PDF FREE But What If We're Wrong?: Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past AUTHOR Chuck Klosterman

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Passando I picked up this book at the store at University Village one Day Last Fall I last fall I t a clue what it was about I just iked the title and the idea that a writer can be such a skeptic The stories which maybe read The Writing Workshop like magazine articles blog posts or almost essays than what I think they are intended to be essays and are about aot of different subjects music TV science history sports each one with something that calls our typical thinking about it into uestion After reading it through the first time I handed it off to my also skeptical teenage son who chose it to give to one of his robotics team mentors Having forgotten much of the book s minutiae which I suppose means it wasn t that memorable I recently read it againHere are some things I iked about it in no particular orderSkepticismThe idea that SOME THINGS MOBY DICK FOR EXAMPLE ARE OVERWHELMINGLY THOUGHT things Moby Dick for example are overwhelmingly thought by most as excellent although they really may not be I oved the review the author includes about Moby Dick I tend to hate books that the general public Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse loves andove the books they hate so I appreciate this idea He

mentions Tenth of December a story collection by Saunders I tried to read it twice and gave up Just sayingSeemingly crazy at the time predictions that came trueThe idea that far into the future our beliefs about something say gravity may turn out to be entirely wrongThe Dark NetThat we all might be part of a computer simulationA discussion of arguments in favor or not of votingReality or n In a world where we tend to consume things that reinforce our viewpoint it s interesting to read something that comes from a perspective other than I am always right even taking the title as a piece of philosophy for every day iving could be a useful approach But I could be wrong Book came as described. N Lethem Alex Ross Kathryn Schulz Neil deGrasse Tyson Brian Greene Junot Daz Amanda Petrusich Ryan Adams Dan Carlin Nick Bostrom and Richard Linklater Klosterman asks straightforward uestions that are profound in their simplicity and the answers he explores and integrates with his own analysis generate the most thought provoking and propulsive book of his caree. .

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But What If We're Wrong?: Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past

review But What If We're Wrong?: Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past

This short thought provoking book ranges widely from politics to music to physics but always returns to the Main Uestion Of What uestion of what if wrong There are countless cases in history of widely held beliefs about culture philosophy and even the nature of cases in history of widely held beliefs about culture philosophy and even the nature of world being overturned almost overnight Artists unknown in their time are celebrated today as unsung geniuses while the giants of those ages are forgotten Which raises the uestion what do we think believe or know today that will be proven false tomorrowIt s a good uestion and there isn t necessarily an answer in here but that s fine because it does make us think I first earned of this book when one chapter was reprinted in a magazine It asked the uestion 300 years from now when rock and roll is as historical and irrelevant as say opera who will historians hold up as the example of rock who will be rememberedNow ask the same uestion about televisionOr any other aspect of our An Alien Heat livesAre the Grammy Emmy and Oscar winners really the most important works of art in the world today If not what isKlosterman also asks the eually challenging uestion what if we re right Yes people once believed the world was flat and were proven wrong But that sort of scientific revolution has become rarer as we ve shared information and established methods so what if this is it What if our understanding of the world is it and there are no revolutionsAgain he doesn t have answers but there s aot to chew on hereKlosterman s style is very friendly he sprinkles in self deprecating humor and personal anecdotes throughout which keeps this book from being too heavy I found it a perfect read for a The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society long plane tripI recommend it You know that album you think is the best ever made Or that movie Or basically any small part of the world you absolutelyove In 500 The tremendously well received New York Times bestseller by cultural critic Chuck Klosterman exploring the possibility that our currently held beliefs and assumptions about the world will eventually be proven wrong now in paperback But What If We're Wrong is a book of original reported interconnected pieces which speculate on the Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance likelihood that many universall. Ears oress it will be gone Maybe just really hard to find even if you re Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings looking for it butikely washed away Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) like words in the sand of the beach Enjoy the things youove You might be taking them with you when you go Read this book if you believe everything you re told Don t take this in a wrong way I Have Read Everything Chuck Klosterman Has Ever Written At His read everything Chuck Klosterman has ever written At his Klosterman is magic with words and wit He excels at Rock music he understands it he gets it and his insight into that art form is 2nd to none He also understands sports and his take on football in this book was per usual interestingMy background is in science and Klosterman dives headlong into that field The chapters on gravity and the evolving field of uantum physics felt mildly forced and impersonal The chapter on dinosaurs felt personal and that evolving field has changed in my Gramatica de baza a limbii romane lifetime as wellThe book goes off the rails once the writer enters the world of politics and American history This is maybe a perceived forte but why It feltike an off the cuff perso Engrossing collection of essays speculating about what humanity may consider differently in the future Even if you disagree with specific conclusions the subject of cultural blindspots is a fascinating one and it is discussed with wit and intelligence As ong as you don t one and it is discussed with wit and intelligence As ong as you don t Klosterman to tie it all up with a bow wit and intelligence As College University Budgeting: College And University Budgeting long as you don t Klosterman to tie it all up with a bow the end you might enjoy this book He s way interested in exploring what we don t know than drawing any conclusions Fascinating perspectives about perceiving the present and speculating about the future Seemingly random topics to make interesting points about our general point of view which we may mostly be wrong about Apesar do t tulo sugestivo e um bom come o oivro parece perder o foco e at mesmo o sentido a medida ue as p ginas v Y accepted deeply ingrained cultural and scientific beliefs will someday seem absurd Covering a spectrum of objective and subjective topics the book attempts to visualize present day society the way it will be viewed in a distant future Klosterman cites original interviews with a wide variety of thinkers and experts including George Saunders David Byrne Jonatha.