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A sprawling epic spanning both world wars the Thread works better as historical reference than fiction the characters are still born rendered lifeless and unengaging with the true centre piece being Thessaloniki a vibrant city full of colour and "Pizzaz Which Subtly Evolves Throughout The 20 "which subtly evolves throughout the 20 plethora of characters Dimitri Olga Eugenia Leonides and Katerina seem to share eual air time and thus we have no mains here Regretably this serves to reduce the whole ensemble to secondary supporting characters with a bland two dimensional scope This is often a problem when too many personages ump the mis en scene one doesn t know where to lookwith all the action going on the plot thins out to a superficial layer rendered in pithy monotone Oh yes this woman really LOVES Greece That was on my mind while reading The ThreadReminded me of my thoughts exactly when many years ago I was devouring The IslandIt s so obvious that Victoria Hislop has done an immense historical research about greek history before writing her books That s why she can so thoroughly narrate big parts of it as a background of her plots The action is captivating and easy to follow Interesting sto Thessaloniki 1917 As Dimitri Komninos is born a fire sweeps through the thriving multicultural city where Christians Jews and Moslems live side by side It is the first of many catastrophic events that will change for ever this city as war fear and persecution begin to divide its people Five years later young Katerina escapes to Greece when her home in Asia Minor is destroyed by the Turkish army Losing her mother in the Chaos She Finds Herself she finds herself a boat to an unknown destination From that day the lives of Dimitri and Katerina become entwined with each other and with the story of the city itselfThessaloniki 2007 A young Anglo Greek hears the life story of his grandparents for the first time and realises he has a decision. Tessalonica 1917 No dia em ue Dimitri Komninos nasce um incêndio devastador varre a próspera cidade grega onde cristãos udeus e muçulmanos vivem lado a lado Cinco anos mais tarde a casa de Katerina Sarafoglou na Ásia Menor é destruída pelo exército turco No meio do caos Katerina perde. To make For many decades they have looked after the memories and treasures of people who have been forcibly driven from their beloved city Should he become their new custodian Should he stay or should he goThis made an interesting read from an historical point of v I was reluctant to ready this book Why Well I have read a lot of books about this era of Greek history but other than Louis de Bernieres never one written by a British "authorMy wife had bought me a copy for Christmas and I had put it under the bed dismissing it as a "wife had bought me a copy for Christmas and I had put it under the bed dismissing it as a class British woman s attempt to imagine a subject she can t possibly know that well But I picked it up again when people started talking to me about it I was wrong and I am glad I persevered Hislop knows Greece well This is a very moving story of a Greek family being thrown out of Asia Minor and arriving in Salonica to live alongside Muslim and Jewish neighbours set against the backdrop of the torrid and very tragic history of Greece and particularly Salonica through the 20th century the backdrop of the torrid and very tragic history of Greece and particularly Salonica through the 20th century s the first time as far as I know that this subject matter has been written about by a popular British author The story itself is tragic and simultaneously beautiful My only criticism is that in her rush to go through all the eras of 20th century Greek history a subject she understands very well Hislop at times fails to develop the characters sufficiently and some of the plot lines blend into an easy outcome at times And there are a few mistakes in the book like using the male ending for one of the female characters names throughout the book But otherwise this is a very good piece of writing one which will move you teac I really enjoyed The Island despite its flaws and I was hoping for a similarly good plot with The Thread but I was pretty disappointedThe history of the novel was interesting but it really dragged on and on in the last uarter of the book as there was. A mãe e embarca para um destino desconhecido na Grécia Não tarda muito para ue a sua vida se entrelace com a de Dimitri e com a história da própria cidade enuanto guerras medos e perseguições começam a dividir o seu povo Tessalonica 2007 Um ovem anglo grego ouve a história de vida dos. The ThreadNo climactic scene like in The Island On the face of it "the novel was fine but there were ust too many problems with "novel was fine but there were ust too many problems with for me to give it than two stars For a start all the characters were either good or bad selfish or selfless The poor were wonderful people with tonnes of friends and the rich only cared about money and were ultimately miserable and alone I realise the Moreno family was an exception to this but they still chose to live in the poorest part of the city and were therefore wonderfulI also had issues with inconsistencies in characters like the Fact That Hislop Makes A that Hislop makes a of saying the twins have little in common besides their looks before going on to say they both want to be tobacco graders they both dislike school and have no interest in their mother s weaving and later on they are practically finishing each other s sentencesIt bugged me that there was very little reason given for why Eugenia takes in the five year old Katerina and raises her and no real gratitude or reflection on this from Katerina s point of view Later on Katerina says the fact that a soldier picked her up and threw her on a boat out of dangerous Smyrna as the greatest kindness that s ever been shown to me Err what about a woman taking you in feeding you clothing you and making you part of her family without anyone even asking her to There were moments and inconsistencies like that throughout the novel which ust wound me up There was simply too much stuff happening and too many characters to make anything in particularly meaningful in my view I wanted Hislop to stop take a breath and really explore what was going on in a scene or era it seemed rushed and not nearly enough attention was given to the narrative which seemed confused in placesI enjoyed learning about the history of the city which I wouldn t have discovered otherwise but the actual story and how it was told left a lot to be desired. Seus avós e pela primeira vez apercebe se de ue tem uma decisão a tomar Durante muitas décadas os seus avós foram os guardiões das memórias e dos tesouros das pessoas ue foram forçadas a abandonar a cidade Será ue está na altura de ele assumir esse papel e fazer dauela cidade a sua ca.