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Ght harder Well I d like to bring up Harriet Jacob s blog post again because just after her bitch list she says this If we teach women that there are only certain ways they may acceptably behave we should not be surprised when they behave in those waysAnd we should not be surprised when they behave these ways during attempted or completed rapesWomen who are taught not to speak up too loudly or too orcefully or too adamantly or too demandingly are not going to shout NO at the top of their goddamn lungs just because some guy is getting uncomfortably closeWomen who are taught not to keep arguing are not going to keep saying NO Women who are taught that their needs and desires are not to be trusted are ickle and wrong and are not to be interpreted by the woman herself are not going to know how to argue with but you liked kissing I just thought Women who are taught that physical confrontations make them look crazy will not start hitting kicking and screaming until it s too late if they do at allNobody obtains the superpower to behave dramatically differently during a Find Your Miracle: How the Miracles of Jesus Can Change Your Life Today frightening confrontation Women will behave the same way they have been taught to behave in all social professional and sexual interactions Eerie isn t it I sure thought so Hopefully by now you re beginning to understand the inflammatory statement this all started withNot only do Ana s actions and behaviors throughout the book reinforce the horrible societal conditioning that I mentioned earlier but this series also contains a lot of the otheracets of rape culture like victim silencing For instance once she s collected herself this happens Turning I glance at Jos who looks pretty shamefaced himself and like me intimidated by Grey I glare at him I have a Trawling for Trouble few choice wordsor my so called riend none of which I can repeat in ront of Christian Grey CEO Ana who are you kidding He s just seen you hurl all over the ground and into the local The Art of Rivalry: Four Friendships, Betrayals, and Breakthroughs in Modern Art flora There s no disguising you lack of ladylike behavior That s rightolks It isn t ladylike to yell shrill bitch It isn t ladylike to swear crazy bitch It isn t ladylike to defend yourself after you ve just been sexually assaulted mean bitch Leave that to the menfolk Surely they ll defend you Surely they ll be the ones to address the act that you were just sexually assaulted Men you know the other sex the ones that have been raised to talk about emotions In publicAnd while we re discussing this scene we can t orget about rule number eight Women should always accept and trust the kindness of strangers if they offer help That s what Christian is to her at this point in the book A stranger She s seen him only three times in ormal or work related settings and knows nothing about him other than he s rich good looking and that his shopping list resembles those of serial killers I ll get to that last part later in the review But accept his help and trust his kindness she does She lets this complete stranger remove her rom the bar assuming that as he s just saved her rom a sexual assault he s not planning one of his ownWhen she wakes up in his suite the next morning pantsless by the way she accuses Christian of stalking her He defends himself by saying if I hadn t come to get you you d probably waking up in the photographer s Jos s bed and rom what I can remember you weren t overly enthused about him pressing his suit he Christian says acidly Pressing his suit I glance up at Christian He s glaring at me eyes blazing aggrieved I try to bit my lip but I Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?: And Other Notorious Nursery Tale Mysteries fail to repress my giggle Which Medieval chronicle did you escaperom You sound like a courtly knight You got that Stalking s okay Because it s better than being rapedfacepalmI m almost at a loss at how to address the rest of this without copious amounts of swearing How little she s concerned with her Seal Team Seven 11: Flashpoint: Flashpoint friend s behavior is appalling That there s no thought on her end about Christian s allusion to her rape escape is appalling How she glosses over it all and makes aucking joke about it is appalling It continues by the way I would have been An Innocent in Cuba fine I was with Kate And the photographer he Christian snaps at me Jos just got out of line I shrugA shrug is a dismissive gesture just in case you were wondering She dismisses sexual assault as getting out of line She downplays the severity of what happened Why does she do this Because it s awkward to talk about it Because it s scary to think that someone she knows and trusts assaulted her and that when she tried to push him away and said no he ignored her Guess what It s always going to suck to talk about It s always scary to realize that statistics say that if you re raped you ll know your attacker But we need to talk about these things because if we don t nothing will ever changeAnd now the grandinale