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Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in KenyaHtered perhaps p to The British also interned the entire million population of Kikuyu the colony s largest ethnic group in barbed wire villages the entire million population of Kikuyu the colony s largest ethnic group in barbed wire villages labour reserves where famine and disease ran rampant and prison camps that Elkins describes as the Kenyan Gulag The Kikuyu were subjected to La muralla verde unimaginable torture or screening as British officials called it which included being whipped beaten sodomized castrated burned and forced to eat feces and drinkrine British officials later destroyed almost all official records of the campaign Elkins infuses her account with the riveting stories of individual Kikuyu detainees settlers British officials and soldiers This is a

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narrative that sheds light on a misunderstood war for which no one has yet been held officially accountable Alex RoslinIn A MAJOR HISTORICAL STUDY ELKINS AN major historical study Elkins an professor of history at Harvard relates the gruesome little known story of the mass internment and murder of thousands of Kenyans at the hands of the British in the last years of imperial rule Beginning with a trenchant account of British colonial enterprise in Kenya Elkins charts white supremacy s impact on Kenya s largest ethnic group the Kikuyu and the. ,
Forty years after Kenyan independence from Britain the words Mau still conjure images of crazed savages hacking p hapless white settlers with machetes The British Colonial Office to preserve its far flung empire of dependencies after World War II spread hysteria about Kenya s Mau Mau independence movement by depicting its supporters among the Kikuyu people as irrational terrorists and monsters Caroline Elkins a historian at Harvard University has done a masterful job setting the record straight in her epic investigation Imperial Reckoning After years of research in London and Kenya including interviews with hundreds of Kenyans settlers and former British officials Elkins has written the first book about the eight year British war against the Mau Mau She concludes that the war one of the bloodiest and most protracted decolonization struggles of the past century was anything but the civilizing mission portrayed by British propagandists and settlers Instead Britain engaged in an amazingly brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing that seemed to border on outright
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While only settlers were killed by Mau Mau insurgents Elkins reports that tens of thousands of Kenyans were slaug.
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Radicalization of a Kikuyu faction by tribal oath to known as mau mau elkins to extremism known as Mau Mau Elkins how in the late s horrific Mau Mau murders of white settlers on their isolated farms led the British government to declare a state of emergency that lasted ntil legitimating a decade long assault on the Kikuyu First the British blatantly rigged emergency that lasted Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller until legitimating a decade long assault on the Kikuyu First the British blatantly rigged trial of and imprisoned the moderate leader Jomo Kenyatta later Kenya s first postindependence prime minister Beginning in they deported or detained million Kikuyu who were systematically screened and in many cases tortured to determine the extent of their Mau Mau sympathies Having combed public archives in London and Kenya and conducted extensive interviews with both Kikuyu survivors and settlers Elkins exposes the hypocrisy of Britain s supposed colonial civilizing mission and its subseuent coverups A profoundly chilling portrait of the inherent racism and violence of colonial logic Elkins s account was also the subject of a BBC documentary entitled Kenya White Terror Her superbly written and impassioned book deserves the widest possible readership Bw photos maps Copyright Reed Business Information a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved.

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