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I love the fantasy idea of the heroine being won in a bet sold etc Guess it s kind of a kink of Mine Totally Loved That This Totally loved that this was so desperate to make her happy yet oing about it so wrong by throwing money at herThis is very tropey Hero wants revenge until he realizes h was innocent because oops she s a virgin hero controls heroine s life by manipulating her with her love for a family member hero is broken and thinks he can t lovedoesn t deserve it but desperately needs the heroine Basically a dysfunctional mess that only has a HEA in HPLandia Some hate these tropes but I love it so and though this one was one of the better done examples A bit too sordid for my tastes but I could Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge get over that if there was a bit depth to the whole thing I know it s an HP How can I expect much depth I struggle with JL s work because tells me they love each other but she doesn t show me Also the whole v card bugs me Now she s telling the truthNot my cuppa Wow the twists and turns I never knew what to expect nextThe angst was delicious Hero heroine lovable and passionateThe ending was surprising and done wellRecommended I am so in love with this book The intense drama and tension between Bree and Vladimir radiates off the page Their mutual attraction and lust was sizzling and electrifying Their love affair was so heated and intense I was literally on the edge of my seat Great love story steamy lovemaking and the characters were well developed Not to mention that the you learn about Vladimir the empathy you have for him can understand of his need for control and how his ruthless character developed So sweet how eventually the heroine melts his cold black heart Jennie Lucas is without a doubt my favorite Harleuin author Apparently I wasetting ready to read the 2nd one firstonly 299 on Kindle so I Boy Soldiers of the Great War: Their Own Stories for the First Time guess I llet it so I can read in orderAfter ReadingEnjoyed the book although I Making Sense of Leadership: Exploring the Five Key Roles Used by Effective Leaders guess the HP books aren t what I am into reading as much these days It s been over a week since I finished this and my new Outlander obsession has wiped much from my mind about this book LOL I did like it as I enjoy all of Jennie Lucas s books This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date January 22 2013Publisher HarleuinImprint Harleuin PresentsAuthor s Website Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Book 1 Princes UntamedSeries Best Read In Order NASteam Level SteamyFavorite Tropes Holy Crap She s A Virgin Con Artist RevengePet Peeves Overly Self Sacrificing Heroine Contemporary Virgin HeroineI don t think I ve ever had the pleasure of reading a contemporary romance that featured a heroine who used to be a con artist in the past at least not one that didn t have some sort of urban fantasy feel or something and so this bookrabbed me from the very beginning and refused to let oThe fact that Vlad and Bree were estranged lovers with an enormous misunderstanding in their past or was it added uite a bit of delicious tension Even though I think some readers may find Vlad to be overly brutish and possibly even cruel to Bree I felt it was for the most part pretty well deservedWith a fresh storyline to appeal to modern readers but enough of the scandal betrayal and money that keeps us coming back to the Harleuin Presents line year after year I loved itRecommended for self sacrificing heroines with sketchy pasts bitter heroes who revel in revenge

of hot chemistry that neither denyA very solid 455 Bree Dalton who 28 and her younger sister Josie are living in Honolulu Hawaii where they have been working at a hotelresort for the past couple of months One night a worried and distraught Josie wakes Bree up and tells her that she lost a lot of money in a poker ame she was persuaded to play with a Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age group of men and she now owes a hundred thousand dollars Bree is obviously upset but knows what she must doo play poker with these men and winBree is very ood at poker She and her late father Black Jack Dalton had If my card is higher you’ll belong to me obeying my every whim for as long as I desire”As Bree Dalton hears the icy words of Russian Prince Vladimir Xendzov the man whose ring she once wore and.

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Dealing Her Final Card Princes Untamed #1Pire fear in people there s a fine line between strong man and thug Yeah it s reat the heroine could keep him from firing the poor I Was A Stranger girl but who wants to be the H s moral conscience if he doesn t have one of his own Theilded cage motif was depressing Thank oodness the puppy showed upPerhaps I m unsatisfied with the HEA because the thread with the h s sister and H s brother was left dangling for the next story Instead of love and forgiveness conuering all revenge and money are still the primary drivers of behaviour If you like a walk on the darker side of the street you will probably like this one It s well done but not my cuppa Since the hero in this book Vladimir shows up as a peripheral character in the last Jennie Lucas book I read A Night of Living Dangerously I decided to reach for this one It also happens that the hero is Russian and I swoon over Russian heroes Talking about drama wowMan this book was sizzling The whole scenario and the dialogue and action was crazy I couldn t believe the bet that Bree makes I completely understand why I loved that she isn t the typical sweet butter wouldn t melt in her mouth heroine She has a history of being a card shark and con artist from childhood but decides to o straight when she falls in love with Vladimir Even though he abandons her and turns his back on her Their reunion is titillating to say the least There are some pretty outrageous moments in this book A couple of scenes are just all kinds of inappropriate but I couldn t tear my eyes away from the page It works for the book and I like that the author wasn t afraid to o thereI liked the descriptions and imagery of St Petersburg I wanted to be there feel the cold on my skin and experience the over the top luxury with my own eyes The Hawaii scenes were ood but since I am a contrarian who d rather be walking around in a snow covered vista than on a beach I liked St Petersburg Plus it s Russia Enough saidVladimir could throw money at Bree like nobody s business He really doesn t et that she didn t want his money That she loved him and wanted to protect her sister That she had changed and wanted to do the right thing but she was between a rock and a hard