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A ghold mine of Pictures stories back stories musical notations it s all here in the Duke s voice Still the coolest superbly talented charismaticman ever Duke Ellington wrote down a ew paragraphs about 100 or so people he met along the way For example you might get a whole page describing Johnny Hodge s personality and one interesting story about him Think of the book as something you read in the john There are just a series of short articles you can read in almost any order and don t have to worry too much about what page you left off at What he *has to say is interesting and written intelligently It didn t *to say is interesting and written intelligently It didn t my expectations because I was hoping or a story. Overs have come and gone but only my mistress stays he says He composed not only songs that all the world has sung but also suites sacred works music or stage and screen and symphonies This rich book the embodiment of the life and works of the Duke is replete with appendices listing singers arrangers lyricists and the symphony orchestras with whom the Duke played There is a book to own and cherish by all who love Jazz and the contributions made to it by and cherish by all who love Jazz and the contributions made to it by Duke. Book about America s best composer Duke *Tells Us About His Life Music And *us about his life music and in one of the best autobiographies I have ever read As a gentleman that he was he talks about most of the performers of the age pointing out their ualities Besides being the great artist he is known A World on Fire for he was also an entrepreneur and a true leader of men A great candidateor a TED talk Ellington knew so many people in the jazz community over a long career and talks about many of them The book has its omissions so I was to read
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biography as wellThis used library copy in very good condition I was pleased He must have had a powerful team working the records because I could not do this unaided with. Passionate about his music and the people who made music he counted as his Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life friends hundreds of the musicians who changed theace of music throughout the world Bechet Basie Armstrong Lena Horne Ella Fitzgerald Sinatra to name a ew of them Here are 100 photographs to give us an intimate view of Dukes worldhis amily his 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate friends his associatesWhat emerges most strongly in his commitment to music the mistressor whom he saves the ullest intensity of his passion .
Brilliant This book was a gift or a die hard
Jazz Enthusiast He Is Halfway 
enthusiast He is halfway *The Book Already And Lovelovesloves *book already and lovelovesloves The condition of the book was just as described and the price was Perfect Denise Wilson A Great Biography By Denise Wilson A great biography by master musician who was a great representative of the USA though out the worldgreat book Received this book within a good time This is an old library hardback copy I love hardback and old library books It is used but not worn the pages are old but in excellent condition I would refer this vendor arrived on time some pages ungluedthe editon thnk is not very strongbut i glued them I am a Professor of Jazz at a Community College and I highly recommend this treasure of Music is my mistress and she plays second iddle to no one This is the story of Duke Ellingtonthe story of Jazz itself Told in his own way in his own words a symphony written by the King of Jazz His story spans and defines a half century of modern musicThis man who created over 1500 compositions was as much at home in Harlems Cotton Club in the 20s as he was at a White House birthday celebration in his honor in the 60s For Duke knew everyone and savored them all.

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Music Is My Mistress (Da Capo Paperback)

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