victim shaming and blaming You see Jos eels bad or what he did At irst Ana is pissed at him as she should be and even after he calls her numerous times and leaves several messages she continues to ignore him deciding to let him stew Then the NEXT DAY this happens The memory of Jos s attempted kiss haunts me I m beginning to eel a bit cruel not calling him backShe Matka alkaa (Etsijät feels cruel Sheeels cruel or not returning the calls of the man that orced himself upon her Well of course she does She s been trained to be gracious and polite He s addressing her Rule number one has taught her that she should smile in this situation so it would make sense that she Too Big for Diapers (Sesame Street) feels bador not doing so Two days later they talk Can I see you I m sorry about Friday night I was drunkand youwell Ana please Seven Nights to Forever forgive me Of course Iorgive you Jos Just don t do it again You know I don t eel like that about you Here s where I start to get really angry and you what exactly Were there Were breathing Had tits How can Jos s behavior in any way be blamed on Ana This is the she deserved to be raped because she was wearing a skirt mentality that needs to be burned rom our collective minds No one can ever make you do anything Everything you do every way you behave is a choice that you and you alone make So no there is no and you Books like this with scenes like the ones I ve spoken about only perpetuate our silence our ignorance our discomfort and our complicity They reinforce unhealthy behaviors and thinking patterns and they perpetuate rape culture Authors I beg you don t cover tough issues and strong themes if you can t do them justice Grant them the depth and the severity they deserve PleaseBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest In the words of Miss Steele You need to sort your shit out Grey Good day sir Fifty Shades of Grey like Fifty shades of ucked up nonsense rolls eyes I should get a medal or just Carvalho und die Meere des Südens finishing this tripe I honestly do NOTeel like revisiting this book and writing a review I d rather spend the time searching The Science of Single: One Woman's Grand Experiment in Modern Dating, Creating Chemistry, and Finding L ove for ways to remove this utter nonsenserom my memory However this book is so bad that I Sarah Conley feel the need to warn othersrom this drivel Luckily I did not buy this garbage I do not even know what overcame me to read it and I can only blame a momentary lack of judgment on my partWhat baffles me is the scary Ninja Slice fangirlgasmollowing this book So what s causing it a hit I can only come up with twilight Doing some research this book was originally posted online as a twilight Inbox fanfic Yes a twilightanfic The act that this book s source material isn t a good piece of literature just shows what you should expect rom this book And dubbing it a twilight A Touch of Gold fanfic and promoting it as such is no doubt raising the bar on the saleigures What has the world come to headdesk Whatever s causing its success I can safely say it can t be the book itselfEverything you could possibly imagine is wrong with this book The execution and the characters And the writing And the plot wait was there one Firstly it has been said a countless number of times how abusive Bella and Edward s relationship was And it is arguably the most anti eminist portrayal of any relationship FSoG simply continues this unhealthy view and promotes an even abusive and degrading relationship towards women targeting older women and possibly even teenage girls who know No Better Oh Dear God I Hope Teenage Girls Do better Oh dear god I hope teenage girls do jump on this disturbing bandwagon Surely it is degrading to ask a woman to sign a contract where she is now the property of the Dominant to be dealt with as the Dominant pleases and submitting herself to any sexual activity demanded by the Dominantwithout hesitation or argument especially when you take into consideration the act that she would be signing up to something she has not yet experienced and knows little about as she is still a virgin This is not something that should be promoted as desirable or idealistic This book cheapens what Hunch: Turn Your Everyday Insights Into the Next Big Thing feminists haveought or years Don t get me wrong I wouldn t deprive women of their right to express themselves sexually nor to act upon their desires but I shudder at the thought of women aspiring to a relationship where she will take part in various things that she is not comfortable with and at times even when she s genuinely in ear of taking part simply because she inds the guy hot The plot I m not even sure if there was one 50% of the book is spent Talking About Sexthe Contract And about sexthe contract and other 50% is made up of clumsily written sex scenes view spoilerFSoG starts of with Anastasia Steele agreeing to interview the billionaire Christian Grey Miss Steele is instantly captivated by Mr Grey s dashing looks and within 2 days she alls in love with him Mr Grey Az éltető étkek arany szutrája for some unfathomable