place Vladimir is the real deal He s really ruthless ambitious and cutthroat in the boardroom He doesn t change over night A broken heart made a fundamentally decent young man into a shark and it takes time for reunited love to change him back I felt that his character was very three dimensional and I liked That Bree Was Also Well Bree was also well Towards the end she had me worried I really thought she was oing to Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth go through with something that was just so wrong even if she was doing it for the right reasonsThis was another book I couldn t put down Iive it a thumbs up on the drama and the sizzling romance Lots of romantic tension and also tension in hoping that the characters 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts get a clue and eventually own up to their love for each other and doing what s right out of love I thought this was a veryood book Emotionally I liked this book and it would have earned 4 stars except for a couple of inaccuraciesFirst the heroine is presented as being almost a POKER SAVANT WHILE POKER IS ACTUALLY AN EASY GAME savant While poker is actually an easy Moonrise (Snowfall, game learn it s a hardame to master Anyone who really knows the ame will tell you that it doesn t matter if you re a championship player up against a bunch of rubes the best player can lose any iven hand What makes them winners is that they will win over the course of the night To walk in and bet everything you own on one hand a hand that hasn t even been dealt yet that s a chump bet This paragon of poker does it not once but twice For that the story lost half a pointThe other inaccuracy is why I usually steer clear of virgin heroines Frankly I m appalled at widespread this error is but the hymen is not buried deep inside It s actually visible to the naked eye Coz really remember those historicals where the virgin is examined to see if she s still a virgin How did you think they did that. Nd the weight of Vladimir’s Hello, Snow! gaze upon her she will have to play the best she’s ever played or run the risk of losing herself completelyOnly the most innocent touch can melt their ice cold heart. Een swindling people for years But ten years ago when Bree was eighteen she met a man she wasoing to swindle hero Vladimir Xendzov and fell for him He proposed But when Bree was A Little Dinner Before the Play going to tell Vladimir about her unsavory past as a card shark his brother beat her to it and Vladimir abandoned Bree and turned her over to the sheriff After this Bree fled with her sister uit playing poker and went straight But now it seems she has no choice but to play again Breeoes to the poker Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies game and to her surprise and dismay Vladimir is one of the men thereBree wins back the money her sister lost at the pokerame But Vladimir suggests one Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch game between the two of them winner take all If Bree wins Vladimir willive her one million dollars If Vladimir wins Bree would be his to do with as he wishes for as long as he wants her Since Bree and her sister have been running from the people they owe money to for years she figures she and her sister Josie would be set for life and they would finally be able to pay off their debts So she agrees They play Bree loses and Vladimir winsBree ends up being separated from her sister Josie who Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood gets driven away Vladimir assures Bree that Josie is safe and Breeoesdrives with Vladimir to his private palatial Hawaiian mansion where she will be his for as long as he pleasesVladimir who is now 35 resents Bree He feels he was dupedbetrayed by her ten years ago when he found out she and her father were feels he was dupedbetrayed by her ten years ago when he found out she and her father were tourists in Alaska where she lived and Bree was about to swindle him too He didn t realize she was about to tell him all about her past But his brother told him first Vladimir also doesn t Forbidden Reading get along with his younger brother Kasimir and they have sort of been enemies and rivals As the story progresses Vladimir realizes he has misjudged a lot of people and he tries to make amends He was overbearing and ruthless at times but at other times he was uite sweet and sexy I did like himI really liked Bree She was feisty at times and really stood up to Vladimir When he said something to her that she didn t like she sure let him know I enjoyed their sparring Bree was a very warm heroine and cared a lot about her sister and she saw theood in people She was drawn into conning people by her late father who was devastated by his wife sBree s mother s death which changed him He turned to drinking and A Northern Line Minute: The Northern Line gambling and started taking Bree with him to cardames so she learned uite early in life how to con and trick people But when she fell for Vladimir she vowed to o straight and she didthis was a romantic and entertaining read didThis was a romantic and entertaining read loved the settings sunny Honolulu Hawaii and snowy Russia St Petersburg Bree and Vladimir had reat chemistry and they also had some sexy love scenes I liked how they learned to trust each other in the end I really look forward to reading the follow up story with Josie and Kasimir This is a story that brings the drama but most of it was sordid and there is something hollow underneath it all and left me feeling depressed than uplifted at their HEA The heroine staked herself in a poker ame to extract her sister from a 100000 dollar debt She won that but then she pushed her luck and played her final card against the hero to finally emerge from her Breaking Bad type father s debts That she still had her v card at 28 as her final final card is what springs her from the life of slavery the hero has sentenced her to for betraying him and breaking his heart ten years before Slavery ReallyBefore playing that final card the heroine actually scrubs floors in an act of ritual humiliation like she is doing penance for the wrongs she did to the hero That
not fun to read and having the hero s point of view didn t help Are these real peopleOnce the hero comes around and takes the heroine to winter locked Russia and lavishes material oods on her my existential angst kicked in What s the point of extreme wealth Where are the other people We just see bad A Sting in the Tale guys and a terrified shopirl I don t think alphas should ins. Life she once ruined she nervously accepts the biggest wager of her life Her body for a million dollarsBree knows better than to doubt the steely ruthlessness of this man With everything to lose