess this is a nice in between read Not too complicated not too deep Original reviewWe have a rookie copPartnered with the xperienced badass copPut them together and we get lots and lots of sexy times Ahem clears throatYou may be looking at those two stars and think wow he really didn t like this one On the contrary I sort of did My mentalityHot copsHot gay copsHot gay cops with an age differenceHot gay cops with an age difference and butt sexIt was a good mental bleach to some of the heavier stuff I ve been reading lately which had no sex gasp And so this book spoke to my inner pervert and cop fantasies pretty well But great sex asides not much reall. Fifteen years with the Los Angeles Police Department Mike Graham is a seasoned cop and a damn good training officer On the brutal streets of LA he's witnessed very type of crime and taught countless rookies how to survive while they protect and serve Nothing surprises him any That is until he meet. ,
Y appealed to me I loved Mike s humor and the different police calls crazy nough to be believable But I wouldn t necessarily call this a gay for you Mike is gay and I have reason to believe that Nate is gay too just not realizing he was until Mike Nate also seemed pretty A OKAY for a dude who believed himself straight for 25 years of his life pretty much no issues or self reflection needed He pretty much jumped on the bandwagon or Mike s dick in this caseSo yeah hot sex and some good humor that scratched an itch But not much lse going for it 35 StarsRounding up on this one There was no skimming involved but I can t say this one wowed me But it was goodentertain After heart broken lonely cowboys cops may be my favorite flavor I love the tough strong silent type and in a uniform to boot This is such a fantasy that I am always slightly shocked when I m pulled over and the cop handing me a ticket ismiddle aged with a comb over and sporting a beer belly Where the hell is my gay Adonis and his ven hotter partner It completely upsets my view of the world where all cops are gay and look like this THIS book made it all better In a word it was HAAAAWWWT Two alpha cops one 25 the other in his late 30s partnered as rookie and training officer The younger one Nate is straight His xperienced partner Mike is gay but deeply in the closet Are you drooling yet You should be There wasn t a lot of background information about the guys but Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. enough that they felt real Rather than info dump the book stayed firmly in the present as Mike fights his attraction to his younger partner and as Nate realizes he s attracted to a man This was so damn right The guys make a connection and face some danger cue adrenalin and comfort the loving is slam dunk COMBUSTIBLE gay first timers anyone it s not too mushy but there s a brilliant HEA I loved this one truly and can t wait for Morgan s Slow Burn coming out tomorrow More cops baby 45I reallynjoyed this book So well written with realistic characters and situations that it just drew me in from the start Mike Graham is a Training Officer TO he mentors rookies and is one the seasoned cops that takes these young recruits on the streets to show them than just the theory of being a cop but the reality of it Nathan York is a former rookie boot of Mike s who is now his partner There is still that lingering dynamic of the olderyounger senseigrasshopper feel to their relationship but on the whole they is still that lingering dynamic of the olderyounger senseigrasshopper feel to their relationship but on the whole they well matched to hit the mean streets as a team Things start changing when Mike who has been in the closet for years starts to fantasize about his younger partner It s how Nate chooses to respond to this that really amps things up between them For me it was definitely the mix of the gritty realistic police calls and nvironment mixed with the battle these two men are fighting There s a great balance of dark and light here and chemistry is very believable and at times smoking hot It s about first times but definitely than a gay for you story The journey that Nate takes is a logical one and while he may be incredibly accepting of the changes in his life and attitude it never comes across as asy or manipulative

My Only Wish Would 
only wish would to been in the head of the characters when the angst went down specially Nate but that s a minor uibble This was a fantastic read Morgan is a new author and on my radar Really looking forward to from. S Nathan YorkNathan York shouldn't be a cop With his Beverly Hills background and pretty boy good looks he's fit for the land of movie stars and nose jobs Too bad being LAPD is all he's ver wanted No longer a rookie he thinks he's ready for anything ven if the next challenge is working with his ,
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