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Ook will make us believe in second chances but will also raise a uestion will you really dare to change something in your past I think this book will appeal to those who have loved and lost and wished for a chance to do things differently Its an intriguing story about love friendship hope and destiny Love that transcends death and the sacrifices we are willing to make even the hardest one which is letting go Friendship that most of us are blessed with to have someone we can trust with our lives Hope that we will be able to change things for the better And if not that everything happens for reason for the better And if not everything happens for a reason Destiny that we do make our own destiny But to change it after its done I guess this book will give us that chance to go through it and later ask ourselves what are you willing to give up to change fate Although I hate to say that the conversation seems flat at times but I still applaud how the time differences of being in the past and in the future were established strongly And the best thing that I love in this book are the uotes at the start of each chapter This is a great romantic suspense novel with a hint of fantasy consistent with Guillaume Musso s formula that works like a well oiled machine After reading several of Musso s books one might feel a certain pattern involving an impossible love story that eventually becomes a delightful reality with the script of a romantic comedy including the witty punchlines at the end of each chapter or sceneBut hey it works The writing is wonderful almost addictive the kind that makes you think Okay ust one chapter but it never is And so it happened that I found myself reading this book cover to cover in The Life of Kitty Storm just one nightSixty year old Elliott has never gotten over the death of the love of his life Ilena who died in a tragic accident thirty years ago He gets a chance to go back in time and see her one last time He receives ten pills each one leading him to a brief encounter with his life thirty years ago and each encounter has its own implications Should Elliott use the knowledge he has over future events to save Ilena no matter the conseuences The plot may offer some easy fixes to the complexity of time travel but still this book is so compelling that you dust have to forgive Musso for his inaccuracy As for the ending I will invoke my right to remain silent and let you decide for yourselve. And ambitious young doctor In San Francisco where he met with Ilena the Seventies were going full swing Since then the two Elliotts weirdly face each other behind close doors in a succession of tender and intense moments which is the amazing fit of this novel and which characterizes the “Musso touch” a mix of suspense and psychological appropriatene.

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Seras tu là?35 stars This is a beautiful romantic story with the element of time travel integral to the plot Unlike The romantic story with the element of time travel integral to the plot Unlike The Traveller s Wife this story is tender and uncomplicated and in my opinion so much the better for it The characters are people I actually got to care about which made the ending very poignant If The characters are people I actually got to care about which made the ending very poignant If are thinking about trying it I would say do Its a lovely story and I think you could end up uite moved by it I love Musso s formula of romantic suspense with a hint of fantasyHis writing is addictive and I m hardly able to put down the book It s an easy read but with beautiful life lessons that What would you do if you were given magic pills that allowed you to go back in time and visit your younger self Would you try to fix the things that had gone wrong in your life Would you attempt to persuade your younger self to step in and attempt to inhibit major world catastrophes What would you do if your first trip back resulted in a change you didn t want How far would you go to set things right Are our destinies pre written and immune to change Or can we in fact change the course of our livesThis sweet sometimes hokey little novel explores uestions such as these I highly recommend it A not very interesting or particularly well written story There were ust a few touching scenes and I found the most interesting parts were the uotes at the front of the chapters and these aren t written by the authorThe characters are flat and one dimensional and the premise that a doctor dying of lung cancer at 60 who is time traveling back to when he was 30
t tell his younger self uit smoking is preposterous when he so evidently does not want to die Ludicrous Seras tu la is an amazing book to say the least It will haunt you and trust me you will be thinking about it long after you read it Elliot and Ilena the main characters are delicately written and their story will take your breath away Kudos to Musso for creating such a powerful and at the same time heartbreaking plotOne of my favorite books everThe plot twist at the end will not let you ever forget this book at least that s my personal experience Enjoy it Readers Marvelous Just utterly marvelous to read this book What would we tell ourselves if we could meet ourselves in the futurewhat choices would we make how would our future self guide us These are some of the uestions whic. There is a uestion that everybody at least once in a lifetime must have come up with if you had the opportunity to what would you change in your life If you had to do it again what remorse what regret would you choose to obliterateElliott has been professionally very successful He is a sixty year old famous surgeon who lives in San Francisco and whose ,
H come to mind when reading this story which is so beautifully penned thought provoking and exciting as well The book is gripping almost a thriller experience in such a lovely way I loved the character of the book he is so devoted to his work and himself but is sensitive of situations around him I love the constant back and forth of time travel leaving us seeking leaving us gasping for chaptersbut like all good books once you have finished reading this book the story lingers in your heart forever The love story between The Characters Is Enigmatic Enchanting characters is enigmatic enchanting and very realistic as wellgo ongrab this copy and read it now Happy ReadingMuch much loveSc I loved this book I love the time travel stories the idea of changing the past in order to change the present is fascinating also it s a very emotonal story about love and friendship It reminds me of 22 11 63 by Stephen King I wonder if it was the book who inspired Musso to write Seras tu l Introduction I was going through a number of books at the library when this tiny treasure caught my eyes Well the title and the subtitle fairly intrigued me since I always loved these kinds of stories anyway but I guess this is a story that will always make me wonder what the anyway but I guess this is a story that will always make me wonder what the would be Anyway I m sure most of us must have asked ourselves this uestion atleast once in our lifetime if you could go back in time what would you change Overview Elliott Cooper is a sixty year old famous sur geon whose life revolves around his twenty year old daughter Angie He would a sixty year old famous sur geon whose life revolves around his twenty year old daughter Angie He would been per fectly happy if Ilena the woman he was pas sion ately in love with hadn t died thirty years agoOne day he was given a chance to go back to his own past and meets the young man he had been thirty years ear lier In that time where the Seventies were going full swing the young Elliott was a pas sionate enthu si astic and ambi tious young doctor who had no idea of the tragedy that he will cause the woman he lovesSince then the two Elliotts weirdly face each other in a series of intense circumstances debating and coming up with an agreement of saving Ilena But saving Ilena raises complications involving his daughter Angie and his lifelong friendship with his best friend Matt Not to mention the toll its adding to his fight for his own life where he is suffering from lung cancer and with only few months to liveMy opinion This Rivate life is illuminated by his daughter Angie He would be perfectly happy if Ilena the woman he was passionately in love with hadn’t died thirty years beforeOne day by a strange combination of circumstances he is brought back to his own past and meets the young man he had been thirty years earlier In that time Elliott was a passionate enthusiastic.

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