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Enough to do this kind of basic research I have read everything Steve Berry has written and enjoyed his novels immensely His Cotton Malone series has been very good well written and well researched However I was rather disappointed with this novel as I felt it was not up to his usual high standard I was glad Thoroughly researched the use of fact to support this work of fiction is audable Exciting thought provokingdisuieting but positive This should be read by anyone with an enuiring mind Definitely 5 Steve Berry has an incredible ability to interweave dramatic fiction with detailed historical "facts that result in provocative politicalaction thrillers The history of China is a " that result in provocative politicalaction thrillers The history of China is a result in provocative politicalaction thrillers The history of China is a backdrop for this spellbinding story of political intrigue and action Cotton Malone is a fun heroic figure smart attractive physically strong and agile with a uniue morale compass that always chooses good over evil in a rationalized wayGreat characters and freuent plot twists eave you wondering right up until the end who are the good guys and bad guys If you aren t a careful reader it can make you dizzyI Twelve Days of Pleasure love Steve Berry Another great story from the Cotton Maloneibrary As per my review title I felt that this fell below Steve Berry s usual standard I am a big fan of this author but felt this was one of his weaker efforts I struggled to get in to the novel it did not grip me at first once or twice I had to force myself to read it As another reviewer has said it can get a bit tedious and the writing was not the strongest However the final uarter of the book was a big improvement and somewhat saved itPrevious reviewers have given a synopsis of the plot so I won t repeat them here As usual Berry manages to fit in a ot of action gunfights airplanes fighter jets etc Two things bugged me however Firstly the growing romance between Cotton Malone and Cassiopeia Vitt is not handled well it seems a bit too false and got in the way of the plot Secondly Berry has adopted the style of jumping from character to character in paragraphs without identifying who is who making it hard to work out who is speaking as well as writing in sentence fragments This can get a bit gratingThis is cautiously recommended Not the worst Cotton Malone adventure but far from the best Clever story enveloping a degree of truth As always Cotton Malone is the hero and kept one on edge from start to finis. What the man is talking about since Cassiopeia has eft nothing with him So begins Malones most harrowing adventure to dateone that offers up astounding historical revelations pits him against a ruthless ancient brotherhood and sends him from Denmark to Belgium to Vietnam then on to China a vast and mysterious Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye land where dangerurks at every tu. ,

This novel is another page turner by Steve Berry It represents a fascinating ook at the history and governance of China from past to present the dichotomy of ideological thought in China the discovery of biotic fuel vs abiotic fuel and the creation of the terra cotta warriors ife size figures built to protect the tomb of the first emperor of China Of course interwoven in all this are the personal intrigues of former government agent Cotton Malone and his paramour Cassiopeia Vitt and myriad other characters who show up in Malone s ife I enjoyed reading this from a historical perspective and while I know it is critical to the story the description of some of the violent acts was too much for me This is an exciting and informative book as Berry s books tend to be Cotton Malone is well Cotton Malone And If He Hasn T Clearly Established His Bonafides And if he hasn t clearly established his bonafides the first seven episodes of Steve Berry s incredibly successful series then this eighth one should convince any doubters Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild left In The Emperor s Tomb Berry puts our former Justice Department agent and now soldier of fortune and bookstore owner in Copenhagen into another of his successful and usually easy to accept conspiracies Like Dan Brown almost every episode is the survival of the free world sometimes just the whole world is dependent upon Malone rushing to sane judgment before the Apocalypse Here we find him in an early dilemma He has received a video of Cassiopeia Vitt fans certainly her from previous episodes showing her being waterboarded with a wel stop if you follow our instructions Alas he doesn t have what it is her captors want an artifact she supposedly has given Malone to keep does that stop Malone Of course not for after all he IS COTTON MALONE ONCE BERRY GIVES Cotton Malone Once Berry gives intriguing and educational Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets lessons in history art geography and politics This installment takes him from Copenhagen and on in to the People s Republic of China and into the tombs of China s first emperor He has a feeling that there is a secret here and here comes the exciting part that could or could not save the modern world Levity aside though despite the suspense Berry always creates his sense of historical appreciation is supreme And clever novelist he is it doesn t come across as a historyesson in schoolViolence intrigue narrow escapes archeological adventures and good characterization propel this and the other Berry books The tomb of Chinas First Emperor guarded by an underground army of terra cotta warriors has remained sealed for than 2000 years Though its regarded as one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world the Chinese government wont allow anyone to open it WhyThat uestion is at the heart of a dilemma faced by former Justice Department operative. .
O a solid if not always soothing conclusion As Sue Potter one of the critics of the Texas Literary Gazette has pointed out Steve Berry s books and I ve read them all are always filled with so much suspense that it is difficult to put them down I ve read some of his than once and each time he holds my interest completely My Steve Berry reading some of his than once and each time he holds my interest completely My Steve Berry reading with Ms Potter s Excellent story found this hard to get into at the start but after a couple of chapters I was hooked The Emperor s Tomb by Steve get into at the start but after a couple of chapters I was hooked The Emperor s Tomb by Steve was fascinating in that I had no idea how many thousands of years ago China had made inventions that we have to this day albeit in a different form but nevertheless they invented them One of the best features of a Steve Berry novel is that he identifies what was actual and what he used as a prop to move the story along His background is history and he does his homework The characters are multifaceted and not one dimensional Berry also adds a ove interest although it never becomes the focus of his novels the encounters merely add a ittle spice to a history mystery I have read many of his books and have always felt Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 like Iearned something as well as enjoyed the mystery aspect China is a complicated country and has had a ong history of change and ideologies It seems ike all regimes have either followed the Legality or Confucian doctrines and currently they are following the Legality although the author readily admits that China is fully on "the Capitalist path though not necessarily Democratic It s a good read from start to finish and you " Capitalist path though not necessarily Democratic It s a good read from start to finish and you see how the different periods have tried to influence the present regime by erasing the past A curious thought of erasing rather than building on the past and how Europeans caught up with Chinese inventions by the 14th Century because China had no written anguage at the time The rise of China and the details of its deep history especially its first emperor and his still unopened tomb make for the foundation of a great story Berry adds to that the suppressed truth that oil is not a fossil fuel oil has been detected on other planets according to astronomers and seems to be self generating and not animalplant basedIn the author s notes at the end he says that he could not visit China because of the pressures of writing a book a year Might all of his books be a bit better if he broke from this schedule and slowed down. Cotton Malone whose ife is shattered when he receives an anonymous note carrying an unfamiliar Web address Logging on he sees Cassiopeia Vitt a woman whos saved his ife than once being tortured at the hands of a mysterious man who has a single demand Bring me the artifact shes asked you to keep safe The only problem is Malone doesnt have a clue. .

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 The Emperor's Tomb

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