reason can t keep awayrom her and reveals to her his secret kinky lifestyle The two spend the rest of the romantic evening calmly discussing the contract that allows him to A Grid for Murder fuck her senseless She reveals to him that she s a virgin and his only response he needs to handle that situation Really The next 4 days he gets to do exactly what he wants he stalks her abuses her and punishes her by spanking her several times uotes that spring to mind Please don t hit medon t be angry with medon t want you to spank me Aww isn t that romantic Atleast sheinally sees some sense and walks out hide spoiler Head s up If any of you Painted Desert fuckers comment at the bottom of this review and say You don t understand BDSM I will hunt you down and make you eat your com I didn t want to start this book Many people are praising it but I m simply not into erotica it s too cheapor me But here I am in the mind of the innocent waiting to be devoured by the big bad wolf Sounds pornographic doesn t it That s because it is Christian Grey A hot dude that melts a woman s panties off with just one look The perfect sex toy set out to conuer an innocent girl Grey the sick Appetite fck is considered one of the hottest characters out there but he doesn t get to me His dominance is too muchor me to handle and his attitude tends to be annoying and slimy Plus he s just wrong in the head so there s no need to add about this creep Anastasia is an immature insecure desperate idiot who wants to become the whore of Babylon She just wants to listen to her inner goddess wtf and have creepy monkey sex with Grey She has no personality nor will whatsoever she gets excited over the smallest and most idiotic. T Sie kommt von ihm nicht los Christian ührt Ana ein in eine dunkle gefährliche Welt der Liebe – in eine Welt vor der sie zurückschreckt und die sie doch mit unwiderstehlicher Kraft anzieh. ,
Ne ticketson the Internet ARE YOU NOW WHOAOOOAOAOA Don t get crazy on us I might be too overwhelmed by this turn of events I ired up my email BLAZING SPEEDS REUIRED They actually do the you hang up no you hang up no you that gross couples tend to do And it was expectedly gross Someone on ONTD who liked this book yelled at me because I said that Christian is not a dominant they also said I wasn t experienced enough to understand lol okay like you know who I am anon I still stand by that statement It s not what he s doing it s how he s doing it He is deeply troubled whiny and manipulative and while he does love control it s Cooking the Whole Foods Way: Your Complete, Everyday Guide to Healthy, Delicious Eating with 500 Recipes, Menus, Meal Planning, Techniques, Buying for the wrong reasons He was abused as a child and sexually abused as a 15 year old and vastly denies it and because of this he justifies his activities as personal preference when he is inact a bit too Pure Grit fucked up to currently have a relationship He ends up making the na ve Anastasia batshit crazy because he continues to string her along trying to convince her they want the same things instead of getting himself some help He gives her the illusion that she has the choice to back out but then turns around and says ha ha I m joking but I know where toind you by the way She goes to visit her mother because she needs a break Apple-Picking Day! from him to think and what does he do Flies out there using his roundabout stalker way ofinding information about where she s at like he always does to meet up have sex with her and take her out with him She s supposed to be visiting her mother and having time to think yet he can t stay away and makes this about HIM taking her away rom time with her mom whom she hasn t seen in 6 months I can t at this selfish ucking bastard because he just can t stay awayIt makes me mad just thinking about someone that clingy Which is another thing that pisses me off almost everything about their whining and relationship conversations reminds me of everything I ve hated about past relationships I ve had How does ANYONE enjoy this book How does anyone think that this is sexy that this depicts something they wantI can t evenI cannotAlso I should never have imagined Chuck and Blair Ajax is All About Attack from Gossip Girl as the main characters Now everytime I see a commercialor Gossip Girl rage courses through my bodyI m bored Someone get me out of herePS Did you know that James recently stated she s set the bar America the Philosophical for writing pretty highCoolPlease do yourself aavor and go buy a book of much higher uality plot and writing ohhhh likeModelland Trigger Warning This review contains strong themes to include rapeBefore I begin what will likely become a very long rantpublic service announcement let me The Northmans Bride (Sons of the North first say aew words I have nothing against EL James Nothing She s said that this series is a antasy she managed to put on paper and that she never expected it to gain such momentum Good or her The Northman's Bride for perusing her dream of writing If this book alsoulfills one of your antasies or if you just plain enjoyed it good or you too