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Reading this book So there s lots of spoilers and swearing below this point Danger dangerFirst off I d like to extend a personalized message to Jake RiordanRun ast and run hard motherfucker because if you were a real person I would hunt down your whole amily on ancestrycom and ruin your entire linage Great Now that that s out of the way I can move on but will likely revisit this issue laterThe writing Fantastic as per usual
really drew me into the on this one I guess it is book 3 so I should be somewhat invested The story was very interesting but to be honest I didn t retain as much of interesting but to be honest I didn t retain as much of story line as I did the romance The romance and the situation between Adrien with an e and Jake was too intense and then add Guy and I was pretty much ranticBut yes cults rituals demons missing people dead people All awesome elements to a really sweetass storyGod Adrien you idiot You lovable Heroes Adrift (Hero, fantastic idiot Stop helping out sketchy people Trust your damn gut Listen to your jackass cop boyfriend andor god s sake stop running a muck like a turkey in the rain would this make a good book series No obviously not but I Chuck and Danielle feel the need to express myrustration with him He s too kind sometimes and I love him Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old for it wouldn t change a thing But sometimes I just want to shake him and be like SNAP OUTTA THIS BROMy jaw dropped when you said you were involved with someone else Your boyfriend isn t Well he is it s just not you You re the other woman But you re not a woman you re a man You re gay and your boyfriend hates gays and hates you and hates himself Just date the god damn pipe smoking prof and have a long sane life Please god pleaseGuy was such a cool character Such a cool guy I really liked the addition of him into the story He seems smart and into the same kinds of things that Adrien is He s attractive and listens to Adrien but also supports him and seems genuinely caring And most of all UNASHAMED I m really lookingorward to reading of him in the next book and I hope that nothing happens that makes me dislike himI had to take a break Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs from this book afterinishing it I want to know learn how Adrien plans to Gray Bishop forgive Jakeor Kate Fucking Keegan but I don t think my weak little heart can put up with it right now I will definitely be picking up this series again soon but not tonight I need to be able to sleep without picking a ictional character in a pool of his own blood and tears I really liked Jake maybe I will in the uture just not tonight Or probably not tomorrow Sorry to my Jake loving riends I love you but not him Final thoughtsIf you read my review up until this point you probably seen this comingParting words to Jake Riordan concluding this boo. Or and his on againoff again relationship with the eternally conflicted LAPD Detective Jake Riordan And oh yes murder. E calls rom emo kid devil worshipers I do like how he handles them We re watching you whispered the voice on the other end Yeah Did you see what I did with my keysSilence Then dial toneThese younger demons So easily discouraged Teenagers am I right No sense of humor when it comes to their maniacal demonic plans such as the evil and scary prank phone callsWell they sure as hell can t get anyone else to touch them Cut them some slack ladyThen they take it up a notch vandalism Oh no So very evil and scary Not a pentagram We ve never seen anything like that before you know except on every goth kid wearing eyeliner than a drag ueen So Adrien decides to learn everything there is to know about satan shit which means we GET BORED AS HELL LEARNING EVERYTHING THERE TO KNOW bored as hell learning everything there to know about satan shit Truly in hell all they have to do to torture us is to read us all of their rules and belief systems So the mystery bored meAs or the romance Well I ve hated the guy Adrien has been with in past books but my Hatred For Him Turned Into for him turned into hot loathing in this one view spoiler This dickhead has had a girlfriend the whole time but now she s pregnant and he s going to marry her Which means he s been cheating the whole time I don t care that he is using her as a beard He is obviously having sex with both of them which euals cheating Then THEN he actually physically assaults Adrien You know the guy with a heart problem Fucking hell If they get back together I will lose my shit hide spoiler Jake Riordan Total heartbreaker Source of considerable grief distress But a complex person than the "Douchebag I Thought He D "I thought he d ie I might not have to punch him in the larynx after allUh please do not mistake the above or my awkward attempt at poetryview spoilerAlthough it s been clear Noir from the beginning that Jake is deep in the closet it becomes explicit in this novel just how actively Jake is lying to everyone in an attempt to protect the secret of his sexuality the police department he takes pride in representing his parents whose relationship he emulates hisriends except his police partner Chan after all he needs someone to cover his ass his new Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are fianc e HimselfSounds like a worthless jerk doesn t he A cowardly asshole that refuses to live out proud like Adrien who he in no way deserves I thought that would be my reactio New nameor this book titled Lanyon wants to set you on a murderous rampaging path in lifeWhat is this book What is this How do I rate this I was torn between 1 because of rage and 5 because of emotions but I gave myself some time to cool my jets and here I am at a comfortable 4I almost threw my iPad and since my iPad is like a child to me I ll admit I had some anger issues. Sh series the ill starred and bookish mystery writer has to contend with a Satanic cult a handsome university profess. Dear Jake Riordan You are a diiiiiiickkkkk with a capital DAdrien doormat who Accepts Jake S Hit Jake s hit doesn t make a stink about itJake selfish assholeMe livid that I doormat who accepts Jake s hit and doesn t make a stink about itJake selfish assholeMe livid that I a crap livid that I m addicted to this infuriating seriesI m sorry but this is not a romance series This is a glimpse inside an abusive dissatisfying relationship that serves as the evil background Gaffer for theascinating mystery writing I m most concerned about view spoilerthe Circumstantial Evidence fact that Jake and Adrien have unprotected sex mentioned multiple times and Jake still banging his woman and god knows who else getting his girlfriend pregnant and Adrien just TAKING IT I m not even going to mention Jake getting physical with Adrien that is just icing on the cake hide spoiler Re read many times PChances are if you are reading this review you have already read book 1 and 2 If you haven t go back You need to start with theirst book and believe methese books are worth the read don t let this review scare you off PThat saidthis book pissed me off so reaking badI hate Jake so very very much I have known that Jake is deep way deep in the closet since book 1 have known that Jake is deep way deep in the closet since book 1 also know that he is a coward and a cheat I hated him or all of this but he was honest about how he elt and Adrien knewhe knew all about thisAdrien wants though with Jake But when Jake is hurt and Adrien goes to the hospitalhe comes A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping face toace with Jake s other world Adrien Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) finally comes to realize that he doesn t want to be the other man He deserves than thatFor the life of me I couldn t understand how Adrien put up with thisor so long but as I have said a million times beforethe heart wants what it wantsWhat pissed me off the most about Jake though beside him being an asshole of epic proportions was the way he not only hurt Adrien emotionally but Summer Meditations fucking physically as well That s what pushed my anger into purereaking hate Maybe some will say what he did wasn t as extreme but to me it was He knows about Adrien s condition In the end I was happy to see his ass goWe all know he will be back though But let s hope that when he does he will be crawling on his hands and kneesNow my raging review might make it seem like I didn t like the book but I did I seriously did I love a book that makes me God Said, Ha!: A Memoir feel and this one sure hit that mark My leastavorite of the series If I wanted to know everything about Satan I would have listened to my overly undamental Christian step mother According to her Satan is responsible or everything On the Right Side of a Dream from cancer to stubbed toes Sure Yeah the guy in charge of the millions of wretched souls being tortured in hell takes timerom his busy schedule to give me a hangnail Makes total senseSo Adrien starts getting threatening phon. Demons death threatsand Christmas shoppingIt's gonna be one Hell of a HolidayIn the third in the popular Adrien Engli. The Hell You Say

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