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Did you know there were 4 musketeers Did you also know they were not very nice guys One guy won t Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 3 let his servant ever speak One is having an affair with a married woman and ridicules her for gifts she buys him Another can t decide whether to have an affair or be a priest but constantly pinches his ears to make them a attractive color Since they don t seem to be paid much to be musketeers they are constantly grifting off of other people One of their brave deeds is to have breakfast in the middle of a battle field just to prove that they aren t scared of the EnglishI really detested the musketeers which means I didn t find much to enjoy in the book I am a drama addict I admit it I don t generally go for comedy I will pick a movie that makes me cry over one that makes meaugh every time and it is pretty much the same with my books But when I do read something humorous I ove satire wit subtle humor Mark Twain Oscar Wild I DID ITSee my video I m not going

waste time than necessary for classic The problem seems to come from me since I couldn t follow a ot o Random thoughts on The Three Musketeers because my brain refuses to write a full review Reading The Three Musketeers was Bloody Crystal long overdue The truth is it was the very first story Ioved as a child I was four years old and my favorite game was riding my imaginary steed in a desperate race to save Constance from evil Cardinal Richelieu I grew up swallowing tales of the valiant Musketeers and they became a part of my soul Apparently there is a iterary genre called swashbuckler that focuses on swordfighting and adventurous heroic characters and The Three Musketeers is th This is going to take some explaining but my guiltiest pleasure when it comes to books is Alexandre Dumas The Three MusketeersI hear you saying How on Earth can that be a guilty pleasure I know It s a recognized classic It has far reaching pop culture impactIt s considered one of the greatest adventures ever written It has two of the most memorable villains in iterature it has four kick ass action heroes It has sword fights romance intrigue and most people think it has big Bear Humbug laughs it doesn t which is the thin 1882019 Watch me fight all the people who dislike Milady butove the Count meanwhile her true identity is concealed by various aliases and her main goal in the story is to get revenge on the men who hurt her so they re basically the same character In this essay I will1882019 The moment This is a kick ass novel and I am indeed kicking my own ass for not having read it earlier I m ashamed to say that I thought it was a children s book My wife indignantly refuses any responsibility for my mistake as she points out it s entirely my fault if I *DREW THE WRONG INFERENCES FROM THE *the wrong inferences from the that her mother read it aloud to her as an eight year old It turns out on closer examination of the facts that Elisabeth s mom must have skipped about a uarter of the text but I digress No far from being a children s book this is a noirish thriller stuffed to the gills with violence sex nudity dangerous blondes corrupt politicians and random acts of mayhem and destruction I should have known that Anyway better Afterlife late than neveruite apart from being a terrific read I just couldn t put it down Les Trois Mousuetaires is a remarkably interesting book for anyone who s fond of Frenchiterature The merest glance at my French shelf will show you that I Blue Is for Nightmares like both so called serious novels and trash as everyone knows the French write the best trashy novels in the world But what do these twoiterary traditions have to do with each other I feel Heroes Die like a paleontologist who s discovered one of those missinginks in the fossil record A kind of iterary coelocanth it s exactly halfway between the two genres Too well written to be dismissed as trash it still has so many of the defining characteristics of the modern French trash novel that it The classic adventure from the author of The Count of Monte Cristo and The Man in the Iron MaskIn this swashbuckling epic d’Artagnan not yet twenty sets off for Paris in hopes of joining the Musketeers that egion of heroes highly favored by King Louis XIII and feared by evil Cardinal Richelieu By fighting alongside Athos. Les Trois MousuetairesOrth watching I thought that ueen Margot couldn t be topped I should have known better Honestly I do not have enough space to fully explain all the ways I adore this book But I l try to condense it First the four main characters Love Pampa Pampa loveove and Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus love Aramis and Porthos the Merry and Pippin of the group if youl excuse the extremely dorkish LOTR cross reference made me Geometry Part 1: Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide (Quick Study Academic) laugh D Artagnan was charming even though or maybe because he had multiple moments where were I in the story I wouldn t know whether to kiss him or smack him upside the head and the pure unfiltered AWESOME that is Athos cannot be put into words My copy of the book is 754 pages but I was able to finish it iness than two weeks and not even notice the Herbier et autres collections length because the story was so engrossing As soon as I finished it I wanted to flip back to page 1 and start all over again Duels Lots andots of duels The only complaint I had regarding the other Dumas book I d read before this ueen Margot as previously mentioned was that there was a total Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters lack of what I will bluntly call the dirty details In Margot all the sex scenes were kept out of the way and judging by the description Dumas gave us of the characters nighttime activities no one managed to getaid for the entire book The Three Musketeers on the other hand is by no means a bodice ripper but is still very romantic And then there s the scene where D Artagnan decides that nailing Milady will be a good way to get revenge on her for kidnapping his girlfriend Which brings me to my next point Milady Holy crap I try to come up with words to describe her but I can t do it because my brain sort of slows down until all I can hear are the words Most Badass Character Ever repeating in my head over and over while the song Cold Hard Bitch by JET starts playing in the background if that makes any sense at all Just go with it okay But seriously The Happiest Baby on the Block let s talk about Milady for a minute She keeps poison in her ring seduces a guard who has been specifically warned that shel try to seduce him stabs herself in the chest to make people think she killed herself regularly tries to assassinate D Artagnan and his friends and was generally such a psychotic bitch that even Cardinal Richelieu was afraid of her UPDATEDear HollywoodWhat the FUCK is wrong with you Seriously fuck you *guys ovemadeline this is not the most profound *LoveMadeline This is not the most profound novels but it may be the most compelling Many of its seuences the Diamond Studs Milady S Seduction Of Felton The Attempt Of D Artagnan s seduction of Felton the attempt of D Artagnan The Three to rescue Constance move with remarkable rapidity More notable than these however is the entire exposition something many novelists have found to be a thankless chore if not a stumbling block It occupies a full sixty pages 10% of the book and although it covers much ground the introduction of our hero the two principal villains and all three Musketeers with their eccentricities and distinct characters plus the fight with the Cardinal s Guards the emergence of D Artagnan as the fourth musketeer and an examination of the curious relationship between King and Cardinal it is constructed with such seamless grace accomplishes its purposes with such a ight touch and moves so swiftly that the result is astonishingSir Walter Scott showed us that the personal is political that our most particular most intimate decisions are governed by the political milieu in which we are raised and the allegiances that our background reuires Dumas adopts the contrary principle namely that the political is personal a siege may be Releasing Heaven on Earth: Gods Principles for Restoring the Land lifted a war started because an English Dukeoves a French ueen It seems at times that all the characters of The Three Musketeers even the King and the Cardinal even that most gifted and ruthless of femme fatales Milady are satellites circling the binary star of Buckingham and The Future of English Teaching Worldwide l Autriche whose doomedove is the center of this impossible and delightful romantic univers. Dumas embroiders upon history a colorful world of swordplay intrigue and romance earning The Three Musketeers its reputation as one of the most thrilling adventure novels ever writtenAn Unabridged Translation Revised and Updated by Eleanor HochmanWith an Introduction by Thomas Flanagan and an Afterword by Marcelle Clements?.