This review is in no way meant to belittle or condemn you Cherry Bomb for liking these books and nor is it an attack on the author These are solely MY OPINIONS about how dangerous FSoG is to society and specifically to women Needless to say this book does notulfill one of my Leading the Way fantasies It s pretty much my biggest nightmare But it s justiction No You can t use that argument with me Not any This book is not just iction This book has become a rigging phenomenon As I write this over 70 million copies have been sold in the United States alone hardware stores have run out of natural The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming a Stepmother with Humor and Grace fiber rope and there are even BDSMor Beginners classes cropping up in small town AmericaSo excuse me but I can t just read this and think of it like a When Red Cried Wolf fantasy not when it s become a realityor so many people and not when I was so enraged by what I ound within itOkay everyone take a deep breath grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and settle in We re going to be here or a while First up is probably the most inflammatory of the statements I m going to make so we might as well rip the band aid offTHIS BOOK PERPETUATES THE RAPE CULTURE WE WERE ALL RAISED INThere I ve said it I m not taking it back and I m not apologizing If you re unfamiliar with this phrase allow me "to elaborate Wikipedia defines rape culture as A term within women s "elaborate defines rape culture as A term used within women s and The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing feminism describing a culture in which rape and other sexual violence usually against women are common and in which prevalent attitudes norms practices and media condone normalize excuse or encourage sexualized violence Let s look at theirst half of that definition As much as we may want to ignore the Song of the Forest facts rape and sexual violence are common in America According to RAINN the nation s largest anti sexual violence organization someone in the US is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes On average that s about 207754 sexual assaults each year 54% of sexual assaults are not reported 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail and 23 of these assaults are committed by someone known to the victimI could go onor days about how prevalent attitudes practices and the media condone sexual violence but I won t because I m really going to try and keep my words and links relevant to FSoG Thankfully throughout my research I ound severalhundredThe University of California has an interesting article about how social and cultural norms perpetuate rape and rape culture In it they specifically address how women are conditioned rom early ages to be passive and accept and affect certain attitudes and behaviors Here are some of the social rules they list and elaborate on1 When spoken to a woman must acknowledge the other person with a gracious smile2 Women must answer uestions asked of them3 Women must not bother other people or make a scene because they are uncomfortable4 When in trouble it is best to defer to the protection and judgment of men5 Casual touching or suggestive comments in social settings are meant as a tribute to a woman s desirability6 It is the natural state of affairs A Constellation of Vital Phenomena for men to carry theinancial burden of social situations7 When engaged in a social encounter it is not proper or a woman to superior in any game sport or discussion if she wants to be accepted8 Women should always accept and trust the kindness of strangers if they offer helpThere s a blog post by Harriet Jacobs that also speaks to this and I urge you to read it in its entirety In short it says women are raised being told by parents teachers media peers and all surrounding social strata that it is not okay to set solid and distinct boundaries and reinforce them immediately and dramatically when crossed mean bitch it is not okay to appear distraught or emotional crazy bitch it is not okay to make personal decisions that the adults or other peers in your life do not agree with and it is not okay to refuse to explain those decisions to others stuck up bitch it is not okay to refuse to agree with somebody over and over and over again angry bitch it is not okay to have or express conflicted luid or experimental Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights feelings about yourself your body your sexuality your desires and your needs bitch got daddy issues it is not okay to use your physical strength if you have it to set physical boundaries dyke bitch it is not okay to raise your voice shrill bitch it is not okay to completely and utterly shut down somebody who obviously likes you mean dykefrigid bitch Now how do these two examples relate to FSoG Simply put Ana the main character in this series continuously exhibits the behaviors listed in the rules and seems to have the mentality of those listed in the bullets She might as well be the case study on which both were basedEarly in the book there s an interaction between her and a