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Wicked Lovely5 out of 10 This review on my blogLiving A Thousand Lives "Use ChromeYandex Browser AndroidIOS "ChromeYandex browser or AndroidIOS see on my blogLiving A Thousand Lives lease use ChromeYandex browser or AndroidIOS to see Yolanda's Genius page otherwise spoiler tags I use to make myost compact may not workShort SoundtrackGemma Hayes Wicked GameFollowed by Ghosts King My ueenJulee Cruise Summer Kisses Winter Tears Genre urban fantasy YAStuff canonical faery in the real worldFail urban Fettan partWOW mythologyPOV 3rderson multiSetting Hunstdale fictional city in USALove Geometry strange cause 95% of characters are Die Kunst Des Zeichnens: Die grosse Zeichenschule: Praxisorientiert und gut erklärt polygamousuote Core Maybe you should slow down so I can catch you Wicked Lovely is a wicked book or rather a wicked series Why Seems like you love the story and hate it at the same time Isn t it wicked enough I had changed my rating than once cause I had no idea what kind of feelings toward the book won after all Marr is a nice teller I like her style I adore the world building you may not see it in the first book but I ve already read 3arts and 2 bonuses of this series and have seen and fae mythology of Wicked Lovely these faeries are super close to canon And there is one big lus we have about 5 MCs so far there would be and each of them has his or her story each of them is a erson though again you won t see much in the first book but important is that Marr doesn t The Villain: The Life of Don Whillans promote any of her characters she develops everyone withoutressure without favoring any of them That s why is so hard to get whom you like whom you hate and about whom you don t care at all I knew only one thing Seth sucks He is Mal Jeb every annoying humanling from other series I hate such a type of characters so I despised him from the first sightWhat I disliked is an urban art of the story I mean such a good fae society Such colorful Courts and they live in an average city Why they chose this articular lace And why Keenan was looking for his ueen only here Winter ueen and Dark King were stupid enough and didn t come up with an idea to choose a girl from the other art of the Earth It would be so much difficult to find the very girl if she was living in China or Russia or New Zealand And faeries have to live in their magical lands IMO They should have some assages into the real world those are connected with every corner of it I see no reason for all the Courts to live in Hunstdale Yes it s a fictional lace but this is a Times of Bede part of the human realm Why Winter ueen lives there while she could move to South Pole Why Dark Fey didn t choose a huge city Moreeople emotions they need them Why Summer Court is here Why not on a tropical island This is illogical Let s go further We have 4 courts Summer Well guys for over a year I had a review of this I gave this book 1 star so to say the least my review was not The Catechism of the Council of Trent positive But see I got tired of constantly having to delete all the troll screaming comments so I ultimately removed the reviewThe reason I didn t like this book is because it was one of the first YA titles I ever read and I was reallyut off by the content That s my City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York prerogative I know thatrobably sounds like a revolutionary concept but whateverIf you are curious about the book I ll refer you here People tell me I have a short attention span They mention on some rare occasions that I tend to space out easily That one moment I ll be listening and The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 paying attention and the next moment Oh sparkly With that I m lost It s amazing how many teachers have been the ones to remind me of myoor ability to Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje pay attention Remarkable reallyWhat was I sayingOh yeah So it takes a little bit to capture my attention and to keep it Usually an abnormal amount of sex violence or suspense will do the trick Or if the writing is super duper fabulousBy the way if only you knew how many times I ve gotten distracted and forgotten to keep typing you d be surprised Or maybe notAnywayoint of the matter is that Marr has my number She knows what eople like me are like It s insidious really Her nefarious schemes to keep my wavering attention with sex and horror have not gone unnoticed though I m onto her What does she think of her audience That they ll overlook the TERRIBLE editing job and shaky story telling with sexOkay so maybe it worked a little just a little bit Because every time you start getting bored some hot guy starts utting the moves on or his fi. Rule #3 Don't stare at invisible faeries Aislinn has always seen faeries Powerful and dangerous they walk hidden in mortal world Aislinn fears their cruelty especially if they learn of her Sight and wishes she were as blind