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Play for a KingdomDifficult to follow all the characters Found it distracting "WHICH MADE THE BOOK UNEXCITING DIDN T FINISH IT " made the book unexciting Didn t finish it Now Pitching, Bob Feller: A Baseball Memoir plodding Found it difficult to get absorbed into the book Some books take longer to read than others and that s okay I wouldn t say I thought I would fly through this but it surprised me how I only wanted to read a few chapters at a time We re following the 14th Brooklynost Gettysburg These men are finally able to count the days when they will be able to return home So why would they risk everything for a game This story follows The Not Uncommon Intersection Between War And Sport And How not uncommon intersection between war and sport and how guards are dropped just for a moment and one sees the other as than just enemy bigger uncomfortable uestions begin to be asked uestions about ideals and motivations and morals It s odd to say that this was refreshing to read just after Ender s Game because the battle scenes are so much horrific but there was a real uality to the conflict and the company here that I found lacking in the other If you have an interest in either baseball or the Civil War I would recommend this book It s been on my shelf for a long time and I always find it interesting how I finally decide to read something 2020 has been that year though but once again I Variance (Raise Your Weapon, picked it up at the right time Favorite uotes Often at the strangest moments of our lives the deep and well used ruts we travel do not allow us to consider the extraordinary circumstances we have recently experienced Only once we are clear of them and safe do we begin to understand therofound impact they may have This America. In this “brilliantly imagined and neatly lotted” Civil War novel Boston Globe two batt. .

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Is good idea But it will fall "apart Everybody is rebel here Nobody wants to think about everyone Only themselves Karl Udelhoffer The " Everybody is rebel here Nobody wants to think about everyone Only themselves Karl Udelhoffer The instinct of the Union boys was to welcome familiar faces even if they belonged to Rebs Among a combined body of nearly two hundred thousand men trying to kill each other seeing eople you knew after a battle still alive and relatively healthy was always an event worth celebrating One of the best books I ve read from any genre on any subject The story takes lace in the midst of the Civil War close to the battle at Spotsylvania The Union soldiers involved have less than a month to serve in their tour of duty They are the 14th Regiment from Brooklyn New York All they want is to get through the final days before they are discharged so they can go back to their homes families or the lives they left behind Unfortunately they are their homes families or the lives they left behind Unfortunately they are lucky enough to spend their remaining days in the war in easy circumstances but one unlikely event makes their remaining time a little less stressful They meet a Confederate group of soldiers and end up After Effects Expressions playing several games of baseball with them It is not necessary to know much about baseball to follow that storyline nor is it important to know much about thisarticular battle in the Civil War Dyja takes this story through many different scenarios to make oints about what soldiers have to go through to survive some of the most harrowing experiences anyone can imagine living or dying through For some the most difficult and shattering realization comes when they realize that they are fighting to. Le scarred companies one Union one Confederate embark on a series of baseball games amid th.
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Win nothing They are there simply kill or be killed Facing that and dealing with it encompasses most of the story Each of the characters is forever changed by what he experiences during the last few weeks he is reuired to serve his obligation as a soldier i had some issues at the beginning of had some issues at the beginning of book keeping the characters straight and that Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities, Volume I persisted through much of the book However I could notut this book down It was that well written and that compelling a story I will never look at war the same way ever again As for the whole matter of the Civil War those issues are far too complicated to reduce the whole matter down to what some see as Lincoln freeing the slaves A friend gave me this book to read because I love historical fiction and the Civil War era in Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Ancient Egypt particular I ve been reading a lot of fantasyyoung adult novels and wasn t really anxious to move to another genre just yet but since it was a borrowed book I didn t want to sit on it too longBoy am I glad Iicked it up I really enjoyed this book It had robably the best descriptions of the day to day life of a soldier at that time Although I often refer my history sanitized think Gone With the Wind the battle descriptions were I imagine Die Powenzbande. Zoologie einer Familie pretty accurate and often difficult to readGreat character development and Dyja does an excellent job of telling a story I wish I had started a character list when I first started reading there are many and it s difficult to keep track of who s who in the beginning It takes someerseverance in the beginning to get into the story but your atience will be rewarde. E carnage at Spotsylvania “Wonderfully conceived and elouently executed” Caleb Carr Map. ,