young man named Paul the son of the couple she worksor This is someone she says has always been a buddy Just after they greet each other with a hug he releases me but keeps a possessive arm draped over my shoulder I shuffle Still Life with Chickens fromoot to Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea foot embarrassed It s good to see Paul but he s always been overlyamiliar Does she tell him that she s uncomfortable or step out Paradox Bound from beneath his arm No that d be going against everything that rule number three has taught her Plus she wouldn t want to come across as a mean bitch now would she Just after this Paul asks her out Whenever he s home he asks me on a date and I always say no It s a ritual Is it a ritual Or is it something than that Has Ana like many of us been conditioned toollow the rules to such a degree that she doesn t know how to tell him It s not okay to keep asking me out Is she so terrified of breaking cultural norms and coming across as a mean crazy angry dyke shrill rigid bitch that she ll put up with his pursuit of her indefinitely Or does she just not know to put a stop to it because she hasn t been taught toWhen she turns him down yet again he goes on to say because she hasn t been taught toWhen she turns him down yet again he goes on to say one of these days you ll say yes Creeped out yet You should be How does Ana respond to this declaration By escaping the room they re in and getting back to a crowded store loor What does this tell us She STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare felt the need tolee She elt the need to not be alone with him Part of her clearly recognized the danger of the situation and the repeated advances of her riend But instead of speaking up she Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays fledShe never voices her discomfort She is the submissive uiet person that society has taught her to be And 70 million people have read about her and have had these dangerously passive behaviors reinforced yet again through her actions behaviors and words or lack thereofHow will this same mentality play out in a situation involving sexual assault I can tell you because just aew chapters later she s sexually assaulted by another of her Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All friends Jos I m okay I ve got this I try to push him away rathereebly Ana please he whispers and now he s holding me in his arms pulling me close Jos what are you doing You know I like you Ana please He has one hand at the small of my back holding me against him the other at my chin tipping back my head Holy What a Lass Wants fuckhe s going to kiss me No Jos stop no I push him but he s a wall of hard muscle and I cannot shift him His hand has slipped into my hair and he s holding my head in place Please Ana cari o he whispers against my lips He gently trails kisses along my jaw up to the side of my mouth Ieel panicky drunk and out of control The eeling is suffocating Jos no I plead I don t want thisLuckily Ana is spared urther abuse because the one and only Christian Grey arrives on the scene and saves her How By saying I think the lady said no That s right Ana can try to push Jos away and tell him no multiple times but that s not good enough One sentence Mexican Hooker from a man and Jos immediately releases her bringing us back to rule numberour When in trouble it is best to defer to the protection and judgment of men You got that ladies Don t try to The League for the Suppression of Celery fight back because you ll just be ignored rely instead on a man Sort of a catch 22 when the one who s going to get you into trouble will likely also be a manBear in mind that this little scene takes place in the parking lot outside of a crowded bar just a shout awayrom salvation You re probably wondering why Ana didn t scream Why she didn t i. Einem Interview ür ihre Uni Zeitung kennen Und möchte ihn eigentlich schnellstmöglich wieder vergessen denn die Begegnung mit ihm hat sie zutiefst verwirrt So sehr sie sich aber darum bemüh. ,
You know I was beginning to wonder if I needed to change some of my two star books to one star I was thinking that I might not ever personally read a book worthy of one star and I was messing up my scale by giving some of the lame books I ve read lately two stars instead of oneThank you EL James or proving to me there was something worth waiting or Something that truly exemplifies the meaning of terribleNow hold up all you would be defenders I read this whole thing I did not skip anything I did not skim I read every word I bought this book with the intention of giving it the benefit of the doubt You see I love erotica and I m not ashamed to say that I both read as you see on my 2012 books I ve already read two others and write it myself So I was thinking to myself oh maybe there s a possibility that even though this is a twi iction rewrite and even though everyone makes The Day Fidel Died fun of it it could still be aun little guilty pleasure read that I can laugh along withNONONONOThis book is NOT eroticsexy unny even ironically endearing ull of sexual taboosThis