(EBOOK/EPUB) The Foundations of Buddhism OPUS

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The Foundations of Buddhism OPUS

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I ve read a few books onof Buddhism and it s pretty clear that this is a eligion a few books onof Buddhism and it s pretty clear that this is a eligion well served by the publishing industry like Christianity it s easy to find books on Buddhism that will try to explain how Buddhism will change your life for the better easy to find books about foundational figures Buddha himself in this case but unlike Christianity it s very hard to find books that will teach you about the history of the eligion from a or less objective perspective without being too specialized Well here s one How does Gethin do it In part by focusing mostly on the features of Buddhism that in his argument at least all the schools share and in part by being exceptionally "SMART AND GOOD AT WRITING THIS "and good at writing This not the book for you if you want a guide to practical meditation or just generally want eligion without eligion If you want someone to hold your hand and guide you through the wonderful staggering maze of Buddhist thought on the other hand go to it We get summaries and discussions of the taxonomies of meditation stages the different philosophical uestions that are inevitably thrown up by the Buddha s teaching but what is nothingness the mind the self the no self a Buddha Gethin presents many of them in a handy frame how does one explain the idea of no longer entering the chain of e birth What is this. Buddhism is a vast and complex eligious and philosophical tradition with a history that stretches over 2500 years and which is now followed by around 115 million people In this introduction to the foundations of Buddhism Rupert Gethin concentrates on the. ,

Nirvana which we enter instead You might say well nirvana means you
#Cease To Exist But That #
to exist but that t seem uite ight in no small part because it s not clear what you cease and to exist mean You might also say well nirvana is a kind of eternal state outside Mein Plan zur Rettung der unsichtbaren Freundin von nebenan rebirth but that seems wrong too Trying to avoid these two views is the work of millenia just like avoiding too much unity in the Christian trinity and avoiding the total separation of the three Gethin tracesesponses to this problem through the history of southern eastern And Northern Buddhism And northern Buddhism and a few pages on the unfortunate adventures of Buddhism in the west He does it clearly concisely and with modesty He s probably a bit too keen to give Buddhism a united front and to downplay disagreements but that s the worst I can say "Highly Home: The Story of Everyone Who Ever Lived in Our House recommended I can t say Ieally enjoyed eading this book "recommended I can t say I eally enjoyed eading this book it does contain a lot of information about Buddhism and its associated schools I think this book gave me uestions than answers so I can t say it provided me with a proper foundation of Buddhism However I do know now and feel like I have a decent grasp of most of the key Buddhist concepts The eal struggle I found is the keeping track of the various teachings between schoolssectsetc as their differences are often subtle and can seem arbitrary My lack of en. Ideas and practices which constitute the common heritage of the different traditions of Buddhism Thervada Tibetan and Eastern that exist in the world today From the narrative of the story of the Buddha through discussions of aspects such as textual tradi.
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Joyment while eading this book stems from two "sources my desire to only learn about practical applications of Buddhism which this book does cover just along "my desire to only learn about practical applications of Buddhism which this book does cover just along a whole lot and I was often trying to sueeze this in while elaxing this summer Probably the most informative general overview of Buddhism I ve The Deadly Art of Love and Murder read so far The Foundations of Buddhism by Rupert Gethin is a perfect introduction to Buddhism The text iseadable but scholarly And Gethin focuses on Buddhist scripture so his analysis is closer to what Devout Buddhists Think Discuss And Practice Than Buddhists think discuss and practice than often drippy New Agey Buddhist texts I ve paged through in my local bookstore Gethin s treatment eal sense of the breadth depth and diversity of Buddhist philosophy and practice I eally appreciate Gethin s placing Buddhism in context of the Hindu Vedas especially the Upanishads Those writings provided Buddha and his early followers a common language and understanding And while Buddha transformed those writings keeping things simple and pragma A decent little introduction to the core tenets and traditions of Buddhism Some chapters I liked better than others naturally Gethin writes ather accessibly though some caution is #advised when it comes to terms in either Sanskrit Pali Chinese Japanese or Tibetan It # when it comes to terms in either Sanskrit Pali Chinese Japanese or Tibetan It get difficult and cluttered uite uickly. Tions the framework of the Four Noble Truths the interaction between the monastic and lay ways of life the cosmology of karma and ebirth and the path of the bodhisattva this book provides a stimulating introduction to Buddhism as a RSPB Pocket Garden Birdwatch religion and way of li.