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Forged in Fire Red Hot SEALs #1Ng suspense to go along with MY ROMANCE I M EVEN OKAY romance I m even okay it if the suspense aspect tends to overshadow the romance as I love the thrill This story took hold immediately and never let me go The tension level was so high at times I found myself almost hyperventilating having to stop reading just to calm down The pace was almost excruciating even when the situation at the airport was prolonged It wasn t predictable and I really had no clue as to where the story would land and who would be on the casualty list There were some awful things that happened to some Of The Good Guys So No One the good guys so no one to be sacred Zane and Beth s romance worked for me

even though i 
though I take or leave the soul matepredestined partner trope Having the dual points of view gave me insight into each character s true emotional investment about the other keeping me in the light even if they were in the dark about how they felt about each otherWhat I found troublesomeThere was one character whose misogyny was almost intolerable You knew there had to have been something in his past that left him embittered we were spared that information but his attitudes and behaviors were just too nrealistic for me to swallow Mac is a critical and trusted character in a leadership role and he just wouldn t have been able to get away with this we hope in a modern environment More importantly the other honorable men in his command just wouldn t have stood for it nor respected him as they obviously did It was that bad Also the psychic aspects of the story while interesting and different just weren t developed well enough for me to accept I needed a lot to Dance With The Devil understand Beth s abilities and why they suddenly manifested themselves I m hoping the next book provides a lot context and clarity for this aspect of the series It gave the story a paranormal lite edge but definitely not enough to label the story in that genre categoryThe bottom lineI really liked the story Period This Indie author was able to get me to care about these characters in a short amount of time though Iltimately paid a price for my feelings The story MOVED and the villains were scary anonymous and brutal The romance heated Smitten up gradually in spite of Zane s efforts to the otherwise and hit a steamy apex right when it should have If you like high level action and suspense with your romance you ll enjoy this story If you prefer time devoted to relationship development it might fail in that regard but I believe you ll still enjoy the book I m now okay with having delayed reading it because it didn t end neatly and the next book isn t scheduled for releasentil January Just be prepared for a thrilling ride A diamond in the rough Trish McCallan s Forged in Fire delivers submachine guns admirable heroes and heart wrenching nail biting suspense back to the genre Romantic suspense novels deliver tension Joe has to save Jennifer or Jennifer has to save Joe and the country but most romantic suspense novels fail to deliver the other half of that coin the practical details that lend realism to A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel unimaginable scenes These details also lend weight to the hero s plight and credence to his credentials For once I didn t have to suspend disbelief that a hero was military McCallan s heroes know an MP5 from a revolver they strategize and they work as a tightnit McCallan s researched within an inch of her life I ve no doubt because I loved the detail as they discuss avenues of approach in an assault or assembling Molotov cocktails Her heroes know their stuff They re calm in crisis loyal and practical and they cuss like military too LOLRacing to save a flight against hijackers McCallan s Seals keep their eyes on. Re Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters comes from a bloodline of elite warriors with psychic abilities When Zane and two of his platoon buddies arrive at Sea Tac Airport he has a vision of his teammates’ corpses Then she arrives a leggy blonde who sets off a different kind of alarm As Beth teams p wi. ,
The prize We don t detour into Romancelandia internal dialogue about the heroine s hotness et cetera However some readers may twitch at the fated to be mated plot device Though psychic hero Zane Winters firmly believes in their destiny heroine Beth Brown does not and she was never convinced to my satisfaction While we see evidence again and again of Zane s nobility Zane and Beth do not take enough steps together to truly develop a relationship and Beth s resistance was a little cliche Some romance was sacrificed to awesome action writing Smart well paced bloatless Hollywood worthy action without any filler in sight but nonetheless In this one suspends disbelief as well as the rare psychic visions but these were never sed in place of strategy and firepower Zane only sees ominous warnings of Deaths In Fact I Nearly Forgot About In fact I nearly forgot about Spy etc fiction relies on far fetched devices too don t worry including the famous Jason Bourne novels LOL Fans of JR Ward will appreciate the edge and sometimes brutal darkness to Fire although the Seals clever cruel enemy warrants much fear than the lessers Kudos to McCallan Some readers may object to the cliffhanger but the romance and the crisis resolved the only Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, uestions remaining related to the peripheral crisis continuing and a couple coming in the second book Forged In Ice releasing this summer I appreciated that the ending wasn t trite and I ll be happy to read Ice Recommended to any action fan especially if you d like to see Seals who are Seals and no too stupid to live characters 45 stars 3 It got much much better after my 22% statuspdate In fact I stayed p late to finish it Which brings me to why it lost a whole two stars it would have lost one anyway for the clunky tedious beginning It doesn t Actually Have An Ending I Suppose You have an ending I suppose you call it a cliff hanger but I call it a cop out You can keep the thread of mystery going and still end the actual story you re telling But this one ends in a way that makes the whole story feel almost like an excerpt Pretty darn infuriating after slogging through the beginning getting sucked into the action and just starting to get a feel for the chemistry of the charactersThere was one other thing that was just plain wrongSPOILER ALERTOne of the characters not the lead has to sit through a video tape of a woman being brutally gang raped He s being shown this tape by the woman s husband she s been abducted and the man is asking for help So when this charac What a great find This is on KU and you can even listen free on audible which is what I didI really enjoyed this suspense story It is technically romantic suspense but certainly has emphasis on the suspense than the romance But the book caught my attention right away and I was hooked I listened all dayI enjoyed the different take on a mate story and the paranormal aspect The heroine was pretty solid Did not do stupid things and seemed like a pretty normal chick The hero was a SEAL so a badass I liked him and his team The secondary characters were entertaining and I hope to read their booksMultiple POVs beyond the MCs normally drive me crazy but in this case it workedFor those who have read it I LOVED the scene at the end about being nauseous Safety Gang view spoilerHero was NOT a manwhoreNeither are virgins she was previously engaged to a cheaterThey "forget the condom the first timeThe sex comes pretty late in the story but the steam "the condom the first timeThe sex comes pretty late in the story but the steam there and I was not frustrated by it even though I prefer sexy times in my booksHeroine is in denial but never actually pushes him awayHero is all in immediatelyStoryline has a cliffy but their relationship has very good closure hide spoiler. Th Zane they discover the hijacking is the first step in a secret cartel’s deadly global agenda and that key personnel within the FBI are compromised To survive the forces mobilizing against them Beth will need to open herself to a psychic connection with the sexy SEAL who claims to be her soul mate. ,

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