book IS repetitive plotless well you knew that painful to get through depicting manipulative controlling and self destructive as desirable how to not write a novel how to gain success by using other people s characters barely changing them and then laughing all the way to the bankMost people know about the twilight matchups so I m not going to go into too much detail but it was actually uite sickening how lazy she was to change ANY story detailsBella Anastasia a clumsy girl who grew up in Arizona Las Vegas with her mother then moved to Forks Vancouver Washington where her dad stepdad lives while her mother lives with her new husband in Florida Georgia She has a younger riend named Jacob Jose with a crush on her and whose dad is riends with her dad because they are Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge fishing partners and policeorce army buddies and who gave her his old truck VW beetleEdward Christian who is adopted and has a sibling named Emmett Elliott and a sister named Alice Mia also adopted who live with their parents Carlisle Carrick really CARRICK We couldn t even change the The Outlaw and the Upstart King first three letters and Esme Grace Theirather mother is a doctor Rose Kate and Jasper Ethan are also siblings in this story but have been changed to be riends of Anastasia since in Twilight they already have a convenient different last name than the other CullensAlso he dazzles herI can t even unction over the Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War fact that upon preparing this bookor publishing she couldn t change one ucking thing to make it even remotely different That was too hard TOO DAMN HARD The similarities in character are so untouched that I am sincerely appalled that she thought it different enough to publish as is It s uite disgustingAlright continuing on and once again I m sure you ve heard this already this book is terribly written Most notably the lack of ability to describe anything other than the ew choice phrases she knows how to type He ran his hands through his hair I bit my lip He told me not to bite my lip Oh jeez He grabbed me by the chin to make me look up at him Holy crap I peeked up at him Lather rinse repeat Over And over And over For 500 pages Then there s the case of multiple personality disorder where she hears the voices of two distinct other pieces of herself in her head The subconscious the one telling her she s not good enough and the inner goddess the one that s all into the sex It s strange because I m also currently reading a book right now Deadline where the main character hears a voice in his head because he is literally insane and it s written almost the exact same way he talks back to his voice who presents herself in italics just as Anastasia talks back to her two italics voices It s Stories for a Kindred Heart: Over 100 Treasures to Touch Your Soul funny because she s supposed to be completely normal and yet shares the same schizophrenic tendencies as a book about someone who is completely insane This is sense Check out this awesome short paragraphrom chapter 24 Through the haze of light I suint and see Christian leaning over me smiling Amused Amused at me Dressed In black What are these ragments our in a row What is this punctuation GASP AT HIM BEING CLOTHED Is this supposed to be poetryLet me add some line breaks Speak Through the Wind for poetic interestThrough the haze of light I suint and see Christian leaning over me Smiling Amused Amused at me Dressed In blackThat s almost betterLet s have another shall werom chapter 24 once I didn t put that song on my iPod he says casually and puts his Stories for a Teen's Heart foot down so that I am thrown back into my seat as the car accelerates along thereeway What He knows what he s doing the bastard Who did And I have to listen to Britney going on and on WhowhoThe song ends and the iPod shuffles to Damien Rice being morunful Who Who I stare out the window my stomach churning WhoSAY WHO AGAIN BITCH JUST TRY IT I DARE YOUOkay and now maybe even worse than the writing oh hell nothing s worse than the writing nevermind is the lack of plot Now once again you already know this Do I even need to tell you nothing happens Seeing as it s based off of a book where nothing happens you can be guaranteed that as we go one step removed even less happens Here is the part where I apologize to Twilight where I said in my page by page commentary below that 50 Shades was entertaining I was at the very beginning I was young and na ve I didn t realize I m sorry You know how The Office kind of got bad after Jim and Pam got together because there You know how The Office kind of got bad after Jim and Pam got together because there really nothing you were waiting or after that This happens by likechapter 2 You re likeokaywhat now we jut have to watch them whine as a couple or the next zillion pages Okay I can t even athom that there are two other books written about this couple I literally want to open the window and invite birds to eat my eyes out as punishment or buying and reading this bookAnd now or a bit of tiddlybits I m going to