(PDF KINDLE) [Agile Project Management with Scrum Microsoft Professional] ´ Ken Schwaber

Valuable practical advise in the spirit of ScrumI enjoyed this bookThe first chapter is very information dense and describes how Scrum works and why The other this bookThe first chapter is very information dense and describes how Scrum works and why The other are mostly war stories which describe how to deal with practical situations in the spirit of Scrum which I found very valuableEven though it s an old book the majority of it still holds today There have been some changes though like the views on Scrum of Scrums a May be a bit dated now but still some great stories to describe how people live in the scrum framework one people live in the Scrum framework One the best books I have read on general project managementI like that it has many examples. The rules and practices for Scrum a simple process for managing complex projects are few straightforward and easy to learn But Scrum’s simplicity itself its lack of prescription can be disarming and new practitioners often find themselves reverting to old project management habits and tools and yielding lesser results In this illuminating series of case studies Scrum co creator and evangelist Ken Schwaber identifies the real wor. co creator and evangelist Ken Schwaber identifies the real wor. In our professions responsible creative fulfilled respected and actually have decent mental health and time a social life Agile streamlines projects into creating what is actually needed and reduces risk by building in lots of inspect and give feedback opportunities and reprioritizing work as changes occur It s intuitive It s a breath of fresh air I feel free again and empowered to succeed no longer getting beaten down by crushing top down waterfall management Agile cuts through the red tape and focuses everyone on the crux of the matter the clearest predictor of success in a project is the PEOPLE you have with you. Chain of command with self managing development teamsReceive clearer specifications and feedback from customersGreatly reduce project planning time and reuired toolsBuild and release products in 30 day cycles so clients get Deliverables EarlierAvoid Missteps By Regularly Inspecting Reporting earlierAvoid missteps by regularly inspecting reporting and fine tuning projectsSupport multiple teams working on a large scale project from many geographic locationsMaximize return on investme. .
That make the theory pragmatic and FEEL THE GENERAL SCRUM TECHNIUES COULD the general Scrum techniues could many projects delivering in generalI wrote project management instead of scrum because I think good project management in general works a lot like it is described here not just if you want to work by agile paradigms So a lot to learn for everybody clear structure that makes a read though and just picking your pieces valuable and a praxis oriented foundation What s not to like Agile makes software development a human activity instead of the stressful pressured life eating occupation it often turns into Agile and Scrum allow us to act as whole people. Ld lessons the successes and failures culled from his years of experience coaching companies in agile project management Through them you’ll understand how to use Scrum to solve complex problems and drive better results delivering valuable software fasterGain the foundation in Scrum theory and practice you need toRein in even The Most Complex Unwieldy ProjectsEffectively Manage Unknown Or Changing Product most complex unwieldy projectsEffectively manage unknown or changing product the.


Agile Project Management with Scrum Microsoft Professional