to their resence as other teens Rule #2 Don't speak to invisible faeries Now faeries are stalking her One of them Keenan. Ngers start roaming or flirting starts happening That or you think you re about ready to yawn and some evil erson shows up and starts hurting other thingsIt took me a little while to get what she was doing What with the oral sex and the obvious lust inducing moments it was hard to force my brain into ACTION I HAD TO KEEP REFOCUSING SHAKING IT OFF I had to keep refocusing shaking it off trying to see the book for what it was as opposed to imagining half naked men with incredible bodies all oiled up and osingOkay never mind back to the Dangerously Placed point In a market flooded with cookie cutter YAaranormal and Urban Fantasy novels this one is trying to be different It s trying to be contrary Marr must figure that if fails at least there s lots of Just Destiny pretty to look atWell it did fail to be different It was entirely forgettable In fact I m having trouble remembering everything already and I just finished it today I suppose of course that if it wants to fall back onretty sparkly men oh I m sorry this one GLOWS It s different see At least this one doesn t try to hide the fact that he s a fairy that s ITS Paradise Run prerogative however on a hawtness scale of 1 10 I rate Keenan and Seth a bit fat walloping meh How could theyossible compare to Clayton Or Barrons V Lane or Howl Christoph Con or any of the other REAL literary crushes I have In fact I ve had to create a whole new bookshelf in honour of this book I m calling it my Meh Shelf It s for books like this one don t be deceived by the stars it s not really 3 it s 2 12 that aren t terrible aren t fantastic and that I ll barely remember in a week or soSo if you want to read some fairly PG schmexing and some interesting Fae mythology then go ahead Give it a shotMaybe if I keep reading books like this I ll cure my insatiable fascination with sparkly things It s what got me into this trouble to begin with I was looking for a diamond in the rough but this book was retty much mostly rough So I was expecting to read a nice YA book but let me tell you this book was so good that I read it in 6 hours without stoping I loved all the characters and the way everything developed Specially the end I really liked how the author gave a smart solution to every roblemI really enjoyed to read something different from all the books that are out there Wicked lovely is a nice refreshing and original story Ash is a great heroine with one of the best Help Me, Jacques Cousteau personalities I ve seen and Seth is the sweetest thing If you likearanormal romance and YA books you ll love this series I m glad I finally read it I would give this book 45 stars if I could So good Aislinn has always followed the rules Her Grandmother has drilled them into her since she was a young child Don t stare at invisible faeries Don t speak to invisible faeries Don t ever attract faeries attention Aislinn has developed the skill to ignore them She walks Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen passed them without flinching even when the faeries areinching or touching others around her like they love to do Faeries come in many shapes and sizes and Aislinn has seen them all She s seen them in the glamours they wear in order to The Book of Mordred pass as humans and canick one out of a crowd even when they are trying to blend in Aislinn has never been surprised by what she has seen them do that is until they start breaking the rules Faeries don t like steel It causes them Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide pain and weakens them Because of that Aislinn s safelace has always been Seth s house Seth is a long time friend who happens to live in a converted steel train car Aislinn always knew if she I liked this book a lot than I thought I would I mean usually when a book is hyped up a lot my immediate reaction is to roll my eyes and wonder if it s worth the hype I didn t start reading the Harry Potter series until the third one was already out and then I read them all in one sitting So I m a book cynic and was worried that I would mind Readable but blandMost of my dissatisfaction with this book stems from the fact that what Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert passes for alot with Wicked Lovely would have been used as a sub Hidden Boundaries plot in any other It can be summarised like thisKEENAN gives Aislinn a choice between two optionsAISLINN fleesSETH waits for AislinnKEENAN waits for AislinnDONIA waits for AislinnBEIRA issues occasional Ursula like threatsAISLINNAISLINNAISLINN makes choiceBOOK endsSo the. Who is eualarts terrifying and alluring is trying to talk to her asking uestions Aislinn is afraid to answer Rule #1 Don't ever attract their attention But it's too late Keenan is the Summer King who has sought his ueen for nine centuries Without her summer itself will erish He is determined that Aislinn will become the Summer ueen at any. ,