share some information on storywriting that you guys might ind interesting and will help show exactly why 50 Shades has zero plot I went to school or ilm and we had story development classes One thing we were beaten over the head with about is something called the 7 Sentence Story This will help The Best Canadian Animal Stories: Classic Tales by Master Storytellers for any writers that are writing their books to be cinematic or would like their novel to be consideredor The Vagabonds film purposes this is by no means a rule but a really helpful guideline First you need a problem a conflict A reason to tell a story Once you have that your plot should be able to be described in seven sentences thuslyExposition we are introduced to the protagonist andor main charactersInciting Incident something happens that kicks off the conflict the whole point of the storyPlot Point 1 because of the inciting incident character sets off to do somethingcorrect the problem etcMidpoint here inilm you might see a montage but it s a place where either plot point 1 is resolved or there is a transition in the characters way of thinkingPlot Point 2 often an even bigger issue arises or a twist that changes or accelerates the conflictClimax inal showdown or decisions needed to be madeResolution everything comes to an end the conflict is settled in one way or anotherBasically if you can tell your story in this way in seven sentences you ll know that A the main point is clear B that your story doesn t wander too much in different directions and C that you actually have a plot to stand on that you can justify there s enough substance there And since that s a lot of vagueness we ll go with a classic captivedominant story to show how one tells a story in seven sentences Disney s Beauty and the Beast First the main conflictConflict The prince has been turned into a beast and has only a limited time left before he is trapped orever as oneAnd the seven sentence story Exposition Belle is a smart girl who rejects the advances of Gaston as she doesn t want to be stuck in a mundane lifeInciting Incident Belle s ather gets lost and captured by the Beast in his castlePlot Point in a mundane lifeInciting Incident Belle s ather gets lost and captured by the Beast in his castlePlot Point Belle trades her Even Eagles Need a Push: Learning to Soar in a Changing World freedomor her ather and is prisoner in the castleMidpoint Belle starts to experience eelings or the Beast and is complacentPlot Point 2 Belle s ather is sick and the Beast decides to let her go even though he s giving up his chances of being with herClimax Gaston comes with an angry mob to destroy the BeastResolution While Beast lays dying his love At Sixes and Sevens for Belle turns him back into a human and he can live with her happily ever after Simple right Of course other things happen but no doubt you can communicate the main story with just these sentences Okay so let s try 50 Shades which hilariously has had itsilm rights bought already Conflict Anastasia must decide whether to be with a guy who she thinks is super hot but also scares her This The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole fascinating decision I tell you whatExposition Anastasia is a literary student at WSUInciting Incident Anastasia meets Christian on page 7 and thinks he s hot and mysterious and alsorustrating It is clear they both have chemistryPlot Point 1 which is sloppy and all over the place Christian chases her down brings her to his house and shows her he s into SM Also they have sexSorta Midpoint but kind of suished close to Plot Point 1 Anastasia must decide whether to pledge herself to him via contract if she wants to continue seeing him Plot Point 2 Nah she s still deciding and whining about how he s kind of scary but continues to have sex with him throughout this whole time There is no plot point 2Climax Well there isn t really one it s just kind of an all over the place endingeither the complicated sex scene at the end with the hymnal music or him hitting with her with the belt the next morning one of the two I guessResolution She says he s too weird and ends it What a complex thrilling and incredible plot The Last Honest Man: Mordecai Richler: An Oral Biography full of depth SHOULD I HAVE CUT THAT FOR SPOILERS OOPS Did you even care If you ve gotten thisar nopeBut guess what We know that there are two other books and they get together and lesson isn t really learned so AWESOME COOL I guess that s how she gets people to buy the next ones because hot diggedy I can t wait to see them get back together and whine some And let s talk about the sex The Catholic Home for a moment Nothingorbidden actually happens that you ll be like ohhhh how scandalous I want to try that For the most part it s pretty much all basic stuff or basic toy play because basically he s taking it easier on her since she s inexperienced Except Sarah Binks for the belt part at the end I guess which just doesn t soundunAnd you already heard about the tampon so like that s not even a surprise although imo it s not a big deal anyway Out of all the women having sex on