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S books with the first in a new series Fight for Freedom Scarrow is most well known for his action adventure Eagle series which focuses on a air of Roman Freedom Scarrow is most well known for his action adventure Eagle series which focuses on a Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra pair of Roman fighting the good fight for the Emperor during the early years of the first century With Fight for Freedom he steps back a century back in time centering around the years following the Spartacus rebellion A young boy s father is killed and he and his mother wind up at a slave auction setting up a this nice adventurous tale After being captured and sold as a slave during a bungled attempt to stow away on a ship the hero Marcus listens to his introduction at his new residence a gladiator training school south of Rome This is your new home This is the only home you have from now on Where you came from is no than a memory and it will go easer with you if you try to forget yourast lives That is all dead to you now All that remains is to learn how to fight and surviveThe lot is cliched and most conclusions are obvious Scarrow does a nice job however of embuing the story with a Strong Sense Of Historical Place sense of historical lace well as dealing with the issues of slavery and how much it impacted ancient daily life Overall the book is a solid three BUTit scored very highly with my 12 year old son who loved the action the melodramatic cartoonish violence and the relatively realistically ortrayed ancient roman themes of honor citizenship and gladiatorialwarrior glory He can t wait for book 2 Which Move It which move it focus to Rome itself The story is violent by the nature of its topic but it s not over the top and shouldn t shock a modern TV hardened boy of 11 years and older This comes nowhere near the depth of Sutcliffe s Eagle of the Ninth to whom Scarrow dedicated this novel but it s a good hearted children s tale and a fun rea. Sä Tietämättään hän kuitenkin kantaa hengenvaarallista salaisuutta Jos roomalaiset saavat sen selville akotietä ei oleSimon Scarrow on kerännyt maailmalla suurta suosiota historiallisille faktoille uskollisilla romaaneillaan Scarrow kiinnostui historiasta koulussa; rakkaus antiikin maailmaan sai alkunsa latinan ja historian tunneill. Gladiator Fight for Freedom

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Is is a fast aced exciting adventure story that I imagine is País íntim primarily aimed at ten to fourteen year old boys but at the same time is a great read for all Scarrow s writing superbly describes the scenes and theeriod in which the book is set and you really get a sense of what it was like to be a slave in the Roman era It is clearly well researched The fight scenes don t hold back on their realism but are still appropriate on their realism but are still appropriate the target age of the bookI liked that Marcus acted his age He would sometimes not make the best decisions acting in tune to his feelings than what might be best long term He also had that determination and OPTIMISM THAT ONLY A TEN YEAR that only a ten year can have He doesn t really consider that Rome is a heck of a long way or the dangers that might stand in his way He s courageous yet vulnerable and in general a well balanced well written characterThere were some aspects of the Under Lock and Key plot that were a littleredictable but again it is a children syoung teen book so that s usually the case when reading as an adult Still while it might have been obvious what the outcome was going to be how the story got there wasn t always as redictable And in any case these elements were things that you wanted to happen so it was all goodI ll definitely be looking out for the second book in this series and will likely also check out some of the authors other books Note that I feel may be of interestI don t know if these books connect with the Eagles of the Empire series but it is very easy to mix this book up with The Gladiator by the same author which is the book I thought I was reading Macro and Cato do not appear in this bookHowever I did enjoy this book and I m very tempted to read in this series Simon Scarrow expands his literary Roman empire into the realm of children. Eksi hänen aloittaessaan huipputaistelijaksi tähtäävän koulutuksen gladiaattorikoulussa Marcus ei voi unohtaa menneisyyttään hänen isänsä on murhattu ja äitinsä siepattu ja myyty orjaksi Marcus janoaa kostoa ja on äättänyt etsiä käsiinsä isänsä entisen komentajan Pompeius Suuren Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II pyytääkseen apua jaelastaakseen äitin.

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This book had everything but something new The same old story Someone makes the MC s life a living hell bonus oints if this someone kills the MC s family as well MC swears revenge against the aforementioned someone Then throw in MC s family as well MC swears revenge against the aforementioned someone Then throw in lot of complications bullies starvation Freud and His Followers poverty life and death situations In short all tragedies imaginable And BAM There s the ultimatelot twist Sadly not even the Pjesme plot twist here surprised me All I had as a reaction was Okay Whatever Like I give a damnThe author s unrealisticortrayal of Marcus the MC did not help one bit He was barely eleven Then why the heck was he talking like a guy in his late teensAaaaannnnndddd this book ended on a cliffhanger But I couldn t care less This book was a great history story It was a great funhistorical and enjoyable read This book takes lace in Rome 61BC agoPlot When 10 year old Marcus Cornelius Primus the main character his father dies Him and his Mom get sold to slavery while Marcus Cornelius Primus a gladiator training school south of RomeAs he learns the ways of how to be a gladiator and surviveCharacters Commander PompeiusMarcus Cornelius Primus MomDadSoldiers of RomeThe Genre of the book Marcus Cornelius Primus is the son of a Roman Centurian With the first ten years of his life spent on his family s farm in Greece Marcus life is suddenly turned upside down when his father is killed and he and his mother are taken as slaves Marcus is then sold to a Gladiator trainer where he learns to fight whilst all the time contemplating his escape and how he can find and free his mother He sets his sights on somehow making it to Rome to find General Pompeius who s life his father once saved in the hope he will help that is until Marcus finds out that his ast is not what he always thought it to beTh. Gladiaattori – Taistelu vapaudesta on Simon Scarrowin uuden nuorille suunnatun historiallisen seikkailusarjan avausteos Kirjan tapahtumat sijoittuvat Rooman valtakuntaan vuonna 61 ennen ajanlaskumme alkua Kirja nousi heti ilmestymisviikollaan Britannian bestseller listalleNuoren Marcus Cornelius Primuksen elämä muuttuu ankaran kurinalais.

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