Entire book revolves around Aislinn which could have "been interesting if aislinn s interactions showed the "interesting if Aislinn s interactions showed the spark But no Towards the end it feels as if other characters start kicking her towards character development because she s not going there by herselfThere s also the fact that Seth was a cardboard rop boyfriend with tattoos If he were secretly an interesting character made one dimensional by love for Aislinn I would be fine with it well okay I wouldn t but I would be willing to adjust to that than I am to Seth as he is now But in every scene he s doing something to help Aislinn or that revolves around Aislinn There s not even a hint that he ever does anything else or that this is wrong Seth would make a wonderful RL boyfriend but in fiction he is extremely boring I don t even know what to say This has been the first book that I ve thrown across the room and felt extremely happy about it Needless to say I absolutely despised it The beginning was a wonderful solid four starsand then the ending came SPOILERSWicked Lovely is the story about a 17 year old girl who s had the Sight her entire life Aislinn lives in fear every day of attracting the attention of any faerie only to have it all every day of attracting the attention of any faerie only to have it all crashing down when the Summer King Keenan claims her attracting the attention of any faerie only to have it all crashing down when the Summer King Keenan claims her the next Summer ueen Keenan has been searching for the one for over nine centuries only to condemn each wrong girl to the burden of being a Winter Girl who has to carry the awful winter chill until the next unlucky girl comes along Reasons why it sucked and yes it sucked majorly in my opinion Seth Aislinn s mortal friendboyfriend it takes the author a ridiculous amount of time to clear up which is way too Gods Callgirl perfect I love the idea that he owns his ownlace yet has no jobTHE ENDINGIt really is a huge letdown to read the whole book realy enjoying it only to reach the end knowing that it s all going to end up awfullyThe thing is I loved Donia and Seth I loved Keenan and AislinnHow did it end upKeenan and Donia and Seth and AislinnWTHThe endWho wants this book I would be glad to send it to you some of the Forever I'm Yours pages bend up of course from its impact on my wall Oy vie What a horrible book I decided to change it s title to Beautiful and Vapid Hormones Melissa Marr held so muchromise for a feisty female rotagonist willing to fight the allure of immortal beauty and ower for our mundane yet necessary mortality Sadly Aislinn the main character faded into nothingness in the last few chapters It seemed as though Marr couldn t sacrifice either of the two worlds for her Aislinn and so gave her both which in my opinion gives her nothing Life demands sacrifice for true happiness Hormones ruled not love or the uest for right just enises and breasts sorry to be so blunt but it s too true I m thoroughly disappointed Perhaps if the story started the way it began I wouldn t be so upset But Marr set a beautiful stage erfect characters with bright Renoir promises of illuminating lives It s as if Marrut all her energy and wit into the first act It was Nebular Sammelband 5 - Galaxis in Panik perfectly coordinated hopeful lives waiting for tough decisions to show their true beauty and strength The happy ending never came because as the curtain ascended to reveal the last act the actors once graceful and awe inspiring crashed into each other trippedulled down the beautiful set ripped their glittering costumes shouted rofanities and uncovered their base savage hormones I hope Ms Marr becomes a great author she has it in her but she needs to learn as we all do that life is lived beyond hysical desire in what we sacrifice for others and ourselves to gain wisdom and love 2718 ON SALE for 399 by Rabid Reads35 starsThe first time I read WICKED LOVELY by Melissa Marr I did not like it It was too dark I was too young to catch the deeper connotations that Marr was communicating If it hadn t been Bakunin: The Creative Passion published in that weird in between time when I wasretty current on all the interesting series in my The Donegal Woman preferred genres and therefore desperate for reading material Irobably never would ve read the second book But it was and I did And it remains my favorite YA series about Fae Aislinn like all of her female ancestors has the Sight She can see through faery glamour magic used to either make the Fae invisible to hu. Cost regardless of her lans or desires Suddenly none of the rules that have kept Aislinn safe are working any and everything is on the line her freedom; her best friend Seth; her life; everything Faerie intrigue mortal love and the clash of ancient rules and modern expectations swirl together in Melissa Marr's stunning 21st century faery tale.

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