their periods regularly I can guarantee you there are uite a ew men that are tasked with taking the tampon out and throwing it aside I was actually upset about the act that she is sleeping completely naked in a hotel room bed on day two of her period As if that isn t going to be a mess in the morningOkay lest I go on as long as the book you get the point If you want to see my commentary while reading it is below However a Too Many Puppies! few things I cannot stand how much the author being middle aged showsrom the point of view of this 21 year old I m gonna buy pla. Sie ist 21 Literaturstudentin und in der Liebe nicht allzu erfahren Doch dann lernt Ana Steele den reichen und ebenso unverschämt selbstbewussten wie attraktiven Unternehmer Christian Grey bei. Fifty Shades of Grey

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    Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub You know I was beginning to wonder if I needed to change some of my two star books to one star I was thinking that I might not ever personally read a book worthy of one star and I was messing up my scale by giving some of the lame books I've re

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    CHARACTERS ´ MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.CO.UK ↠ E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub What in the hell just happened? Did I really read that? Oh my god I did I did read that Meet Anastasia Steele Ana is just a giant mess

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    CHARACTERS ´ MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.CO.UK ↠ E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub E.L. James ↠ 1 CHARACTERS Trigger Warning This review contains strong themes to include rapeBefore I begin what will likely become a very long rantpublic service announcement let me first say a few words I have nothing against EL James Nothing She’s said that this series is a fantasy she managed to put on paper and that she never expected it to gain such momentum Good for her for perusing her dream of writing If this book also fulfills one of

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    Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub Introducing an even abusive and disturbing TWILIGHT Now with whips and chains Fifty Shades of Shit Haters please exit stage leftI'm not sure what possessed me to pick up Fifty Shades of Grey I thought I might gen

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    SUMMARY Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub CHARACTERS ´ MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.CO.UK ↠ E.L. James In the words of Miss Steele You need to sort your shit out Grey Good day sir Fifty Shades of Grey like Fifty shades of fucked up nonsense rolls eyes I should get a medal for just finishing this tripe I honestly

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    Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub Garbage Absolutely horrifying utter trash A waste of trees bookshelf space and precious oh so very fucking precious braincells Honestly why is this even published? Every single book store in Sydney is promoting this tripe claiming

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    E.L. James ↠ 1 CHARACTERS Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub Head's up If any of you fuckers comment at the bottom of this review and say You don't understand BDSM I will hunt you down and make you eat your computer plus the mouse plus the keyboard plus any other internet connected devices in your home including but not limited to iPhones iPods iPads Androids games consol

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    CHARACTERS ´ MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.CO.UK ↠ E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub E.L. James ↠ 1 CHARACTERS 0 stars DNF 55% Review edited February 12 2015“Sex is than an act of pleasure it's the ability to be able to feel so close to a person so connected so comfortable that it's almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it And at this moment you're a part of them 
 Author unknown 

I've had

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    Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub E.L. James ↠ 1 CHARACTERS SUMMARY Fifty Shades of Grey I didn’t want to start this book Many people are praising it but I’m simply not into erotica it’s too cheap

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    CHARACTERS ´ MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.CO.UK ↠ E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey E–Buch/E–pub Those of you who have had the privilege of reading Fifty Shades of Grey will appreciate the context in which this review was written For those of you who have not read the book well you’ll have to buy a copy to understand the inside joke CONTRACTDated this day 28th day of October 2011 BETWEENPA LUPTON reader and fan Fifty Shades of Grey by E L JamesAndALL FANS OF EROTIC CONTEMPORARY ROMANCEEXPECTATIONSReaders can expect to find

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