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Never had to endure the loss of a child and I could physically feel the pain of Schwaiger s characters It made me ponder too When someone loses a child it seems as if detailed memories come nbidden through triggers of seemingly small things and yet I can t recall in much detail my own children s toddler years and youth so is it because they lived constantly in motion and creating new fresh memories I m grateful for the knowledge and testimony that I have about this Life and what happens when we leave to the next one I don t know how have about Life and what happens when we leave to the next one I don t know how survive loss of any kind without a sure testimony of our Heavenly Father s love and support This book was one I ll remember for a long time and not because of the darkness but because of the light of hope and forgiveness it portrayed This is a story about how organic farming saved the world Wait It isn t While holding the soil in my hands I yearned to get closer to it to let it soak into me I glanced around and then made my body prostrate in the soil settling the right side of my face to the earth I pulled my shirt The Shadow at the Bottom of the World up and let the coolness touch my belly It felt like life to me It was malleable forming to the contours of my face There was something comforting about the act Perhaps because I knew there was life in the soil that it contained organic properties of living matter that it was filled with microbes and nutrients that nourished life and growth According to the Book Group Discussionestions this is essentially a love story I guess in a way it is true through the people around her Anna has to learn how To Love Herself Again love herself again how to carve a place into her life for the husband she s left behind but still loves But that story got buried deep Design for Six Sigma underneath a layer of ever returning praise of organic farming and it kept me from connecting to it It wasn t excuse the pun included organically in the story at all instead it felt like organic farming propaganda It started to really irritate me after a while I caught Lena watching Torbjorn a smile in her eyes She was admiring him loving himI gasped and eyes turned to me I shook my head The look in her eyes was what got me Granted it wasn t just the organic farming I think parts of what kept me at a distance was the way the book is written It s all very clinical very detached Plus there is a huge emphasis on people s looks from Kai telling her that if she had beengly he wouldn t have The Southern tip of Sweden There she tills the soil plants seeds learns to pickle cucumbers and fights her attraction to a younger manHer Otis Oldfield unlikely friendships with twoniue women awaken her to suffering other than her own and help her face her part in the tragedy She returns home to find her husband has found his own nowhere and must. .
This book was written by my sweet friend Brigetta I had no idea she was a novelist WOW It is a beautifully written story of a women with nbe 4 12 stars Carefully written and thoughtful A family drama a love story and a bit of a travelfood novel about a woman working through the aftereffects of
a tragedy as 
tragedy As wife and mother myself I nderstood and appreciated the main character s feelings and actions I would not have the courage nor the cowardice to duplicate her actions but I got her I think the author did a wonderful job showing how a person is transformed to less than her whole self through tragedy Perhaps the ending was a little bit of a cop out because it seems to be the ending reuiring the least effort but I appreciated the ending nevertheless mostly because it s the kind of ending I personally always hope for A rich story of love tragic loss and new beginningsI could not put this one down The writing was superb Ms Schwaiger skillfully relates a mother s pain of loss and weaves it into this tale of love human imperfection and forgiveness I love a book that allows such excellent characterization as this I don t want to say goodbye to them at the end Good Book My friend and author Brigetta Schwaiger wrote Her Nowhere I enjoyed every heartfelt moment of this read Tender and moving Her Nowhere will have even the hardest of hearts welling Wciv, Volume 1 up with emotionUntil the storynfurls in its own time the reader is Even Monsters Need Haircuts unaware of the source of Anna s pain As her storynfolds also nfolding are the stories of Lena and Grace with their own pains and heartaches This is a story of how one seemingly simple action can LEAD TO A WORLD OF PAIN AND UNWANTED CONSEUENCES to a world of pain and nwanted conseuences oneself and others It s also a story of letting go forgiving oneself and accepting forgiveness A story of great compassion friendship and love A story of survival and going after what you love Though this is not in itself a story about God it certainly shows how he can make beauty from ashes How something lovely can come from our pain 4 12 STARS This book spoke to me It was a little dark but I never lost the sense of Hope waiting just a page away I absolutely LOVED the way the story was told It moved so Fit and Sexy For Life: The Hormone-Free Plan for Staying Slim, Strong, and Fabulous in Your Forties, Fifties, and Beyond uietly from present to past as the story builds with just the right amount of tension and expectancy The analogy of loss portrayed through gardeningfarming was exuisite I have experienced great loss in my life but. Anna Broxton’s marriage to the top Tommy John surgeon in the West and their idyllic ranch life in the Flathead Valley of Montana makes most women envy her That isntil one simple moment changes her family foreverUnable to bear the presence of her once adored husband she abandons her life and finds her nowhere a small organic farm on. Greed to help her to Anna COMMENTING ON HER MOM S LOVELY on her mom s lovely And there was an در آخرین روزهای رضاشاه undercurrent of racism that made me veryncomfortable At one point she talks with a guy on the phone and she imagined he was a big black man what a woman who won t listen to her must be ignoring her because she appeared to be very white very English speaking and of course the one absolute villain in the story is a large man who looked Samoan with black eyes and a shaved head Stereotypes abound all over such as the Irish a shaved head Stereotypes abound all over such as the Irish on the farm who calls her lass every other sentence Anna got on my nerves so much She is so incredibly self centred I can t fault her for running away when her life fell apart that made sense But even when she was getting better when she was healing when she set out to try and get back the life she d lost she still only thought of her own pain her own tragedy And when she s looking to others it s with so much judgement in her eyesI liked a lot of the side characters though Lena s iet strength and Clara s youthful resilience really made the first parts of the book for me I would have loved a story about either of them instead of the story we got Seriously I wanted to know all about Lena from the very first time we met her And even though we got snippets of her story ki Love this book One of my all time faves WOW I LOVED this book I couldn t put it down My heart went out to the main character Anna from the very beginning of the book knowing that she had gone through a horrible life altering experience but not knowing exactly what had driven her away from her husband When the reason was finally revealed what had driven her away from her husband When the reason was finally revealed was far worse that I had imagined and my heart went out to this character again I could not imagine going through that kind of pain or trying deal with that type of mindheart shattering tragedy yet the way the Anna dealt with her pain and grief was heartbreaking and moving at the same timeI really felt for Anna when she finally forgave herself and felt strong enough to reach to her husband Kai only to find that he wasn t as strong as she thought and how she realized that not only did he have to deal with their shared tragedy but he also had to deal with her abandonment and try to move on with his life without herI read on an average of 3 to 6 books a week and after a while the story lines and characters tend to blend together but not this book and not these characters. Fight for whatever love remains in the gaps of their shattered familyHer Nowhere is a tearjerker about relationships and what they can survive if we let them It is appropriate for book club discussion about our own niue tragedies how we respond to them how they shape s humanitarianism organic farming and the imperfection of motherho. ,