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Reat series and I can t wait to read from this author LOVED itDom is THE MANI simply love the way he steps up

To The Plate And 
the plate and the fatherly role with Kyle and Ashley without blinking an eyeand gives Karen and the kids exactly what they need a positive protective loving male figure who provides them with the unconditional love all three f them needa page turner from beginning to endand To Uote Karen The Heroine It S So ROMANTICALlolthe Full uote Karen the heroine it s so ROMANTICALlolthe full is just as COLORFUL and entertaining as usualand all the kids are so ADORABLEI m DEFINITELY looking forward to reading from Mrs Wells SUMMARYKaren is a young widowed mother Redemption (Amos Decker, of two young children Kyle and Alicia Her focus are her children and not dating Dominic doesn t want a long term relationship as he has recently moved back to his home town While getting to know her kids Dominic is also trying to get close to Karen Even though Karen dreams and fantasizes about Dominic she is very hesitantf getting close to himTHOUGHTSThis was my second book by this author that I truly enjoyed Although I have The Spellman Files (The Spellmans, only read 2ut Harry Potter Series Box Set (Harry Potter, of 4f her books in the series I have fallen in love with it and it s characters My first introduction to the series was the last and pervious book Key He attraction between the two is undeniable Karen spends restless nights dreaming The Sheiks Love Child of his touch As he begins to crowd every spacef her life will she give in to her sensual desires Or will she sacrifice her desires for the sake The Zoo Story of her childrenDominic ‘Dom’ Peretti Jr isn’t looking for a serious relationship when he accepts the taskf surrogate.

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Love story for realI have reread this story so many times and still get teary eyed I would love to ne day have and love me as Dom loves Karen This book actually grabbed my attention but when I read it halfway I thought the books is not revolved around the hero and heroine but also the side characters which means it took longer and made me unfocused so I lost my interest Just saying Well firstly I love this was not a short read and how he fell in love with her kids first That made her want him and see him for THE MAN HE WAS LOVE man he was There love realistic the friendships she had with her girlfriends was inspiring I was so rooting for them as a couple It also ended very well This story just felt so good from beginning Dom was the type f man everyman should strive to be To come in and be a father to children that werent his wn was truly something else and he loved them as if they were his flesh and blood Karen and Dom just seemed made for each ther Their coming together was so cute in made for each The King of Crows (The Diviners, other Their coming together was so cute in beginning with their sexual banterand these two got so hot and heavy in the bedroom I sometimes has to stop and take a breather As usual the supporting cast was in the book and it was good to catch up ith everyone This was a As a young widowed mother love is the last thingn Karen Johnston’s mind Her busy life revolves around caring for her two young children which becomes even challenging when her children begin to show signs f needing a father in their lives Just as things start to go haywire in the Johnston household in walks ruggedly handsome Dominic Peretti Jr O My Heart From reading that book I got to know little about Dom Karen as well as a brief little about Dom and Karen as well as a brief In this story we got another wonderful romance that includes family and friends For a Second Chance at Love the author gave us a great pening prologue that brought a smile and blush to my cheeks Even though we know they knew each ther from the pervious book I liked that the prologue showed us their actual meeting The interaction between Dom and Karen really got me excited as I enjoyed their chemistry The beginning Of Chapter 3 Sets The chapter 3 sets the for the book for both characters Dom s relationship with Alicia and Kyle was amazing Being a father figure and his interaction with them made him even sexier to me I enjoyed seeing everyone from the pervious story and it makes me look forward to reading the first two books in the series It s not much but Dom s parents Janet and Dominic I enjoyed the brief history the author gave us n how they met Lastly the plot Silent Surrender (Nighthawk Island, of the story gave us two greedy characters that added an interesting twist to the story A reference in the book about the tv show Who the Bleep did I Marry I love that show it s crazy but goodStory GOODIntimacy REALLY GOODEnjoyment GOOD Who is Romance Novel Junkies. Father to Karen’s children But he can’t get the ever so lovely and sexy womanut Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD) of his mind His intention is to have nothing than a hot steamy fling to satisfy his appetite However as he gets a tastef life with the Johnstons he has a decision to make Will he give love a chance Or will he walk away leaving Karen and her children in harm’s Second Chance at Love

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