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An t possibly be anything but a direct ancestorI d Hate To Give Away Any Of The to give away any of the there s a twist every other chapter but et me explain in terms of generalities Dumas is firmly in the great French tradition of Tragic Love People in his world are divided into two classes those who are motivated by Love and Honour and those who want Money and Power To be a superior person means belonging to the first group Unfortunately Sigrid Liljeholm living only for Love and Honour isn t very practical so these superior people generally have rather tragicives a theme you see over and over again in mainstream French David Starr Space Ranger literature A particularly clear 20th century example is Belle du Seigneur Ariane s husband is only interested in Money and Power and his dreary monologues about his prospects of being promoted bore her to tears Naturally she s drawn to the dashing Solal who never misses a chance to show how much he despises money it helps that he s very rich Eually naturally it all ends up very tragically indeed Butet s get back to Les Trois Mousuetaires Dumas takes real historical events and reinterprets them through the prism of his ultra romantic world view On his account the political events of 1625 27 were all about a complicated tangle of Crusader conspiracy Banner books love affairs The beautiful Anne of Austria is ueen of France *but she has at bestukewarm feelings for her husband the pathetic Louis XIII Cardinal Richelieu the *she has at best The Book of Earths: Hollow Earth, Ancient Maps, Atlantis, and Other Theories (Forgotten Books) lukewarm feelings for her husband the pathetic Louis XIII Cardinal Richelieu the ruler of the country has made advances towards her but been rebuffed he s eaten up by jealousy and spite especially since he knows through his network of informers that Anne s heart in fact belongs to the handsome Lord Buckingham To keep the story bubbling Dumas invents some people who play key roles in this complicated game One of Richelieu s main agents is the psychotic blonde temptress Milady her opposite number in the ueen s camp is the ambitious young swordsman D Artagnan Needless to say both of them are involved in their own intersecting webs of romantic intrigueThe startling thing to me is that the Dumas formula is still going strong nearly 200 yearsater The immeasurably popular SAS series which you can buy at any French airport bookstall is written to almost exactly the same specification The central figure Malko is a modern D Artagnan vaguely on the side of the Good Guys each episode sees him dispatched to a currently topical destination where he s charged with some weighty task For example in Bagdad ExpressMalko s assignment is to prevent the Ira war by kidnapping Saddam Hussein He and one of Saddam s sons I think usay get involved with the same woman there s a An English Translation of Fa Tsangs Commentary on the Awakening of Faith lot of random sex and violence and of course the deal falls through A still clearer example is DjihadA Chechen rebel group gets hold of a Russian nuclear warhead and they pass it on to an Islamicist factioned by a sexy blonde woman I know what you re going to say In the SAS world Islamicist factions can be Gauntlet A Novel of International Intrigue led by sexy blondes This time after the usual toing and froing Malko shoots down the blonde when she s just a few seconds away from detonating the bomb in New York It s all remarkably similar to D Artagnan s battle against the nefarious MiladySo what is it that makes this formula so incredibly effective It s fun to see history rewritten so that politics and economics areess important than who s sleeping with whom The camaraderie displayed by the Musketeers has become proverbial and that s also inspiring But really it s Milady who makes the book and she s the character who s been copied most often in modern trash fiction Look at those girls on the covers of the SAS novels Miladies every one of them Although D Artagnan is a sympathetic hero she effortlessly steals the show every time she appears just as easily as Sharon Stone upstages Michael Douglas in Basic InstinctWhat a shame Stone never got to play Milady in a serious adaptation of Les Trois Mousuetaires Now that would have been Porthos and Aramis as they battle their enemies d’Artagnan proves he has the heart of a Musketeer and earns himself a place in their ranks Soon d’Artagnan and the gallant trio must use all their wits and sword skills to preserve the ueen’s honor and thwart the wicked schemes of Cardinal Richelieu With this classic tale. ,

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